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Dear first time visitors and our existing supporters,

We are very pleased to provide you with an official greeting and response from Paul Frommer in his own voice in Na’vi which was received approximately 8 days after our appeal first went out. To hear his message and read his entire note in English (other translations should be available soon), click the large button immediately below. Our original open letter still appears below and if you have not participated yet, please feel free to sign your name an add a message of support.

Dear friends and fans of the Na’vi,

A community of fledgling speakers of the Na’vi language (created for the 2009 film Avatar), is attempting to become as fluent as possible in this exotic tongue. In the spirit of the Na’vi culture represented in the film, we are petitioning the language’s inventor to teach us as much as he can about it. If this sounds like an effort deserving of your support, please consider signing the petition that follows our plea. Any encouragement is welcomed and very much appreciated.

Irayo ulte Eywa ngahu!
Thanks and may Eywa be with you!

Greetings, Language Father, Paul Frommer,

We See you.

Please forgive us that we address you this way in alien writing, but we are sending a passionate plea regarding a matter of great importance.

We have seen the dream of Eywa’s world and our minds are full of visions of its beautiful flora and bizarre fauna, large and small. We have seen the light of the atokirina; the mountain banshees soaring in the sky; direhorses galloping across woodland rivers; and we are immensely pleased by all of these things. However, the parts of the dream that make our minds blossom more than any other are the beautiful Na’vi and the sounds of their voices dancing in our ears. But sadly, we have no avatars nor any tsaheylu. We must be able to speak with the Na’vi properly in their own language in order for all of us to truly appreciate their world.

This is where our lack of knowledge binds our hearts and minds and we can walk only a part of the path to Eywa. We’re like children on the ground in the forest. We may be able to see that the rest of the world exists, but we cannot go to those other beautiful places without someone to take the responsibility to show us the path and teach us how to take proper care on the journey. Someone to protect us from the danger of ignorance so that we not commit too many transgressions and mistakes due to our misunderstanding. That someone can only be you, Father.

For the sake of our instruction we humbly request a complete grammar and dictionary of all the Na’vi words that your great mind has created. You have given us pieces of the trunk of the sacred tree, but too many important branches are still missing. If you will teach us, we promise to study honorably and to try to become pupils worthy of the time you will consume on this matter. And for the tidbits that we already have, we thank you very much.

It is not important to us how you choose to grant us your gift, but only that it come to us honorably so that you and we all might be pleased; and that the dream of Eywa might spread across our world like a fire burning in the hearts of everyone in every land and language.

Please forgive us for our having stumbled unknowingly in this message. Again, We are in great need of your help.

Can you See us, Father?

We are waiting…

A valid e-mail address is required to authenticate your submission, but it will not be made public or shared and will only be used to send you a validation email. All comments are moderated. Thank you for your respect and support.


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kaltxì, Karyu Pawl, ulte oel ngati kameie. I know you continue to work hard on creating your beautiful language and I want you to know that even after all these years there are many of us who wish to learn, so please continue to teach us! Irayo for reading ulte Eywa ngahu.


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Bolgiani Fabio,  Switzerland
Vorrei imparare il Na'vi

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Robin Keim,  Egelsbach Deutschland

eltukey,  Barcelona
Kaltxì, ma oeyä aysmuká
Oe plltxe aynga peú pxel Avatar,fi'u lu lor
Kìyevame, ngahu Eywa!

Eric Skroch,  USA

Adolfo Alvarez Lopez,  Puebla, Mexico
me encanta avatar y creo que aprender Na'vi estaria genial

Tan Jala,  Moscow, Russia
This is wonderful language. 'Ivong Na'vi!

The real its super. [url=http://housesi.ru/]:wink:[/url]

Elena Giacomelli,  Italia
Non credevo potesse esistere un linguaggio cosi' formidabile!!! Eywa ngahu!!!

Krzysztof,  Poland

Dereck,  14- Bayeux-France

Jonathan,  Orrington, ME USA

Nawm ffawìntxu,  france

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Dario,  Napoli Italia

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David Martin, Ph.D.,  Yonkers, USA

Интересная у вас гостевая.

Olli Letonmäki,  Tampere, Finland

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María Belén,  Buenos Aires, Argentina
Soy realmente fanática de Avatar! Desde que la vi por primera vez, deseo ser Na'vi y vivir en ese hermoso mundo de Pandora! Ojalá fuera posible! Es mi película favorita sin dudarlo!

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Alain,  Ханты-Мансийск

Daniel C,  Near Cologne, Germany
'ivong Na'vi

ierad,  Astrakhan Russia

Becca,  Roanoke, VA
Speaking Na'vi fluently would be a dream, this is awesome :)

dani,  jfkd
'ivong Na'vi!!!

Carolina,  Ravenna

Gary,  Innisfail Australia
Should life ever be found to actually exist within the Alpha Centauri system, let us pray that they look like the Na'vi people in all aspects.Hopefully man (human) can then get on with these people in a peaceful manner??
I agree about making a tutorial DVD on: "Learning to Speak Na'vi"
Make it happen, I'll buy a copy that's for sure.

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oscar,  lecco , italy
... ;-)---

Angel,  Charlestown, West Verginia

AEWN,  China

Lea,  Geretsried, Germany
Kaltxì ma tsmukan! I love the way Na'vi sounds and its just awesome how a movie can be the reason for such a beautiful language! So please, please make the Na'vi dictionary grow and share it with us! Eywa nghau.

Andon,  Williamsburg, United States

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Captain Nemo,  USA
'Ivong Na'vi!

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elit,  Lenta - italy

Patrick Donnelly,  Eagle River, AK USA
A beautiful language for a beautiful culture. We should take many lessons from the Na'vi. Although it maybe not "natural", the Na'vi language was created just like any other. Who's to say it's not real?
If you listen to the quantum physicists, Pandora exists anyway.
Let's make it so. All of it!

Fernando Dalla Costa,  Curitiba - Brazil

Katlyn LaDue,  Avon
this sound really cool

Agnes Demes,  Melbourne, australia
Please create an online or dvd format learn na'vi course. I believe many of us would purchase it! I would! ty

Rlmscicm,  kxEtoyFJa
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Ben,  USA
As a linguist, I find the Na'vi language to be quite fascinating.

Kxamtxon,  USA
Thank you for all of your hard work, and also thanks for creating such a beautiful language for us to learn. The language of the Na'vi people is just one part that makes the world of Pandora a breathtaking and wonderful place.
Oel ngati kameie.

Sean Nolan,  Des Moines, USA
The Na'vi are a beautiful people and the language is even more so. I have use rosetta stone programs and I can vouch for them. They do work. I rosetta type program in Na'vi would be very helpful in getting the true essence of the spoken word and how it is spoken. I thank you for you time.

André BALANSKAT,  Magdeburg / GERMANY

Kris Franzisko,  Schwäbisch Hall, Germany

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Tyler,  Cheyenne

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Elane,  Fortaleza, Brazil
There are so many languages that aren't 'official' but they're so beautiful it would be a shame to let them fade...

James Thomas,  Tamarac, USA
Any information will be great.

Cecilia Percuoco,  La Plata, Argentina

Oel ngahu cameie!!!- Я вас вижу!!!

Neyteri,  netherlands
It would be great if Na'vi language could be expanded. I am RPing a Na'vi and it would be cool to see this grow.

Kaeli Andersen,  Toronto, Canada
It would be wonderful to become fluent in the language. Thank you, Paul, for starting this petition.

Clayton Crisp,  Lubbock, TX, USA
I Play i a game where we RP Na'vi. I play a female toon named Liyanin Aytanin. There are many of us who wish to become fluent in the language. For now we use different resources to learn. I am hoping that there can be much more guidance to the language.

Paul,  Cuijk, TìmaAyatxkxe
It would be wonderful.


Paol,  Chécy France

Joe Sloan,  Torrance, Ca, US
I love the Na'vi language. I believe it has legs that klingon, elvish, and even esperanto never had, due to the influence of Avatar, and the beauty of the pandoran world it showed us.

Friedrich Zimniak,  Schwerin, Deutschland

luckyers,  shenyang China
ma sempul,oel ngati kameie...

dakoda,  hampton united states

Jose-Janiben Ornelas,  Jackson, USA
I fell in love the first time, i became dedicated the second.

Uzbazur,  Italia
U have to continue this language is so beautiful!!! Love Na'vi language!! come on!! Please!!

Griff,  Camden, SC, USA
The language is so beautiful. I'm learning as much as I can.

Patrick,  Grand Forks, USA
I love learning Na'vi and would particularly love to be able to learn and know as much as possible about it. This way, me and all others eager in learning Na'vi can spread this wonderful language to everyone!

Kelly,  Tualatin, OR, USA

Lyovson,  Yerevan, Armenia
It'll be great 2 have another modern languae- 2 show that people of our century're able 2 make amazing things))

stefani ibanez villarroel,  La Paz, Bolivia
i love this languaje, love to learn every languaje that for my view is interesting;i would be very greatful if i could have the facility to learn a native languaje.Tìngay sìltsan lu.(my favorite frase)

Max,  belfort france

Ean Pewn,  Guatemala
Kaltxì MaPawl, oel ngati kameie, please we need more Na´vi in this world, this is a beautiful language, continue your work.

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catherine,  Bangor USA
I am an Avatarian. I've never been a Dead Head, a Trekkie, or a Twilight Mom. But I am now and forever an Avatarian. I want to speak Na'vi!!

Интересует привлечение посетителей или баннерная реклама? Тогда зайдите в отечественный веб-сайт http://www.mediumsurf.com . Наш серфинг сайтов дает разрешённый, лёгкий и бесплатный способ продвижения веб- сайтов, поднятие мест в рейтингах, накрутка статистики, накрутка счетчика посещений по разным расценкам.

Ark,  Chongqing, China
Oel ngati kameie.

Florian Dahlmann D.,  Deutschland

Missi,  Germany
It's a wonderful idea!

Sxkxawng,  CO, US, and overdue to sign this...
'Ивоңми На'ви!
Ңэйӓ пылок, http://naviteri.org/, лу йаўнэ оэр.

~ Оэ памрэл си На'виа лы'фя ны'Ыңлысы сы ныРускъи ~


'Ivongmi Na'vi!
Ngeyä pìlok, http://naviteri.org/, lu yawne oer.

~ Oe pamrel si Na'via lì'fya nì'Ìnglìsì sì nìRuskxi ~


Na'vi shall bloom still!
I love your blog, http://naviteri.org/.

~ I write Na'vi like in English and in Russian ~

Dany3R9,  Italy
c'mon.. i support Na'Vi language..

Nicole,  Atlanta, GA, USA

chantal,  neuss

Jakub Pacanowski,  Bydgoszcz, Poland
I love the Na'vi language

Phillip Shelden,  Bremerton, United States

Jean-Marie MAZALEYRAT,  St-Feliu-d\\'Avall FRANCE
Irayo Pawl, ohel ngengati kameie

Szymek,  Krupski Młyn, Poland
Thank you!!! Nothing else!

Zdenko Janov,  Handlová, Slovakia
Slovak: Milujem jazyk Na'Vi. Krásne by bolo, keby bola k dispozícii výslovnosť, ktorú by nahovorila Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) ;)
Irayo, Paul. Oel ngati kameie.

grosso,  coaraze france

Lisa,  Maple Heights, Ohio USA
Na'vi is amazing and I love hearing it. As a hobby writer myself, I've invented a little of the language of my indigenous native tribe the Amazoni. Compared to Na'vi, Amazoni is harsh. Perhaps if I can learn Na'vi, I can better develop my stories' invented language that I'd like to use more of. In any event I need lots of audio help learning N'avi. I LOVED Avitar! Dince I don't know how to speak Na'vi to thank you for bringing to life such a wonderful film and language, I guess I'll have to thank you in my Amazoni. Dightso!

Finn,  Hamburg Deutschland

nita,  ont
I can tell you this the linguistics guy who had made up the language was given instruction, to do this take an original language like spanish and change it up so the vowel for a is say i and so on and so forth. Being that the navi (Native) are ingenious I would start with native known languages and apply this to those perhaps adding in some pig latin where necessary and there you have it the code is broke. Does anyone wonder why I know this? FIGURE it out and see that I am right.

Lucas Fedrick,  Philadelphia, US
irayo for all that you have done Mr. Frommer. Avatar wouldn't have been possible without your works.

Harald Gauterin,  Friedrichsdorf Germany
Best film I´ve ever seen

Jacopo,  Modena, Italy

Mira Tehrani,  Hamburg,Germany
Professor Frommer sie rocken!

Daniel Woods,  Dublin, Ireland
Irayo, Pawl

Patrice Bishop,  Canberra, Australia
Professor Frommer - know that Toruk makto flies with you!

David,  Sydney, Australia
`Ivong Na`vi!

Dan Schuneman,  Tamuning, Guam

ftiayu Na\'Vi,  Ancona, Italia
oe ftia Na'Vi io Thomas Wolf Verdonckt, io Kakolukia,io Hedydd,io Maria Wilhelm sì Dirk Mathison,slà oe zene ftia io Frommer txo oe new li Na'Vi angay.Slà Frommer zene pamler si.

Kye Thompson,  Phoenix, AZ. USA
Rutxe, srung si ayoeng.....

Trenton,  Joplin, MO USA

Steffen,  Leipzig, Germany
Irayo, Karyu Pawl!

Terry,  Hinesville, USA

Anaëlle,  Belgium, Gilly
Bonjour, je suis Belge et pourtant, j'aimerai tellement apprendre cette belle langue !

Ouana tika mayé.

Wendell,  USA
Irayo, fkew Paul Frommer.

Fernando,  grosseto italia
credo sia una lingua meravigliosa e che meriti di essere completata perchè è davvero molto bella

Mawei,  Nimes France
Irayo tsmukan !!

mike,  wuhan,china

jd hasemeyer,  chicago usa
thank you for your help!

Domi,  Czech Republic

paul,  balbriggan, Ireland
I am a beginner at the Na'vi language and i admit i am findig difficulty in even pronouncing some aspects of the alphabet. i need him to teach or i might not get this

Kristien,  Sydney, Australia
Dear Professor Frommer... Your reply is heartening. I believe an official and authoritative reference for the beautiful and transcendent Na'vi language is well worthwhile. The language has the potential to inspire and unify; it is readily identifiable with a deep understanding of and a profound respect for nature, as well as the honourable treatment of one's fellow creatures. Providing a readily accessible means to aid proper learning of the Na'vi language is also a great way to maintain the energy and passion that the film brought to people worldwide. In the mean time I, like many others, continue to drool like a famished palulukan in anticipation! Kristien

Negrier Olivier,  Ormoy-la-Rivière and France

Leo,  Brownsville, TX USA
Totalmente de acuerdo en lo del asunto de un idioma tipo universal, sabemos que el sentimiento no tiene lenguaje, pero siempre es bueno entender los sentimientos acompañados de lenguaje verbal de entendimiento y este seria un complemento maravilloso. xoxo para todos en donde quiera que lean esto.

Berra,  Västervik,sweden

valentina,  italy, ragusa


Caity,  Franklinville USA
I would love to be able to speak Na'vi fluently and use it in everyday conversation with my husband. Na'vi is such a beautiful language! Please help all of the Na'vi language lovers learn it completely.

Thomas,  Munich, Germany
This language is awesome!! I love this movie, the Na'Vi and their language. Please continue and release more :)

Vinz,  81 - FRANCE
A so beautiful language really need to be improved, even if it's already great !
Hope it will...

Ivan,  ITALY
Na'vi must be continued, It's a new Esperanto!

Oliver,  21423 Germany
Aungia lolu!

Eraser,  Germany
Na'vi must become a wwl

Celia,  Aix-en-Provence France

Cristian,  Brescia, Italy
After the Klingon language, the Na'Vi have the same importance to become "really"...

Rene´,  Bad Harzburg, Germany

Dmitry,  Kursk, Russia
It's a really interesting language, it would be nice to have a chance to speak it fluently!

Carolina Gómez,  Ávila Spain
Este proyecto de Luz une a las personas, el Na'vi florecerá y crecerá para que las gentes de bien, que poseen el espíritu de Amor que se respira en la película Avatar, se extienda por el universo como un manto de Luz, Amor y Vitalidad.

Sabrina,  Milan

Lorenz,  Milan, Italy

Flavius,  BARI - ITALY
I'm looking forward the language perfected!!!

Allucard,  Durban, South Africa
I'm STOKED to learn Na'vi, If I can't be a Na'vi person, I'll learn their tongue

Andrew T.,  USA

Patrick Chow,  Boston MA
How do you say "Awesome" in Na'vi?

SAUNIER,  France

Daniel Bacher,  Ubstadt-Weiher,Germany

Philipp T.,  Leichlingen, Germany
'Ivong Na'vi! Eywa ngahu

Nicolò,  Torino,Italy
Paul Frommer, continua con il Na'Vi, Irayo!
Kìyevame ulte Eywa Ngahu!

Jeremiah Richter,  USA

Torukeyä Tirea,  UK
Irayo fìlì’fyari alor, ma Sempul. 'Ivong Na'vi!

Laurent Merckx,  Belgium

ameha k,  memphis
thank you for such a beautiful language mr frommer.

Neileis,  France
Cette langue bien qu'inventée ne devrait pas disparaître, au contraire. Cette langue représente bien plus que cela, cette langue représente une philosophie.

Walker,  phoenix, az

Chambon Hugues-Henri,  Aiguillon, France
Puisse la sérénité se propager dans vos mots. Qu'ils soient le reflet des espoirs d'un monde harmonieux. Om mani padme hung.

Andrea,  Székesfehérvár, Hungary

martina67,  treviso italy
anche a me sono piaciuti subito i NaVi e vorrei imparare bene il loro linguaggio

Gebhard,  Amsterdam / Netherlands

Xilus,  Marseille, France.
Just an fabulous idea, good luck ;).

David Bentley,  Wanneroo, Australia
I believe that the Na'vi language could be a vital tool in the bringing together of peoples of all races and all countries. Eywa ngahu

francy,  italy
perfavore, continua a studiare questa lingua!!!!

keenan kalthoff,  Fallbrook, USA
can some one tell me where i can get the most updated dictionary for this beautiful language send it to my email of caligolfr93@aol.com

irayo ulte Eywa ngahu.

Gisle Aune,  Brekstad, Norway
Lena'via lì'fya rivey tì'ì'avay krrä!

Julie Atkinson,  Rolla, USA
Na'vi is already bringing the world together. Here on this site, people from around the globe are speaking to each other in one voice. Thank you to everyone who brought Pandora to life in our ailing world. The gift of Na'vi can bring healing and unity among those who love their Mother the Earth. Ivong Na'vi!Eywa ngahu!

Hinnerk Kändler,  Kiel, Germany
Eywa had changed my life

Juliane Schmidt,  Oschatz, Germany
i love avatar - i love the na'vi - i love pandora i love everything from this world- i love this language!!!

Let my understand everything they say - without other translates.
Let me speak this language.

Jerome keukeler,  Bochum, Germany


KHODARA Laurent,  Paris - FRANCE
Thank you to make us dream.
Je supporte et approuve totalement cette pétition.
Privato ulte unil !

Max,  Russia

Ikki\'tsey,  france chateau-thierry

Gabriele,  Novara (IT)

Michael King,  Annandale, USA

Laura V,  Bloomfield, IN
The sound of this language is too beautiful not to have out in the world.

Oetukan na\'viyä,  smålandsstenar, sweden
please help us to learn na'vi language and its culture

becky james,  england
its so cool

Maxence Valverde,  Boisset les Prévanches
I fell in love with the Na'vi's language as son as I have heard the first words pronouced by Neytiri, and I hope, Mr Frommer, you will accept to learn us the Na'vi's language.

Willy Müller,  Dresden, Germany
Ich bitte und bete dafür das diese sprache veröffentlich wird! Ich finde sie ist schöner als wie mansch andre sprache die es momentan auf der welt gibt!


Marvin Weisbrod,  Beerfelden ,Deutschland
Éywa ngáhu

Giulia Buglioni,  Osimo, Italia

Gustavo Henrique Krampe,  Rio Negrinho, Brazil
Irayo Paul Frommer, with the creation of the Na'vì language, that cool and intriguing language!

Eywa ngahu ma 'eylan ulte niNa'vì sempul!

luca,  Milano, Italy

Haggai Gabriel,  Boston, MA, USA
Great language, and created by a pro! We need more linguistic material! I'll be happy when I can translate effortlessly some classical litterature into Na'vi.

Martin Tancoš,  Liberec, CZ
I'm full of this language.

Dreamlight,  USA
Zene 'ivong lora lì'fya Na'viyä!

Kovarik, Georg,  Groß-Gerau, germany

Dariel Valdano,  Jakarta, Indonesia

I definitely support the petition. And i hope Paul Frommer will give us the complete guide to Na'vi Language.

I would also like to contribute by adding Indonesian Translation. It's already mailed.

Eywa Ngahu.

TheDarkAce,  Lancaster, UK

I hope to learn more about Na'vi very soon (i only currently know a few simple words and sentences, but i can't really roll an r every time, and i just don't get how to pronounce the ejective sounds), just because it is a beautiful sounding language. my only problem is, I can't seem to get the pronunciation right every time, and i con't understand the IPA symbols. 'Ivong Na'vi


Tarot Warlock,  San Diego, USA
Irayo... Ma Sempul Oél ngáti kámeie Pawl...

Michael Keenan,  Folsom, USA

Andreas Köck,  Walkensetin, Österreich
Ich bitte und bete das die sprache der na'vi weltweit veröfentlicht wird, ich möchte sie lernen um einen traum zu verwirklichen. Mfg Andreas

Marali Zrina,  USA

christophe,  candiac canada

prestonbeamer,  Muncie, USA
i love the language. i can really appreciate the languages that have been a part of the design of Na'vi. i cant wait for more and more information about Na'vi so i can continue to learn for the fun of it and also progress in other languages.

Philipp Willers,  Bremen, Germany
I've been learning this beautiful language for 3 months now and I don't want it to end here, bacause I want to understand everything when AVATAR 2 comes out :)

luca de nicola,  roma
sto imparando adesso il na'vi, piano piano ce la farò!! spero ke diventi una cosa seria

Ni\'awtu,  Oconto, Wisconsin
I don't speak much Na-Vi yet... My name means "Moonlight" in Na-vi, though... heh heh... I feel like Jake Sully right now.... well sorry for rambling... I hope to learn much.... May Eywa be with you.

Anthony Shaffer,  pottstown, usa
Changed my life. Only hope and faith I one day experience such a place. Most of humanity needs to realize coexistence with Earth is more than a necessity, a new way of life which some humans already live by

Stefano Pucci,  Lucca - Italy
Dear Sir.
I am an enthusiast of science fiction,
I like You hold on develop the na'vi language to beside Klingon language and so on.

Long life and prosperity

I hope you see me

Jacob Bonham,  Harrisonburg, USA
Kaltxì, ma aysmuk!

matty olo\'eyktan,  guspini
rutxee ma'sempul ! eywa ngahu .: !

previl anthony,  19 chemin boussole 97424 piton-st leu la réunion

Alex,  Ottawa, Canada

Zacorra,  Ramona, California USA
This is WONDERFUL! I hope to be able to learn this language to be as fluent in it as I am in English.

teriitehau-martin,  france, calenzana
je trouve cette idee genial, je ne suis encore qu'un novice dans cette langue mais je suis un grand passionner de ce monde ou les Na'vi vive je vous en suplie cree ce dictionnaire pour que nous puission nous enrichire en vocabulaire Na'vi bonne chance et que Eywa ayoehu, kiyevàme masenko

Charlie Smith,  Blackwater, England
Complete The Language Please !!!

alex,  Louviers France
j'aimerai tellement parler na'vi !!!Si vous pouviés publier un dictionnaire francais-na'vi ce serait genial !!! merci et bonne continuation

Kayla,  St. Paul, USA
Please? Rutxe?

Andrew Starr,  Days Creek, USA
the Na'vi language is amazing.

Sara Boren,  Linköping, Sweden

Wade,  Beijing, China
I am part native American, Oneida, and Oneida is an endangered language. The Na'vi language inspires me. It would be great for people to learn.

Ty Johnson,  Houston / Pearland, USA

Morgan Lemieux,  Thunder Bay, Canada
Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease. We all beg of you to make this a complete language.

Peter Ashton,  Blackwater, England
Kaltxi, tute.

jamine wiese,  sauk centre usa

Dominik,  Mikołów, Poland

mitch schaeffer,  sauk centre usa
heck yeah

Keke,  Hamburg, Germany
Thank you for this wonderful language! Greetings from germany.

Tad Thurman,  Dumas, United States

Joe Sloan,  Torrance, Ca
Long live the Na'vi language!

Ralf,  Lippstadt, Germany
I (want to) SEE YOU...

Alessandro Gherardini,  Pistoia, Italy

Tim Weldon,  Cliffwood Beach, United States
That is only my Sky People name. My name as one of The People is Txura Tirea

James Rocks,  Canterbury, United Kingdom
I am learning the language and it's great fun ... please release it.

Peter,  Mainz, Germany
Irayo ulte Eywa ngahu!

Peter,  Eislingen, Germany

Nikita,  Big Spring, TX
'Ivong Na'vi!

Matthias,  Weimar, Germany

Anne,  Metz, France
Oél ngáti kámeie.

Mr Frommer, what you've created is just amazing. Esperanto was fully achieved by its creator, so why should you stop filling the Na'vi's language ? This would just be so bad... And any new language is interesting, actually. I'm French, and i speak a foreign language here !
Rutxé, keep going on, what you've done is just fascinating, and you just can't stop before it's over.

Éywa ngáhu !

Anthony Lucas,  marshfield, USA
this language is wonderful but my ability to speak it needs work

Micah,  Texas, United states
Oel ngati kameìe

Kay Huber,  Bremen Germany
kaltì aysmuk
we have created one of so many na'vi role-play-groups and for us, all the other groups and people that love this wonderfull spirit and language we please you to open this gate.

oel ngati kameie


Alexandra,  Saint Avit Sénieur, France

David,  Straubing, Germany
Bitte gebt die Rechte frei!!! :D

Txon-a tsyal,  Philadelphia, PA

Fern Raintree,  Nairne, Australia

Linda Lucas,  Hasitngs, New Zealand
I love the language you have created and wish so much to learn it ..

Alessandro,  Asti Italy
I love Na'vi

Michel Junod,  Boncourt - Switzerland

Oel ngati kameie, ma sempul


Eywa ngahu

Christian Neumann,  Luenen, Germany
Oel ngati kameie


yinmer,  Merida-Yucatan-Mexico
I also want to learn na'vi help us fatherr<<!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Maraya,  Troy NY, USA

Ariana,  wynantskill NY, USA

Mark,  Vancouver, Canada

Tyler,  Clearwater, Canada

Dan,  Kamloops, Canada
I want to learn Na'vi :D

Matthew,  Barriere, Canada
I hope this works!

Marius,  Germany
Oel ngati kameie

michelle richards,  South Africa - Cape Town
This is the most beautiful film ever created and I am so greatful and feel so priviledged to have been able to see it. It has opened a whole new world for me and has just brought so much peace into my life - Is this real?? Thank you to all of those who played a part in the making and creating of the film.

Damien,  Clermont-Ferrand, France

Frank a Potente,  Kassel, GERMANY
I´ll learn Na'vi too!

Landon,  Provo United States

Tomáš Polák,  Lensedly, Česká republika

Denis Lefort,  Montréal, Québec

Duma Vadamee,  Boston, MA
to the creator of the Na'vi language and movie,
I see you.

thank you for creating such a wonderful language for us to practice. thanks to Cameron's vision and professor Frommer's creativity, i have been able to notice my true calling: to be a writer! i am currentlly working on a book about something related to Avatar and if any of you (cameron and frommer are also welcome) wish to see it, you can go to:

thank you you two for giving me the insite to start such a project. i wish good luck to cameron with creating Avatar 2 and to wish luck to frommer to creating more words for the Na'vi language. i am looking forwward to both.

Duma Vadamee

michaël,  aubagne

Toonhuiskes,  Arbre de vie, Pandora
óe ómum that this language is invented but it is beautifull Éywa ngáhu Paulfrommer

steven ausmeier,  detmold germany

Kaida Danos,  Massachusetts, USA

Johan van Tiel,  Heiloo, The Netherlands

Benjamin,  Chantilly France
This language is so beautiful, and i would like to learn more. Can speak normaly in the live the Na'vi language.

sean,  Pau; France
cette langue est magnifique et j'aimerais pouvoir la parler normalement et convenablement

Jorys,  St-pantaleon-de-larche FRANCE

Kyra McClelland,  Mooresville, USA
Na'vi is such a beautiful language. The sounds are so rhythmical and enchanting. I truly hope we can learn more.

Michel Brouwer,  Enschede, the Netherlands

Timm Danz,  Groß-Zimmern, Deutschland

Firsstorm Gojkilp,  Huddersfield, United Kindom

Аннаэйра,  Novosibirsk, Russia
Ruski, Ruski! =) Честно говоря - я в полном восторге! Создать новый язык... Нет, серьезно! Вот у меня специализация - всяких зверушек придумывать, но новый язык... Браво, мистер Фроммер. Б.Р.А.В.О!

Konstantin,  Nizhnekamsk, RUSSIA
I need help to study Na'vi.
Especially in russian, sorry.

arnaud,  France

Logan Combs,  Clemson, United States

Paul Syergeyev,  Moscow, Russia

Richard,  Nashville, Tn.

Imir,  Ukraine, Kyiv

Dessort Benjamin,  Bordeaux, france

Raf,  Beringen Limburg
I understand the meaning that is behind the movie, and thankx to the na'vi language i feel even closer to pandora than ever before

Irajo P.F.


Marie-Claire Beckx,  Hamburg, Germany
I love the idea of creating such an international language which goes right to the heart!

Joshua Crosby,  Chicago, USA

Gwen Bélaz,  Fribourg, Switzerland
A so beautiful language left half developed would be a real pity.

Daniel Sauve,  Montreal, Canada

Très belle psychologie de l'équilibre de la vie en harmonie avec la nature.

Greg Duncan,  Des Moines USA

Nahal,  Grenoble, France
Na'vi's spirit is wonderful for our life

Glutexo,  Říčany, Czech republic

Armand Jegeni,  Tirana Albania
This could help make the world better...

Herb Kazalla,  Westminster,
Seeing the film was a soul shaking emotional experience. I can only hope the world will learn the lessons of the movie and "Na`vi culture will fill mankind wiht understanding"

Herb Kazalla,  Westminster,

Björn Brzoska,  Sulingen, Germany
Best language i've ever heard...

Eywa Ngahu!

Andrey Egorov,  Moscow Russia
I believe learning and using Navi will transform this world. It could be most misterious and uniting experience for Navi sisters and brothers. Speaking Navi means we agree with and support the concept of Navi existance and want to make it part of our life here on this unfortunate planet. We should ask Paul to kindly provide us with a complete working version of this cultural phenomenon...

Alley Butterer,  Pedricktown USA

Josh hacker,  Springfield, MO US
This film has the potential to change the world and this language is part of that! Let is Bloom

KalaKuival,  Tallinn, Estonia
Oel nasyume vaykrr oe nìltsan plltxe tsun!

Uniltirantokx,  Florence, Italy
Sono molto contento che ci sia qualcun altro a cui piace il Na'vi, perchè io la amo e spero riusciate a realizzare il vostro progetto e Eywa ngahu, ma tsmukan ulte irayo!!!!!

Timothy Manning,  covington, G.A U.S.
I cannot express, in any language, Great English or Na'vi, how proud i am to be a supporter here at learn Na'vi.org

Kalira,  US
As a lover of language and a student of languages, I am enjoying learning the little Na'vi we have, and I would love to learn more. Rutxe karyu. Ayoe neu nì'ul sänume.


chris,  england

Emmanuel Salloum,  Paris, France

Ana,  Portugal
Love Na'vi language!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So please make our dreams come true and teach us how to speak it, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee =D

jim,  Horseheads USA

Detlef Müller,  Deutschland
Es erschiene mir als Ehre, diese Sprache zu erlernen und zu leben.

R One,  Comines, France

Kris,  Torino Italy
Tewti Na'vi!!!

Fede,  monza, italy
I love Avatar!

Anthony Neil Pace,  Paola, Malta
I'd Love to learn Na'Vi.

Oel ngati kameie

Oeri tingayil txe'lanit tivakuk

Na'Vi is in it's infancy, but it's already a great Language.

Leon,  Norway
Not sure if I wrote this correctly, but...
Oe neu ne nume fì'u lor lì'fya.
Please, I want to learn!

Stefan Kottke,  Schöna,Germany

Ennio,  Rome - Italy

Shanda,  Midland, Texas

Kevin B.,  Clamecy, France
Je trouve cette langue très belle et ça serait génial de pouvoir la parler couramment. =)

Tale,  Kansas, United States

Marina,  Bisceglie, Italia
Even if I haven't started learning Na'vi yet... well, why would we have to learn an incomplete language?

Calistri Luca,  Viterbo , Italy

Bruno Yorda,  Montevideo, Uruguay
Oel ngati kame, ulte irayo ma tsmukan.
Tsa'u tìkangem sayi srak?

i see you

Zephyr,  Forest Grove, OR, USA
I love to speak in the Na'vi I know. EYWA NGAHU ULTE 'IVONG NA'VI!

ezekiel,  france
que le na'vi continue a se developper !
j'espere pouvoir trouver sur le net des cours de prononciation en français . SVP continuez a developper cette langue pour que ceux qui le veulent puisse la parler constatement .

uniltira,  pescara - italy
Oe pxel plltxe nì na'vi!
I love talk to na'vi! Adoro parlare in na'vi! Evviva Paul Frommer, padre di questa meravigliosa lingua ! ! !
oèl ngàti kameie! Oe lu irr!

Christina F:,  Ulm, Germany
teach me this language, please!

Sabine Zimmermann,  Schenefeld, Germany
Tsa hu... i love this language mats mukan...
Please let me learn more, I got a sign from Eywa!
Thank you and greets from lovely Hamburg

Jiri,  Brno, Czech Republic


Gauchot Aurélien,  Gap - France
Pour que le Na'vi se répande dans nos vies et nos coeurs.
Irayo ulte Eywa ngahu

Ju-Anne,  Los Angeles, United States

Enavì,  Naples.Italy
Na'vi the language is going on in us a feeling of love that reminds us that we must remember to protect nature and continuing evolution in space.

bastien,  Mulhouse France

daniel,  verona italia

Wyatt Weiler,  Salt Lake City, United States of America
'ivong Na'vi!

Mark B.,  Erfurt, Germany

Je parle deja elfique (sindarin, quenya) et j'espère pouvoir parler le Na'vi et l'aider a devenir une langue vivante comme l'a été le Klingon..

Juliana Machado,  Lisbon, Portugal

Marcel S.,  Germany
The Na'vi Language is the best language ever!
Oél ngáti kámeie.



Roman Redkher,  Stuttgart, Germany
Eywa s’ilivi mas’kit nivi!

Stefan Siehoff,  Aachen, Germany
Live the spirit of the Na'vi - tap into the power that has long been lost with us.

Sven Langenkamp,  GERMANY
Na'vi language rocks!

Koenig Guillaume,  Liège Belgium
Because the Navi language is the most beautiful I' ve ever heard.

Kate Jones,  Longmont, CO, USA

Micheal Brown,  Durham, USA

thomas,  Singapore

Claire Madajski,  Elizabeth, CO, USA

Kamaka Manley,  Kihei, Hawaii, USA

Matthew S. Davis,  State College, Pa. USA

Yann Décombaz,  Monthey, Switzerland
Éywa ngáhu ma tsmukan se tsmuke.

Patricia Meeder,  United States

totenkopf83,  Pilis Hungary
Good, thanks

\'eylan te Neytiri,  Switzerland
oél ngáti kámeie oeyä karyu.

iráyo. Thank you for all the nice words of this beautiful language.
But i'm missing something: The lyrics of all the glamourous Avatar-Songs whitch are writed in Na'vi (e.g. Jake's first flight). Please, translate they in English or German! Please, publish the lyrics in Na'vi (for singing) AND English/German (for understanding)! rutxé!
I know, it's difficult, but try it! Don't surrender!

Éywa ngáhu.

Karina Montgomery,  San Diego CA

Theresa L.,  St.Paul, USA

David E.,  NC, USA

Neil King,  United States

Lara N.,  Union NJ, USA

Faith Ryan,  State College, PA USA

Chuck Melnik,  Detroit, MI USA

Alessio Fontani,  Arezzo, Italy
i love na'vi language

Michael Jacobson,  Bethlehem, PA USA

Miranda,  Huntsville, USA
The world needs more of the positive influence that Avatar and Na'vi has brought us!

Sophia Bravo,  Miami, United States

Andrea González,  Mexico City, Mexico

Adam Stevenson,  Detroit, USA

Jacob Maurer,  Madison, WI, USA

Kyle Thornton,  Hancock
I like the idea that crazy people can make things like this happen; it's healthy for society.

Jo Ann Aelfwine,  Laramie, WY, USA

Eleanor,  Singapore

kelly burch,  Oakhurst, California
Will look forward to your reply and positive response.

Samantha Connor,  Aldershot, England

Michael Magpuyo,  London United Kingdom
I hope it will be a success :) I want to learn it as well.

Liam,  Scotland, UK
Oel ngati txe'lan ting oel sempulya <3.

Jayden,  Minnedosa Canada

Derek T. Wyland,  Spotsylvania, VA U.S.A
Please ma sempul, fill our hearts with the beautiful language of the Na'vi by helping us complete Na'vi grammar and all the words you helped create. Oel ngati kameie ma karyu. Eywa ngahu.

Clara,  Karlsruhe, Germany

Frank Garcia,  Chicago, USA

Julien Dufour,  Paris, France
Ayoe new nivume

Harmony J Clauer,  Chicago IL. USA

Karolina Mayer,  Bekescsaba, Hungary
Na'viul akarunk tanulni:)

Becca,  Fort Wayne, USA
Please allow us to learn such a beautiful language. It is such an honor to take part in creating a foundation for Na'vi upon this land.

Brian,  Surprise,

dawid,  fabriano italy

Blueset,  Tangshan, China.
Irayo ulte Eywa ngahu!

David Laing,  Southfield MI USA
This would be a excellent opportunity to enhance your reputation with the very consumers who you have profited by so richly by. Please give a little back to us. I won't cost you a thing!

Claire Cassidy,  Victoria, Canada
This is a beautifully constructed language, and I cannot wait to learn more of it.

Travis Feick,  Salisbury, MD
no real comment needed. i REALLY want a book of some type to help me learn better, hopefully thats on the way.

Jordan,  Llyodminster Canada

Dane,  Dayton, OH, USA

Amanda,  Tokyo, Japan

João Carlos,  
por favor

James,  Seoul South Korea

Gabriel M.,  Ottawa, Canada
Irayo for bringing us such a great language. I hope this petition pays off. Eywa ngahu.

Mark H,  Minneapolis, Minnesota

Nigel Satenstein,  west chester
Teach me please!

Milán,  Paks, Hungary

Paul Fowler,  Lansing USA

Kristine Solli,  Skien, Norway

Besodeneblina,  Athens, Ga

Holm Bradwell,  Toronto, Canada

david storfer,  Teaneck NJ United States
Please send us the rest of our tongue!

Cindy,  Cortland, USA

Frank Kuzel,  Louisville, KY USA

Dave Miller,  Dallas USA

James Latter,  Bundaberg, QLD, Australia

Joseph Weindl,  Richmond, VA, USA
We will pay money for a textbook.

Christine To,  New York City, USA

Cory Cash,  Mesa, AZ, United States

Jordan,  LLoydminster Canada
I really really really want a Na'vi dictonary! If you could make an offical one and then send it to all who signed that would be awsome

Joshua Pena,  Houston, USA

Stefan Thomas,  Zurich, Switzerland

Miles,  USA, PA
Ayoeng kin tu nume nì'ul!

Chris,  Kansas City, United States
Wouldn't it be awesome one day, to see a Na'vi option in Google Translator? Perhaps this will get their attention as well (hopefully I will know the language enough by that point to not need it)!

Kristien Leysen,  Antwerp, Belgium
Kaltxì, Na'vi is an amazing language that a lot of people are eager to learn. It would be a shame if the Hollywood bosses wouldn't allow the language father, Paul Frommer, to release all he has created and will create. Please hear our prayers. Eywa Ngahu.

Glen Agar (Kxanìa Na\'rìng),  Ontario, Canada

Brody,  Halifax, Canada

Stefano,  Pisa Italia

Robert,  Abilene Texas

Juan,  Colombia

Federico, tsamsiyu,  Rome
Irayo ma Sempul
Oel ngati kameie

Francesco,  Lecce, Italy
Please sir...help us!

Jonathan,  Vittsjö, Sweden

Hautier,  Nîmes France
J'ai cru entendre que vous souhaitiez que votre travail puisse aboutir à la création d'une nouvelle langue, peut-être que cela est alors possible et que tout ceux que la parlerait partagerait déjà ensemble le point commun d'avoir vécu ce film avec émerveillement, et je crois que si des gens sont capables d'aller jusqu'à en apprendre la langue, ils ne peuvent que partager aussi des idées aussi pures et simples que celles exprimés par ce film. E vous remerciant, Julien

Franco,  Machala, Ecuador
me parece impresionante este idioma y quisiera aprenderlo

Julio,  España Madrid

Alfredo,  Las Palmas - España
Eywa ngahu

Xio,  thomasville USA
Please dear sir, grant us a gift that only you can. The language of the Omatikaya, the one true language that should be known by all.

Daniele G.,  Cuneo, Italy

Maurizio,  Triggiano,Italy

Bruno Senra,  Florianopolis, Brazil
Kxaltì! Avatar just grew into me, the whole perfect idealized life of a man, the visuals, everything. by the end of the movie I realized it was going to be my favorite movie for a long time. And I'm a linguistics addict, so I'd really love to learn more na'vi. Lastly, I'm currently writing a fanfiction set in pandora, and doing a lot of research to do it. (Kea ftue ^^'). Kìyevame, ma oeyä eylan, kllfriyo...

Spidey,  Eislingen, Germany
Speechless fascinated

Alex,  Perm, Russia
Ma Sempul,
Oel ayngati kameie,
Irayo ulte Eywa ngahu.
'Ivong Na'vi!

Walid S. Khouaji,  Paris, France
je concidere les langues comme une oeuvre d'art pour l'humanité et la langue Na'Vi bien que excelente et aussi incomplete, je trouve sa dommage que se soit une oeuvre d'art pas fini
alors s'il vous plait continuez !!!

Jon Schein,  Colorado Springs, USA
loved the movie and was amazed by the navi language

Irayo ma Sempul
Ivong Na'vi
Oel ngati kameie

John Luzadder,  Flora, IN, USA
Learning the language will be difficult but it will be worth it. I want to learn it because hardly anyone knows the language so I could freak out my friends with it. irayo

Barton,  MD, USA
Oel ngati kameie, ma tsmukan. Ewya ngahu.

Mattia,  Roma,Italia

Andrzej,  Gliwice Poland
'Ivong Na'vi!

Laure Béguin,  Montreux, Suisse
Siou plait, continuez !

Michaël Perreault,  montreal Canada

Rick Permatteo,  Everett, massachusetts

Richard Murray,  Quebec

Steven Scott,  Deer Park USA
'Ivong Na'vi

Oel ngati kameie, ma sempul

Joutja Myers,  Huddersfield, England
'Ivong Na'vi ulte Eywa ngahu.

Riccardo Cecconi,  Firenze

Andrey,  Russia, Saint-Petersburg
I see you!
I love Na'vi and Na'vi language...
Thank you for all!
We are together forever!

Derek,  Pa, USA
oe run fì'u hiyìk tsat ayoenga niwotx tsun tslam fìlì'fya.

Derek,  Pa, USA

Harley Quinn,  Gotham City, New York
'Ivong Na'vi.

Yang,  Tianjin, China
Oel ngati kame, thanks for your efforts on all about this. A amazing world, existing life style and new style language. I wish that one day I can talk with some friend in Na'vi :-). Wish all the best to you, Ma Sempul:) Way to go, James, the Avatar and all fans about them.

Irayo, Ma tsmukan, ma tsmutan. Ivong Na'vi!!!

Florian,  Lencloitre, France
PANDORA est une planète merveilleuse (dommage que ce soit imaginaire sinon je partirai tout de suite) ou la flore et faune sont superbe mais surtout sont peuple, les na'vi. je trouve leur langue magnifique et c'est pour sa que je suis en train de l'apprendre et c'est pour cela qu'on a besoin de vous Paul Frammer. aider nous s'il vous plait

tamiris oliveira,  Sabará
Adorei o site

taronyu txon,  Eilenburg Germany
kaltxì ma tsmukan Paul Frommer
Ivong Na´Vi
Eywa ngahu (or Gaya ngahu ... i think she is still alive^^)

Isabelle Bilodeau,  Chateau-Richer, Canada

Naader,  Richmond Hill, Canada
kaltxie, oel ngati kameie
this is truly a beautiful language and i hope to learn more in the future.
Irayo, ma sempul
Eywa ngahu

ye\'rin ronsem,  
`lvong Na'vi

Marta Gil,  Las Palmas de GC, Spain
oeya tukrul txe'lanit tivakuk

Sa\'nuTanhì,  Toulon, FRANCE

Philipp Schumann,  Chemnitz Germany

\'Awpo Ayvulhu,  Oosterhout, The Netherlands
`lvong Na'vi

Alìm Tanhì,  Pardubice, Czech Republic
Irayo, Pawl. Zene fko nivumeie nìtxan. That's why I've signed this petition :)

Larranie,  São Paulo - Brasil
Por favor, nos ensine essa lingua maravilhosa na qual eu estou viciada...

Alessio Sferro,  CATANIA - ITALY
Voglio imparare il più possibile di questa fantastica lingua.

Bodelle Félix,  France, Vaux-le-Penil
Eywa ngahu ma sempul.

Marco Marabese,  Italy
è una lingua stupenda! spero davvero che possa avere un seguito e, chissà, magari poter diventare la futura lingua globale.

Marco,  Monza - Italy
I whish to learn Na'vi very much! I feel it as new language of a new world!

pizeme tchara,  new york, USA

Alexander T.,  Wbg., Germany
Kaltxì ma tsmukan Paul Frommer!
I'm sorry if I got even that sentence wrong but I'm a noobish beginner when it comes to you amazing language Na'vi. I really hope you and Fox will leave us our fun on learning and using this language.
Irayo ma Sempul Lì’fyayä!

Artemg,  Moscow Russia
This should be great to learn Na'Vi language as much as possible. please, if it is not too boring for you, provide us complete set of Na'Vi words, grammar and phonetic rules and other information if available. Thank you for all you've done. Thanks James for his story and God bless you all.

Txìreya,  Vienna, Austria
Oe ayngahu paylltxe nìNa’vi a numeie new.
I'm a raw recruit, but I hope this was correct :)

Kxania Taronyu.,  Darwin, NT, Australia
Kaltxi Aytsmukan si Aytsmuke! Oe perlltxe Na'vi!!! 'Ivong Na'vi!!!

Hector,  Kraków, Poland
'Ivong Na'vi !

Eywa,  Poland
'Ivong Na'vi

Kamil,  Toruń, Poland

Mapia,  Québec, Canada

Saraffy,  Québec Cananda

Gesquière,  Mons, Belgique

Nezumi,  Warsaw, Poland
Ngahu Eywa.

Maciej,  Wejherowo, Poland
It will be really interesting experience to learn Na'vi

Anaïs,  Vichy France

Vreo,  new caledonia

Madry,  Nantes, France
Wonderful language which fits so much to the Na'vi people and culture.
Continue to support this dialect as much as you can... Good luck !

Johan,  Stockholm, Sweden

Barbara,  Caserta,Italia
Sarebbe magnifico imparare a parlare il Na'Vi. Appena ho visto il film e di come parlavano volevo sapere a tutti i costi imparare a parlare anche io così XD

Arianna,  italia milano
Sarebbe bellissimo se il Na'Vi potesse diventare la lingua universale!!

Taniel,  Soudan,France
Avatar have been seen ine more than 100 countries. So na'vi language is an universal language :)

massimiliano,  italia

Marvin,  France, Avy
J'aimerais apprendre cette langue magnifique, alrs continuez a créer des mots pour que l'on puisse la parler


Xatiav,  Brussels, BELGIUM
'Ivong Na'vi !

Andre Haiduga,  Stuttgart , Germany

francesca,  Salerno, Italy

Matteo,  como italy
i love this word... spero di apprendere al massimo anche la sua lingua e spero venga sempre migliorata

Tim Stoffel,  Reno, NV USA
Learning Na`vi has been an interesting and rewarding experience. txan irayo!

xenois,  Wroclaw Poland
All we w8 for YOU.

giulia,  catania
sono totalmente affascinata da pandora

Memnonic,  Tricity, Poland

Luca A.,  Milano, Italy
Rutxe nìtxan, ma Sempul. Irayo fra'uri!

kxhopang,  Tisá CZECH REPUBLIc
jsen zapálený do jazika Na´Vi

Nanaki (Raphael),  France, Le puy
Eywa ngahu ma tsmuk

michael,  toulouse france

Ektanaysuteé,  Las Vegas, USA


Mawey (Valentine),  Russia: Tyumen
Oe ngaru irayo sengi ma karyu

Ivan,  Russia

Marek Vajgl,  Ostrava, Czech republic

viviana,  Argentina

Alexander,  Germany, Würzburg

ignacio,  linares, chile
kame father i wanna perfectionate my na vi speak

Samara,  Port Saint Lucie, United States
I see you, father, even without the ability of sight. For me, Avatar IS Na'vi. For me, the one tangible thing my mind can grasp is the beautiful, lyrical sounds of one Na'vi speaking to another. I thank you for that gift. A gift that turns Pandora from mere sounds on screen to something etherial and sacred. Thank you, father, for granting me sight. I see you.

Pablo J Hernandez,  Orlando, FL USA

Antonio,  Italy, Naples

Ken Lowe,  Cardiff, Wales
Well worth supporting > I'd like to see this spread & become more common & in use!

James Coast,  Omsk, Russia
Nìwotx Na'viyä ayelan livu 'awsiteng frakrr!
Frapo zene nivume lìfyat leNa'vi!

Fya\'o ne ayoe,  Italia
Continuate cosi!
x la prima volta ho voglia di studiare una nuova lingua :D!

Tom,  England
The Na'vi language is the one language that I'm genuinly interested in. German at school has just been made even more boring... Although I'm constantly taunted by friends about the language being 'useless', I've found a community (avatar forums) who are learning it too. So... Hopefully I will be able to use the language near enough every day.

Avatar changed my life to an extent, and since Na'vi was the first beautiful language I heard while I was being awoken from my greedy slumber, I want to learn it and respect it.

Thanks Paul for this language, I will use it to thank nature for what it has given us. Thanks Cameron for waking me up, through the medium of film.

andew leech,  derby, great britain
i would love to learn the na vi language ,please release the complete grammar of the na vi . andrew leech

Ashley Sun,  Beijing,China
I am really happy that I am learning Na'vi now!!!
Oel ngaru seiyi irayo!

Céline,  Pisa, Italy
What a wonderful language, what a fascinating sound... Thank you for you work. Thank you for let us dream with Na'Vi.

Étienne Beaumont,  Saguenay, Canada
Comme j'aimerais parler cette langue!

cindy,  Montreal
This language look like very nice, beautiful and like the language of star wars can be a passionate language... I sign for the petition for a complete grammar of Na'vi!!

Clindy95,  Celina, United States
This is beautiful! I havnt learned anything yet but am eager to. This is an amazing site!

he,  Hampshire, United Kingdom
When I first heard the language of The People, I was blown away and wondered whether this had been made up as it went along or whether it had actually been constructed.

Knowing, now, that it is possible to learn this language as fundamentally as the current languages of the world, I want nothing more than to understand it, use it and appreciate it for what it is and what it represents.

To be able to speak Na'Vi, and have other people around me to understand it, to aid and guide me through this wonderful language, would be an honour and hopefully a stepping stone to a brighter future.

Vico,  Italy
It must be teached at school !

Roxhers Asllanaj,  Bari, Italy
The lenguage is awesome.

Jennifer Luman,  Wheatland, U.S.A.
The language was beautiful and diverse. It would be a shame to leave it unfinished.

L. T.,  Melick, The Netherlands
Grow.. grow to become the next world language. Good luck, ma 'Eylan.

Edward von Wietersheim,  Swirzerland

Mortimer Odd,  Switzerland

ivan,  italy, milano

Humbert,  Swiss
cette langue est superbe je veux en savoir d'avantage

Jakub Horník,  Česká Republika, Chomutov


alvin Mudrow,  Logan City Utah, USA
i would join them on pandora in a heart beat
THIS lingo might be diffcult to "grip" but I cease to let my self "slide". NAVI MUST BECOME PUBLIC KNOWDLGE 4 ALL THE WORLD TO LEARN.
Irayo ulte Eywa ngahu!

Alec,  Ithaca, USA
Given the Na'vi’s ideal society, I believe that learning their language is symbolically important in bringing us closer to their worldview.
Oel ayngati kameie, ma oeyä eylan, ulte Eywa ngahu.

Kxliopì,  Minneapolis, MN, US
Rutxe, ayoeng nivume tung.

James Tadswell,  Seattle, US

AL-HABRE Georges,  Grenoble (France)

Vito,  Bari ,Italy
sono con voi ragazzi, avatar e il mondo di pandora mi ha fatto venire voglia di imparare la loro lingua.

Devin Weaver,  Enfield, US

Ikariyu,  italy
beautiful language!! i hope that mr. Frommer continue to develope it!

Gianmarco,  Andria, Italy
Sono in pieno accordo con quelli che sono gli insegnamenti del popolo na'vi, fittizio che sia, e desidererei tanto apprendere qualcosa in più sulla loro lingua. Grazie

shingo,  日本
we luc avatar!!!
go go!!!

TARO,  Kanagawa,JAPAN

\'eylan na\'viyä,  Erlangen, Germany

Christian,  Kiel, Germany

Frederico Lopes,  Cuiaba, Brazil
Quem sabe assim não teremos mais gente ciente do fato de que línguas podem ser criadas e usadas ao redor do mundo?

James,  Gilbert, Az, USA
Amazing language. Great work. Thank you for allowing us to experience such beauty. To Fox: Let the people be able to take this great universe of Pandora and run with it.

Jade Makina,  London, UK
I love this language. After watching the film I love doing things to keep the dream and the wonderful world of Pandora alive. I hope this language can grow and flourish.

Eywa ngahu

Alex,  Italy
It's a beautiful language, and I hope Mr. Frommer continues to develop it.

Merline,  LENS - FRANCE
quand nous aurons fini de bousiller la terre, il faudra bien aller chercher une exoplanète habitable, ce serait bien si on l'appelait PANDORA, et si on y parlait tous la même langue, le na'vi.. enseignez-nous please !!

Léo.R,  Toulon,FRANCE
j'ai vu avatar il y a un moment et il ma tellement plus que je l'ai revu 3fois depuis.j'ai deja commencé a apprendre la langue fabuleus qu'est le NA'VI.j'aimerais vraiment par ailleurs qu'il soit encore developpe et que le site "learn na'vi" est une version française.ce serai Geniale.de plus j'ai,dans mon lycée,commencé un projet pour faire des cours de na'vi ce ccerai donc trés interessant de continuer a l'elaborer.
kìyevame EYAW NGAHU.

Vivien,  La Châtre, France
Superbe langue, du boulot de maître =)

Edward Wietersheim,  Switzerland
oe-l ay-nga-ti kam-ei-e !

REI David,  La Bédoule, France
J'aimerais vraiment apprendre cette fabuleuse langue, qui est comparable à celle des Eldar de Tolkien, mais la langue Na'vi est plus légère et musicale, jolie à l'oreille. Je salue la créativité de Paul Frommer pour avoir su inventer cette langue, et je le remercie d'avance pour nous permettre de la parler à travers le monde ! Peut-être que l'humanité comprendra enfin à quoi elle sert grâce à cela !
Gloire à Eywa !

Chris Williams,  Cardiff, Wales
Great to have the Na'vi language online. It's be GREAT to have a simple version for those of us who're not Grade A linguists thuogh, I'd so like to learn it!

Mariana Mesquita,  Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

Todd,  Cartersville, USa

lucas,  france

Jason Miller,  Los Angles, CA, USA

Skaij,  Beverwijk Holland

Al,  Russia
oel ngati kamieie ma tsmukan ulte tsmuke.

Ayla,  Salamanca, Spain
Kaltxì tsmukan sì tsmuke, ulte oel ngati kameie.
Ma Paul, please, give us more info about Na'vi language, so we can learn it!
Y ahora en español, que en inglés no me manejo.
Espero que podamos tener pronto más conocimiento sobre los Na'vi y sobre todo lo que respecta a ellos. NOs han esneñado muchas cosas. A ver la naturaleza y la vida de otra forma. Pero aún nos queda mucho por aprender... Y una vez más gracias por habernos dado a todos nosotros este precioso mundo donde refugiarnos y sentirnos vivos. A nosotros la Tierra se nos queda pequeña ;)
Irayo ma Paul. Eywa ngahu. ^.^

Sam De Greef,  Schelle, Belgium

Melissa,  Tacoma, WA
kaltxi ma tsmukan ulte tsmuke, oel ngati kameie :3 i cant wait to get word that even more words and phrases have been created. i really wanna learn this language soo bad..i started learning it like 2 days ago and i just fell in love with it..haha..hmm i have a quick question..can anyone translate "You are my everything. Thank you for loving me, I love you." for me plzzz??....i found this last night and i saw a translation for it, but im not so sure if the person was correct. here is the translation that i got: "Ngari fra'u oeru lam. Irayo fpi oe yawne leru ulte nga yawne lu." so yah....i just need some help on that lol..Eywa Ngahu!! :3

Louis Booth,  England
Fi lonu lì'fya nawm ulte 'ivong Na'vi

Emily,  Andover, USA
Kaltxì! I love this language! My friends and I have started learning it. It's amazing how so many people are falling in love with this beautiful language. Eywa ngahu! :)

Kha\'rul Karyu,  Olympia, WA, USA

Nils,  Rosenheim, Germany

Hannah Smith,  Ruskington, UK
It's such a beautiful language! <3

Israel,  Cuautitlan I. México
Espero que pronto podamos aprender más acerca de los Na'vi, de su concepción de la naturaleza, el cosmos y cultura, así como su lenguaje.

FERRY,  Wasselonne, France

Allan MacBain,  Prestwick, UK
Thank you for a beautiful language.

Erik Williams,  Edmonton, Canada
I've only just begun my scholastic journey in the field of linguistics but it is a passion I have had for a very long time. You have created a beautiful language and I can't wait to learn it properly!! Irayo, ulte Eywa ngahu!

Barbara Alice Hall,  Pasadena, USA
Thanks Paul for being so creative.

Sam (Tutean A-Txanslusam),  Scottsdale, America
Irayo, Paul Frommer. Ayoeng neu nume nga-ya Na'Vi.

Eywa ngahu.

Craig,  Lapeer, Michigan
I can't wait to hear the next message from Paul. Until then, I will study up on my Na'vi

K-T1,  Bienne, Switzerland
The Na'Vi is the most beautifull language...

Nicolas,  Bruxelles

David,  Milan Italy
oel ayngati kameie

Elin Sejderuna,  Kristianstad, Sweden
Dear Paul Frommer.

This language you have created is the most beautiful I have ever heard, and even surpasses Sindarin and Quenya Elvish.

Eywa ngahu!


Robert Matthews,  Vernal USA
Ever since watching the movie for the first time, I have been simply awed with the beauty of the language. I and some of my friends are really excited to learn and I hope that an efficient way of learning will soon present itself. Eywa ngahu!

Jake,  Tampa Bay USA
Tsun oe nga-hu nì-Na’vi pivängkxo a fì-’u oe-ru prrte’ lu. This beautiful Na'vi language is the best thing that was invented. I truly support it and I look forward to learn it. Thank you.
Eywa ngahu int

Lena,  Canada

cleach mathieu,  PARIS, FRANCE
irayo nitxan karyu

Tony,  Coueron France
J'adore les Na'vis !!!!

Ivan,  Vincennes, FRANCE
L'ensemble des travaux réalisés pour "Avatar" sont prodigieux! Merci infiniment et s'il vous plait, traduisez aussi vos travaux en français!
Je rêve que l'on puisse se parler en Na'vi et communiquer dans cette langue si belle et passionnante! ^_^

vladimir kutka,  dickinson, north dakota

Jonathan,  Dendermonde, Belgium
I hope that Dr. Frommer helps us in our quest to fully understand the Na'vi language.

Yoann,  france

Azeraz,  Nantes, France

Brian,  Cartigliano,Italia

Keith Bauer,  Watchung NJ
Avatar represents only my third obsession in my nearly 60 years. The Na'vi people really are fantastic! If Mr Cameron truly wishes to "out Klingon Klingon", the only way to accomplish that is by allowing everyone total access to the language as set forth by Dr. Paul Frommer. If James Cameron does not own the rights to the language, surely he can get approval from Fox or whomever to allow Dr Frommer to give us the full language as well as work out much more. It would be really great to go to the sequel and not have to read the subtitles!!!

Armando,  Italy

Anisa,  Singapore, Singapore
Of all the things that made Avatar the ultimate greatest movie I've ever witnessed, the gorgeous language of the Na'vi won me over COMPLETELY. Irayo, ningay, Karyu Pawl.

Thomas Ramirez,  Nîmes, France
Please continuing the maintenance of this dream more longer

Steve Ganz,  Emerald Hills, CA USA

Ariel,  Oaxaca, Mexico
¡¡¡Oel Ayngati Kameie Tsmukan si Tsmuké!!!

Matt,  Sydney, Australia
Oel ngati kameie.

Zanzibar,  Bellevue, WA

Donovan Broquin,  Lapalud France
Pourquoi ne pas instaurer le na'vi comme langue universelle ?????

Alex,  memphis, united states
Kalti nav'viya, oel ayngati kameie.

blin00,  Davis, United States

Giuliano,  Firenze, Italia

Giovanni,  Napoli

О. А. Я.,  Россия, Оренбург
Kaltxi fpi aynga!

nicolas,  france

shervin,  santa cruz , USA

Matteo,  Treviso - Italia

Palulukan Makto,  Dallas United States

Sebastiano Assino,  Italy

AtanŽeko Aytanin,  Verona - Italy
Irayo, Sempul, ulte Eywa Ngahu

Ismabel,  Austira
Irayo uoel nati kameie aynga Skxawng ;c***
Natürlich liebevollst gemeint *zwinker

Luca Puppini,  Italia, Padova

Steven Rosario,  Converse/ Houston, TX, USA
I Love Avatar, and everything about it!

Jerem,  FRANCE

ikran tìkawn,  france
irayo ;)

Alyara,  Portugal

Shara,  Wilmington NC USA
As a great lover of lingusitics and language and in particular this lovely expression of the soul that is Na'vi, please hear us.

alice,  Oleggio, Italy
Na'vi language is beautiful, please teach us more

°°°Neytiri°°°,  Turin,Italy
...Oel ngati kameie...ulte oe irayo

Valter,  Smolensk, Russia
Language Na'vi is fine. I very much would like to learn it. Thanks Paul Fromer!

Marco,  Italy

Toruk Makto,  

BourDi\'er,  France
Na'vi Hol Dajatlh'a'. buy' ngop. Duj tivoqtaH

greg jake sully,  blyth uk
kaltxi ma paul tsun oe nga huni Na'vi I fully support this project!I would love to have a complete language i wanne learn!!! beautifull language

Derek Jones,  Bozeman, MT, USA
Karyu Pawl, Oel ayngati Kameie. Irayo, I wish that I could continue in this wonderful tongue, but I cannot. I understand that you cannot give us more until the people that created the amazing film gives you leave to do so. but even so. I thank you. the words of Na'vi are like the sound of soft rain falling onto the rocks of time. 'Ivong Na'vi!

Irayo, Oeri Karyu, Kä ka krr mì fpom. Eywa ayngaha.

victor,  zaragoza

Debora Marino,  Milano, Italy

Thomas Schock,  Emmingen, WestGermany
Dear pawl
many many thanks for your help to learn NA VI. all my family love this fantastic Film and how the caracters spoken na vi, specialy neytiri
Pleace send me a learn book and 1 Autogramm from You. Please
We thank you verry much
in big respect to your creativity

Salvo,  Misterbianco
Voglio una lingua piu completa :D

Andrea,  Frosinone ITALIA
Oel ngati kame

Daniele Mantovani,  Milano Italia

Keighley,  Vancouver, Canada

kxrekorikus,  Poland
Oel ayngengati kameie

james blissenbach,  reynoldsburg,OH,USA
Kxlinganri aleskxawng lu. 'Ivong Na'vi!

Leigh,  Richmond, VA
Oel ngati kameie, ulte oe irayo

Benoit Bénard,  Québec
We are milions waiting for this beautiful language come out. Please, we want to learn it and understand it! How to learn something like Chinese while not having any idea what word is what; what = ??? television = ??? toaster = ??? etc.

Et oui, il serait plaisant aussi d'avoir la traduction francaise. Nous sommes plusieurs à avoir apprécié ce superbe film et nous vous serions reconnaissant si vous pouviez continuer cette langue, le Na'vi.

Thank, merci.

Will you give the language to the people here first with our E-mail adress once you can?

Bel Hernandez,  Monterrey,N.L. Mexico
I see you ---- I wanna learn Na'vi

Alessandro,  Bologna, Italy

Aika Sumeragi,  Lakeland, FL

Bryan,  Walla Walla WA USA

}{odge-Podge,  Johannesburg South Africa
Oe kame nga
fi'u pamtseo ne oe tokx Na'vi

"I see you"
"Na'vi is music to my ears"

My vocab isn't that great at the moment, so I've done my best =)

alejandro,  Buenos Aires, Argentina
kaltxí, ayoel ngati kameie matsmukan sí matsmuke
yo creo que el idioma na´vi podria llegar a ser un idioma internacional (un idioma para que toda la gente se pueda comprender)y estaria bueno que la O.N.U aprovara este idioma como un idioma ienternacional o unuversal. irayo

Logan Matz,  Bellevue, Washington, USA

AmplaY,  Soissons, France
Vive le Na'Vi ! J'éspère que cette langue sera développé ! Merci pour cette langue, et merci d'avoir contribué à Avatar !

Wil Stelzer,  Houston, TX, USA
This language inspires me, Paul Frommer. Watch out, Klingon!

Eywa ngahu.

Johannes Falk,  Karlskoga Sweden
I realy need to learn this beautiful language.
Du har min respekt mästare.
Eywa ngahu.

Olivier FAURAX,  La Ciotat, France
Dankon por via bela lingvo ! (esperanto)

Naomi,  California
I want to learn the Na'vi language

George Salloway,  Derby, England
Release the language!!! I want to learn it.

Valentino Luordo,  Salerno Itala

Patrick Connor,  Brussels, Belgium

Rochelle Kopp,  Emerald Hills, CA

Miguel Alfonso Pérez Gallegos,  México
Kaltxì, oe-l nga-ti kame

Apoyo a aquellos que desean una edición en castellano para poder aprender el Na'vi, aunque de hecho si les fascina el lenguaje lo pueden aprovechar para aprender un poco de lingüística, y así no nada mas aprender Na'vi, sino también ingles, y otros lenguajes, la verdad a mi no me gusta el ingles, no tenia motivación para aprenderlo, AVATAR, cambio eso, con lo del Na'vi claro¡.

Apoyo, el proyecto
I support this project
oel mllte fi'u (Proyect)
oel mllte fi'u (proyecto)

Eywa ngahu!

goethals marnix,  wachtebeke - Belgium
i wanne learn!!! beautifull language!!

Connery, Johann,  Gera, Germany
I fully support this project!

Swirya Sílron`zem,  Hometree Pandora

Tsu\'Tey,  Roma, Italia
kiyevame, Eywa ngahu ulte irayo

Ayame,  Auxerre, France

Ugo,  Naples, Italy
Please, for all italian fans, do a complete manual for this marvelous language (also in italian, if is possible).

Andreas Sunde,  Spikkestad, Norway
Irayo, Sempul, ulte Eywa Ngahu

thomas,  milano,italia

MGH,  Pandora, Avatar
Kaltxi! I would really love to learn Na'vi. I love the movie. Love the language.

joel cuthbertson,  sydney australia
Eywa ngahu

James Howard,  Melbourne, Australia

Adonai,  La Plata, Argentina
Kaltxí oe-i, nga-ti Kameie.
En latinoamerica hay miles de jovenes que desean aprender el idioma navi, es por eso que pido en nombre de tdos ellos que se hag una edicion en castellano para que lo podamos aprender facilmente.

Here in latinoamerica are thousands of young people who wants to learn navi, but they can't because there aren't a navi maual "spanish-na'vi, Na'vi-spanish" so I want toask for it. Please Frommer, we really want.
Eywa ngahu

Andre Czausov,  Geelong, Australia
Even the most eager students cannot teach themselves without a text...

Marco,  Napoli-Italy
Thanks for all!-Grazie di tutto!

Pierrick Barth,  Bicqueley, France

alessandro zenari,  verona - italia
please... please!!! complete the navi grammar and vocaboulary... we hardly need it to be a "people through peoples". You can make a difference... please... be the difference!

Damiano,  Tredozio Italy

bouh,  france

Paul H.,  Riorges, France
I'm excited to support such a beautiful language and its positive message.

alex gudot,  port louis, mauritius

Anna,  Cologne, Germany
Ich sehe euch.

Taronyu Txonyä,  ARVIKA, SWEDEN
Ayoengìl nìNa'vi plltxe!

Sam Cooper,  Dudley, England

Jake Sully (sebastiano),  ITALY
Si vive solo due volte. Se diventi qualcuno nella tua vita allora vuol dire che stai vivendo per la seconda volta... WWW.AVATAR-ITALIA.NET

Matthew,  Italy
We see you!

Fabrizio,  Italy
WWW.AVATAR-ITALIA.NET the italian commynity of avatar!

Rollie,  Sydeny, Australia
Irayo, Pawl. Eywa ngahu.

Maya,  Villalba di Guidonia-Montecelio, Roma
Eywa ngahu aysmuk,tmuk é perdonate il mio Na'vi un pò stentato, sono felice di poter firmare questa petizione.
Eywa ngahu

avatar-italia.net,  italy (www.avatar-italia.net)

Toruk Makto,  Italy - Pandora
Kame Ngat, Eywa ngahu

MattR.,  Redding, USA
Hope this works I hate klingon.

Tanis,  Strasbourg; FRANCE

štěpán bubela,  Vsetín, CZ
zřím tě náš otče

Arann McMahon,  Galway, Ireland

Paweł Bzik,  Polska, Warszawa
I see you ...

Andrew Anderson,  port chester USA

Arianne,  Hometree, Czech Republic
Avatar is so beautiful film...

Susan Wilson,  Timberlea, Canada
I never get excited about movies but the concept of Pandora and the Na'vi has gripped me like nothing else. Learning the Na'vi language makes the spirit of the movie real in my heart. 'Ivong Na'vi!

Peter,  Lulea, Sweden

Ronald,  honolulu Hawaii USA
I see you
Eywa Ngahu

Tomasz,  Sugajno, Poland

I see you!

Kyle Moser,  Elora, Ontario
Irayo to all those that will help further our knowledge of this beautiful language
Eywa Ngahu

Mike,  Denmark

Leticia,  Brazil
As Jake, I totally fell in love with Na'vi, with the language and with Pandora. They should be and example for us. And the Na'vi language? I love learning languages and I'm totally bad about this one specially!

Prze\m/o,  Poland

Bartosz,  Wrocław,Poland

Marco Annoscia,  Italy
Would be really nice to know more about the language, but also Na'vi things in general, as how many are the clans, where do they live in the world and such.

Brod,  Australia

Brandon King,  Tyler, Texas
It would be a honor to fluently speak in Na'Vi as the way I speak English.

Shawn Wright,  Daphne, United States
I would love to have a complete language to tie into the world of Eywa even more!

Ryan James,  Surrey, United Kingdom

Max Reitz,  Dresden, Germany

Désaubry Dorian,  France
All humans must speak Na'vi !

Sarah,  California
Eywa Ngahu

Navi,  Malaysia
i really want to to learn this language too! and my name is NAVI! hahaha =D

Itzhak,  Israel
Free Na'vi!

Keith Asche,  Wasilla, AK
Eywa ngahu

Amanda,  Stevensville, MD, USA

alejandro,  capital federal - argentina
si ese mundo exsiste por favor que el ser humano no intente aniquilar parte de eywa tal como lo intento hacer aca, eywa nos va a enseñar quien manda ella va a destuir todo lo que la lastime y matara a aquellos que la enfrenten, yo se cul es el plan de eywa, eywa quiere que todo buelva a empesar quedaran muy pocos y hací vivir como es devido sin herir a eywa. este comentario es feo pero es lo mas probable que ocurra. irayo

Albert Ekholm,  Uppsala, Sweden

Alexandre Lawniczak,  Charleroi Belgium
Avatar, the great

Rémi,  Lille, France
Eywa ayngahu !

Geoff Lundy,  ballston spa, NY, USA

Xeptance,  Adelaide, Australia
Thankyou for such a beautiful language =)

Giulia Santamaria,  Parma, Italy

i want to learn it ! =)

Michal Kotek,  Praha

Irayo ulte Eywa ngahu!

Daniel Stockberger,  Bloomington, IN
Please! and Irayo!

Stefano,  Castel Mella (BS), Italy
Please.....We really want it...

Jean Chris,  Antananarivo, Madagascar
i really want to learn Na'vi too

Christoph,  Stuttgart, Germany

Takhen,  Las Vegas Nevada USA
The beauty and music of the language had as great an impact as any of the visuals. It added depth and substance allowing my mind to open and fly. Without it the Na'vi would have just been flat. It gave the crucial element to bring them to life.

As so many others have stated it would not only be a shame, but a crime after all the love you put into creating such a magnificent language to see it just slide into movie-triviality.

Michael \'kleinwerk\' Semenov,  Novosibirsk, RUSSIA
Thank you, Paul!

Dione,  Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines
Irayo ulte Eywa ngahu!

Daniel Ratiu,  Tokyo, Japan

Dalius,  Labin, Croatia
Na'vi and their beautiful world are something most amazing that happened since the dawn of time!
I've seen many 'alien' languages, as i'm very fond of sf/fantasy, but Na’vi language is best of them all and i'd really like to learn it!

'Ivong Na'vi!

Filip,  Nysa, Poland
The sound of spoken Na'vi languake is like a soothing balsam for my heart. Please help us preserve it Paul.

na\'rìngyä hufwe,  macon georgia usa
irayo pawl

Liese Bergmann,  Cottbus, Germany
One more signature for a beautiful language that's IMHO definitely worth learning!

Brunna Batista Plácido,  São Luís Brazil
I love the movie and the sounds of this language are amazing.Help us to learn, please! Por favor,nos ajude, vai!

Alexander Dobrovolsky,  Kiev, Ukraine
Let the Na'Vi shine!

Alex \" Le Travailleur\" Ivanov,  Russia, Petrozavodsk city

Hanaé,  St Etienne, France
I love this language and the movie is so WONDEFUL !!!! I hope you will have a lot of signature !!!

kileiah,  Singapore
Irayo, ma Karyu Pawl. I really love this language.

Ya he visto Avatar dos veces y la veré tres si tengo la oportunidad. Me parece increíble poder aprender Na'vi. Seguid así!

Paula,  Estepona - Spain

Hemull,  Ekaterinsburg, Russia

Anthony,  Flagstaff USA

Please give us guidance! :)

Naz\'dro,  Sète, France
Cette langue doit avoir sa chance comme le Klingon.
Si elle rassemble autant de monde c'est pas pour faire joli, c'est qu'il y a un événement qui a été soulevé, il faut continuer à faire évoluer le Na'vi car il est possible qu'elle prenne autant d'ampleur que le Klingon

Iztok Stepančič,  Slovenia
To support this beautiful language, I'll write something in my native one: Na'vi jezik je čudovit jezik in resnično upam, da ga bom nekoč znal govoriti. naj bo eywa z vami!

Zřím tě

Ryszard,  Poland

Zappalà,  Fribour, Suisse
Vive le Na'vi !!! (perso, c'est plus joli et plus intéressant que le grec :P)

Steven,  Broken Arrow, United States
This would be an awesome language to learn, I've seen the movie 4 times and never get tired of it, the language and the world of Pandora is beautiful and I only wish I could go there. At least learning this language will get me that much closer to being there!

Sylvia,  Pandora
You have built a link betwin all those who were touched by the message Avatar delivered. Now we need a bond, a way to make tsaheylu... Please, help us to keep this dream alive and perhaps make it real.
Eywa ngahu

xxxxxxxx,  Tilburg, The Netherlands
I was never one for languages, but Na'vi has sparked an interest that has never been there before. It's an amazing language, and the day it grows enough to be suitable for everyday use is one day that'll make me very happy!
Irayo ulte Eywa ngahu!

Lunarius,  Bedford Canada

roberta,  rome, italy

tman0,  Norcross, GA

xxxxxxxx,  grapevine U.S.

xxxxxxxx,  St. Cloud, Minnesota
If I could only learn one other language in my entire life, this would be it. :[

Ruthie,  Riverside, USA

xxxxxxxx,  Montgomery, AL

filippo pizzichini,  ponterio di todi (PG) italy
avatar è stato un film che mi ha lasciato qualcosa di molto grande dentro...una sensazione speciale...

xxxxxxxx,  Rome - Italy

xxxxxxxx,  Trieste Italy

xxxxxxxx,  Jyväskylä, Finland
Oel ngáti kámeie!

Dawid Kwiecień,  Poland, Walbrzych

Judith,  Ipoh, Malaysia
Kaltxì ma tsmùkan :) omg i just LOVE the Na'Vi language! It's so fascinating!! I would love to learn how to speak Na'Vi properly.
Eywa ngahu.

Kay,  Germany


Tevahr,  Wałbrzych, Poland
Kánísánén támä ýázyk, Náví...

xxxxxxxx,  Rayong , Thailand
I love this

Daniel Grondin,  Alma, Quebec, Canada

PengFei,  Lanzhou,China
Na'vi is one of the most fantastic languages I have ever seen!

Thaxano,  Jemeppe, beglium
j aimerais apprendre cette langue afin de communiquer avec des personnes de la meme personalité, ainsi peux etre qu un peuple ou un groupe ce créera comme les "Illuminati". un dialecte, un chef, une facon de vivre, un espoir

Romain,  Issy-Les-Moulineaux/France

Brian Cooper,  Barrie Canada
i hope to learn this language as best as posible

alpha568,  Liège, Belgium
Super film, une langue magnifique, et un nouvel Albert Einstein pour nous l'enseigner.

Alan Tower,  San Francisco, CA
Irayo ulte Eywa ngahu!

Randy,  Staten Island, United States
I support this all the way till the end!

xxxxxxxx,  Bielefeld, Germany

Laura,  roanne france

James,  Bloomington, Texas
Watching "Avatar", was completely hooked. I enjoyed the music, being brought into the world that is Pandora. Though I have never been big on different languages other than English. I started to grasp a basic understanding of Na'vi, and would love for it to continue. As little as we know of our own universe, there is always a possibility that a moon with similarities to Pandora to exist. For that matter, parts of the Na'vi culture that was define in the movie, in my opinion would benefit our own planet. Releasing the language is just another step in that understanding.

xxxxxxxx,  Naperville USA
Rosetta stone Na'vi edition pls

Jonathan Colwell,  

xxxxxxxx,  Oslo, Norway

xxxxxxxx,  Clermont, Florida

Jhustin,  Bothell, United States of America
Publishing the standard rules for the Na'Vi language would be a benefit to 20th Century Fox and the Avatar franchise by endorsing the fan base's desire to envelop themselves within the Na'Vi culture. Imagine the effect that Star Trek has on its legendary following.

Mathieu Cecchinato,  Montauroux France

Tsamsiyu Tsteu,  Scottsdale, USA
I loved the Na'vi, their philosopy is so much like my own, I dearly wish to know more about their amazing language!
Irayo, kìyevame ulte Eywa ngahu.

Vincent,  Rijswijk ZH in Holland
Oel ngati kameie

Thomas Bosch,  Born, the Netherlands
I just loved and enjoyed Avatar so much, that I just want to learn the language! Oe nume Na'vi lì'fya! Oel ngatie kameie!

Rudy,  France
La passion pour cette langue est une des principales motivation de tous, nous attendons avec plaisir des cours sur cette magnifique langue qui pourrait rendre des personnes qui ne se connaissent pas en lien les une aux autres, et quelque part le Na'Vi pourrait devenir une langue comme les autres

Paulius,  Vilnius, Lithuania
Oel ngati kameie.
I hope this will be released.

Vera,  Louisville, KY, USA
Love the movie and the lauguage.

Pablo,  Spain
I hope that This amazing Language continues growing up!=D

Geoff,  Kennesaw, Ga, USA
We thank you, Dr. Frommer, for the gift of culture and beauty that you have so blessed us with. this alien language inhibits my tongue, but I know that someday soon, my mind will be allowed to flow free through the words I speak in the language of the Na'vi. Eywa ngahu lu.

Arnold Martijn,  Ede, Netherland
Na'vi is a great language to hear. But now I want to learn to speak it like a native.

Jonathan,  France

Jeremie,  Sisteron, France
J'adore Avatar et la langue Na'vi ! j'aimerais vraiment l'apprendre

Jason,  United States
I love navi

Dominic B.,  Canada - Montreal

Txe\'lan,  Los Angeles, USA

Vladimir Pacholik,  Zabreh, Czech republic
Kaltxì :)

NeyNey,  Buenos Aires, Argentina
Oel ngati kameie! I'd love to learn more about Na'Vi so I'll be waiting... I want to see, too.

Cyril PAYEN,  Saint Dizier FRANCE
This language must become a language for PEACE, DEMOCRACY and ECOLOGY in the World. We must democratize this language, as a matter of fact, Na'vi is a neutraly language contrary to Esperanto, wich is a language too Occidental predominant invention


Emma,  Reading, Britain
We need your help, please allow us to learn this beautiful language as best we can.

Jakub Špulka,  České Budějovice, Czech Republic

queau,  france
pour avoir une nouvelle langue universelle,et je trouve l'idée cool

gilles,  niFransey
Je soutient ce projet à fond!!

Joseph,  Phoenix U.S.

SAEZ,  france
pour le plaisir quoi d'autre ? ;)

antoine,  Charleville Mézières France
Je suis fan du film avatar et de na'vi.

COCHE,  France
Thanks you for your work

Svenja von Wallenfeld,  Deutschland/ Köln
Ich bin sehr glücklich über die Nachricht unseres Lehrer´s.
Es ist für uns alles wichtig soviel von Na'vi zu lernen, weil nicht nur ich sondern tausende andere Menschen auch, sich in die Welt von Pandora verliebt haben. Und auch wenn wir wissen das Pandora nicht exestiert, möchten wir ein teil dieser fantastischen Welt sein und ihre Sprache sprechen.

Mr.Prommer Sir

Please give us a chance to learn this beautiful language.
We cant do it without your help!

I see you!

VELA,  Marseille, Europe

Angelos,  GR,Athens
Kaltxi!nga-ru lu fpom srak?

Maillot Peggy,  novi ligure italy

Frederik,  Odense, Denmark
I want this.

Sven Thiemann,  Hamm, DEUTSCHLAND

MARTIN Damien,  Soissons, France

Finn Huhne,  Hamburg, Deutschland

Becca,  Toronto, Canada

Katrin,  Cleveland, USA
This language is a beautiful creation and shouldn't be kept from people who desire to learn it.

John,  Kiev

Piotr,  Poland

Robert,  Poznań

Akamy Syren,  Herne, Germany
Kìyevame ulte Eywa ngahu.

Nik,  Padova, italy

Francisco Moran,  Glencoe,USA

Tori.,  Glencoe USA

Vera Yatsula,  Virginia Beach, VA, USA

Phil Lehmann,  Naumburg, GERMANY

Anne-Laure,  France, Chambery

Sean,  Heverlee Belgium

Walas,  Kielce, Poland

Robert Moreau Jr,  E. Providence USA

Michael Engler,  York, PA, US
I look forward to Dr. Frommer's revelation of the Na'vi language.

DrBinder,  Salem, United States

Thor Muller,  San Francisco, CA USA

Toru,  Minas Gerais, Brasil
I've been reading some words in Na'vi and could see that the speech sound of the letters is more likely the portuguese sound that the english sounds! An like Katherine, after the second time that i saw the movie, i was thinking in use the Na'vi language for everyday conversation!

Katherine Cleary,  Encinitas, California
I was thinking this last night-- it would be cool for Na'vi to become a living language!!

Plumps,  Halle, Germany
ngengeyä fìfyawintxut perey ayoengìl nìwotx

Kyle M,,  Knoxville, TN
Kaltxi!!! hope you can get everyone to agree and let you help all of us in learning this beautiful language for all:) Irayo

Steven,  Windosr, Canada

Rob,  England
Without an audio reference, the amount of error will be unsumountable. Imagine a conference of geeks where fights break out of the na'vi word for peace?
We need it!

Dave,  North Attleboro USA
ever since I saw this movie, it's all I can think about, I'd love to learn this beautiful language, ayngati kameie, I see you

ian kelly,  Stevenage, United Kingdom
Oe-yä Tsmukann si Tsmukén,Oe-l nga-ti kame

Tomáš Müller,  Liberec, Czech Republik
Very nice. Thank you for this.
Tsun oe nga-hu nì-Na’vi pivängkxo a fì-’u oe-ru prrte’ lu.

David Jaggers,  Bryan, Texas, USA
It's amazing. Thank you!

Kain Mako,  Munich, Germany
Thank you.

Matthew Hromiko,  Pittsburgh, USA

Fanch,  Lorient France

Marwin,  Valence , France
!!! Love it !!!

sabrina,  Leoben, AUSTRIA
oel ngati kameie !!

timothy quintana,  glendale, az, usa

Angel Mull,  Georgia, USA

Alton,  Santa Maria, CA
I've never been much of a fan of sci-fi stuff. In fact, I've made a fair amount of jokes at the expense of Klingon or Sindarin speakers, but from a purely linguistic point of view, Na'vi is truly beautiful. I wholly support the flourishing of Na'vi throughout the world, and hopefully FOX can see our point of view and not mere dollar signs.

Spencer Price,  Tualatin USA

Matthew Barnabee,  Orlando, United States
This is amazing, I've been hoping for learn the language one day and now here's our to all the fans that love the Na'vi as much as I do.

Bob,  Hurt, USA

Raeshell,  Toronto, Canada
Nìftxavang ayoeng ätxäle a nume a plltxe Na'vi.
Rutxe wintxu frapo fìkem sänume sì srung frapo a ralpeng sì tslam Na'vi fte ayoeng nì'ul nìftue virä Na'vi aylaru.

Hunter Blanks,  United States

Gabriel Jean,  Châteauguay, QC, Canada
This language is beautiful and a lot of people out there wants to learn it.


Bwhited,  Aledo.Texas
Please show us the full beauty of this language.

megumi,  Argentina
Irayo, ma Karyu

Ricky,  Indiana, USA

Anna,  Gary, United States.
It must be public! It's too beautiful to waste!

kelly,  toronto, canada
the language of the Na'vi is nothing short of music to the ears

andrew herkert,  minneapolis, united states

Joshua Booth,  PALO ALTO, USA
Or if you haven't thought up any more words, adlib!

Ben Wilson,  Sterling; USA
Why would such a beautiful language be restricted?

Seems ridiculous, so let it be public.

bryan spray,  parksville Canada

Jhonny,  Caracas, Venezuela
Porsupuesto que sería muy interesante aprender el idioma de los Na'vi. Me uno a la petición

Cam,  Regina, Canada

Colin Votier,  Danbury USA
fox owning a language is like saying the queen on England owns the English language

Beth White,  Alfred, United States

Ted,  Richmond, Virginia, USA
I think what can be said has been said already. I love this language and I want to see it fleshed out to a proper language usable in every-day things.

Danielle Andrea,  Buffalo, New York
This is the most amazing world, the most beautiful language, I have ever been a part of. Please spread the word and allow us to learn more!

Eileen Randall,  Columbus, USA

James,  Kings Park , New York
Please please for the love of Eywa make this language exist in our world i would love to learn this language it is by far the most beautiful thing ive ever heard in my life..

Jacob Robinson,  Phoenix, AZ, United States
Coolest thing ever, I've never been so excited to learn a language:D.

Derek,  kings park , new york
this is the most beautiful language.

Nicholas Hiscock,  Chester, Norfolk

Joss,  Buchenberg, Germany
Wow ... its so Amazing :D
Thanks for this ..
I work on a German translation of the Gramma ^^
Thanks for your Work.

José,  Mendoza, Argentina
Thanks, Dr. Frommer, for such an amazing creation. Now please let us embrace it to the fullest making it free.

Lauren,  Boca Raton FL, USA
Ayohel ngengati kameie, ma Sempul! Thank you for creating something beautiful, Dr. Frommer! We'll be waiting to learn more.

Patrick,  United States
Long live Na'vi

Chris Rootes,  worcester, uk
I'd love to learn the language, it would be awesome!

Joey,  Atherton, California

Lynds,  Cullman Alabama, United States

Lucy,  Christchurch, New Zealand

Gordon Oagis,  Rome, Italy

Magister,  Chisinau, Moldova
I wish Pandora existed. But it's good that a part (language) of Na'vi is real. Do not forget about your treasure, Paul Frommer, please!

Eric,  Italy, Venice
Il film è bellissimo e i Na'vi e il loro linguaggio mi affascinano. Spero che questa iniziativa vada a buon fine.
Vi vedo.

Carlos Rendon,  Medellin Colombia
I love Neytiri (sorry Jack)

miguel,  manizales,colombia

ELISABETTA,  Vercelli Italy
I do believe that in 2012 we all will go to live as Jake on Pandora. So it's better to start learning Navi!

Wendy G. Fernandez,  San Antonio,TX
I love the Na'vi.I would love to learn Na'vi.I'ts such a wonderful language.

andrade julie,  Paris, FRANCE

Alexis Bruner,  richmond Va US

Hannah Jessie,  Ohio, United States
<3 Such a beautiful language to keep hidden.

Colin McNamara,  Madrid, USA

Stéfany G T Barbosa,  Fortaleza - Brazil

Dr. Volker Seifert,  Halle, Germany

Kenjiro Shoda,  Philadelphia, USA
I love the planet Pandora and the Na'vi. I've seen "Avatar" 3x. I would love to learn Na'vi. I read that it is in structure similar to many languages, but when spoken (to my ears at least), it sounds very much like the language of many Native American Indian tribes. Beautiful culture and beautiful language.

Uniltaronyu,  Mohács, Hungary
Jake said that Gaia is dead. I say, we should not let that happen and learn everything we can. The language is a step and understanding the Mother of all things is another.

Deniz,  Herning, Denmark
I would love to learn Na'vi. i really like the language. And I love the Na'vi people.

Sascha Häusler,  Mühldorf, Germany

ciaran,  coventry, england

Lars,  Germany
oel new li'fyati tut nume.
Eywa awngahu

Nick Ochoa,  Austin United States of America

DeDorn,  Stuttgart Germany

Dylan Solon,  Mesa, AZ, United States
I would really like to learn the ways of the Na'vi but without the whole language I will never be able to fully see them. If you took all that time to create the language then you should share your work with the world.

I see you
I want to learn your language, I'd like it to flourish.

Nox River,  England
Kaltxi!! It is an amazing language an i would love to learn it!!

Maike Abjörnson,  Berlin, Germany
I hope there will be answer soon!

Rameeza Ahmad,  Pakistan, Lahore
It would be so cool to learn Na`vi

Andrea,  Ferrara Italia
è una lingua molto affascinante che sarebbe bellissimo poterla parlare correntemente

Tsu\'ske,  York, Alabama USA
The Na'vi language is beautiful to listen too and would a very interesting thing to learn. I, personally, would love to hear more of the things Na'vi and their language have to offer.

Francekleide,  Brasil/Paraiba/Guarabira
Adorei o filme e gostaria de saber falar na'vi por favor me ajude nos ajede

kacper,  poland
I love Na'vi and Avatar

CaLinda,  Lakewood, WA, USA

Kiddee Burakitbumrung,  Bangkok,Thailand
Please teach us this beautiful and such unique language.

Chema Urraca,  Madrid - Spain
Let us know the na'vi languaje, please.

Elias,  Rosenheim, Germany
Please free this beautiful language. I´d really like to learn and speak it.

Geoffrey,  France

Marie-Claire,  Luxembourg

Gergely Hegedüs,  Budapest, Hungary

Ben,  West Chester US

Gonzalo,  Linares España

Ryan Valentine,  Elmira, NY
THe language is so cool, I'd really like to learn it.

dimitri,  monaco

Dan,  Columbus OH

Dave,  North Attleboro, US
Oel ayngati kameie, I see you. Free the language! I want to learn.

Trevor,  St. Petersburg, United States
Great language, great culture and a great movie.

Duprat Paul-Anthony,  Nîmes, France


Kevin O\'Brien,  Istanbul, TR
I see you!

James Harrinton,  Middleburg, US

Hannah,  U.K.

liesbeth,  Belgium

ann evelyn,  valley forge USA
i wish i had a tsaheylu =[

janciii,  Germany

Ana Sanchez,  NY,NY
I see you.

Marius,  Oberlin, US

Ruh,  Napoli, Italia
Free the language... please!

Robert Gordon,  morecambe, united kingdom
hello please free the language

Roger,  Catalan Countries

Andreas O.,  Oslo NORWAY

Calkee Selven,  Port-Louis, Mauritius
kalt'i ngaru lu fpom srak?

Alexi Williford,  Austin, Texas

María,  Granada, Spain

Danann McAleer,  Bristol, England

LordElendil,  TURKEY

Andy,  Sturgis USA
very beautiful language

Mark,  United States

James,  USA

Aya,  Milan, Italy

Doreen Anne,  Hong Kong, China


Giacomo,  Modena Italy

sonja groothedde,  sydney australia

Alexander,  Germany

Anthony,  USA

Adam Eleccion,  Philippines
Free the language! We want to learn more! James, if you're seeing this, please believe in your fans! Irayo Ulte Eywa Ngahu!!!

Laura,  Sydney, Australia

yagami light,  

Jesse,  Modesto, Ca. USA
after studying Spanish and Japanese, This would be the ultimate language to learn and understand! Please free it! Irayo!

Tom Latal,  Brno, Czech Republic
I love the film, I love Pandora, I love Na´vi and when I heard the Na´vi language, I know, that the language is too good to be forgotten someday. The language is simply awesome. :)

Nikolett Nyúl,  Szigetszentmiklós,Hungary

joh,  jettingen, Germany
love the film and the world, to learn the laguage would be awesome

Luc,  Krakow, Poland
Beautiful language!

Denise,  Sydney AUstralia

sarah,  australia

Mr amzing,  Sydney, Australia
there you go Jakob

Shawn Khoong,  Singapore, Singapore
For all you know, Pandora MIGHT jolly well exist, BUT for now the world MUST know that the Na'vi spirit lives among us.. through the language. FREE IT! FREE US!

Emily,  Sydney,Australia
Avatar is long ;D
but coolies

Jake,  Sydney, Australia
I love the world of Pandora and all that comes with it

luc biorfik,  nancy france
a language for peace.

Connor,  Sydney, Australia
Irayo! (Thankyou) Free the Language! Avatar has been such an inspiration. What if we are the aliens? Can't we realize how much harm we are causing. Speaking Na'vi should be a sign of envirmently being friendly. And I say that as a 13 year old!

Clément,  Dijon
Thank you for all you did for us and let's continue the adventure.

kris therrien,  raymond, usa

kamakani de dely,  waianae, hawaii
come on

Bart,  Lier, Belgium
Free the language :D

Stefano,  Milan Italy
My think is that Na'Vi language is beautiful! Please free the language!

Shadii,  Berlin, German
The language is gorgeous,and so are the Na'vi people... Free the Language!

connor steinson,  newcastle england

Robyn,  California, USA
oe would love to plltxe Na'vi. It's a beautiful language. ^^ irayo Paul

Marge Davi,  

Kenden Reed,  USA
I've been interested in constructed languages for a while now, and would love to learn Na'vi... :)

Hope,  Los Angeles, CA

Drew Lascoskie,  Bowmansville, United States

Luis Parada,  San Cristobal - Venezuela
Please father show us the path to the Knowledge, and please allow us to become a part of the clan. Thanks.

Emily,  United States
Kaltxi! Love the movie and language! if it is possible to learn it i would! please allow us to learn!!! Thanks So much! beautiful language! Kiyevame irayo!

Ashley,  Milton, FL, US
Me and my friends would love to learn this language so that we may use it in conversation. We also hope that it will become an official language!

Matthew,  Corpus Christi, United Stated
Kaltxi! I've seen Avatar 5 times already, and it wont be the last! I heard the language and became enthusiastic about learning it... but unfortunately im "lost in translation". Would love to be fluent in Na'vi. Please help teach us! Kiyevame irayo!

Blake,  London, Canada

Dustin Snyder,  Cleveland, OH, USA

Dennis,  Brescia - Italy

Hugo,  Brisbane, Australia
Sempul Lì’fyayä-ri rutxe zamunge oe lok ne Eywa.

Eliel,  México, D.F.
Kaltxi, tsun oe ngahu pivängko a fi'u oeru pllte'lu, oel ayngati kameie. This is awesome, the best language ever, sorry if I had some mistakes though. Please, we want to know all about it. Untill then,Kiyevame, Eywa ngahu!

David Kauffman,  Gridley, United States

MOSHE,  silver spring

Pía Màrquez,  Santiago, Chile
Irayo ulte Eywa ngahu

Leah,  brights grove Canada
'Ivong Na'vi!

Lauren Cox,  Atlanta, GA
I think it's agreed that we all want to know more! Please release the language!

ray,  cancun,mexico

RYAN,  U.S.A, U.S.A, U.S.A!!!
I have watched this movie 17 times in IMAX 3D, and I am strongly contimplating changing my last name to Sully!! OMG!! >.< This is such an amazing movie!!

Maison,  Dallas USA
Oe ngati kameie!

david hilden jr,  st louis,michigan, usa

Cody Schlusser,  Elyria, USA

Katie A,  Lincoln, USA
Oel ngati kameie.

Ana Carolina,  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

evan,  lafayette,co
go na'vi

Artur F.,  Sao Paulo, Brazil
Ohe ngengati kameie

Lu tsun Na'Vi prrte layu pivängkxo

Eywa, ngahu!

Janira,  Rome, Italy
Irayo ulte Eywa ngahu.

Tyler \"Paste\",  USA
I would rather take Na'vi than Spanish... I would actaully do my Na'vi homework!

Luc M.,  GLAND, Switzerland

Chris,  Lexington, USA


michaela smith,  vista ca united states
incredible language!! I want to learn it all!!

Dario,  Spain
Eywa ngahu!

Ty,  Mountain Grove, United States

Vanja,  Croatia

Rylee,  Naples, Florida
Kaltxi, Father.

Eywa, ngahu!

Masha Dvornik,  Zagreb, Croatia
as a student of linguistics, i'd be very excited for this to happen :)

Patrik,  Hungary, Szentendre
Oe ngati kameie!
I watched movie 6 times! It's an amazing movie and the language is too!
Eywa ngahu!

Rika,  Philadelphia, USA
Eywa ngahu, ma Sempul.

William,  Toronto, Canada

Esben Dall,  Tim, Denmark
nìNa'vi 'iveiong sì vivireiä

Sergio,  Lisbon ,Portugal

John Kendal,  Saskatoon, Canada

Cameron McLean,  Wellington, New Zealand

Stephanie,  Chesterfield, USA

Damian,  poznań, polska

Frip,  La Rioja, España
Nos vemos Oel ngati kameie

Tom,  Obernburg, Germany

Ellie B.,  Wassenaar, The Netherlands

Fkeu Omaticaya Tzmukan,  chicago il
Tìyawn Nìftxavang!

Eugene Bowers,  Parker, CO USA
I thought Elvish was a great achievement, but Na'vi is closer to home and holds potential as a universal language. Esperanto never made it and Na'vi could. Irayo ulte Eywa ngahu!

MC Jones,  Toledo, Ohio
Did I get this right, Neytiri's ikran is named "Seze"... which means "blue flower?" I'm hopelessly lost in the magnificent and beautiful Na'vi, their planet, the movie, and its deep spiritual meaning. Eywa ngahu!

Markus G.,  Duisburg, Germany
Give us the chance to watch a possible sequel without subtitles and then an entire movie in Na'vi language. You can do it!

jeremy,  mankato, minnisota
i speak english and know some japanese, and i can't wait to learn Na'vi.

Evelyn G.,  Frisco, U.S
The Na'vi language is a soul waiting to be released back into the world. A culture is hidden away, and it must be freed!

Aziza,  Oswego, United States
I speak english, spanish, and persian, I think its important to learn Na'vi as a unique and universal language

Meg W.,  Phoenix, U.S.
Please let us learn this beautiful language!

Laura,  Elmhurst, IL

Ralph Chaanine,  Matn, Lebanon

C.K. Ramkissoon,  Trinidad
Oe ngati kameie

Jarosław Nimira-Adamczk,  Warsaw, Poland
Beautiful language.

Vincent,  Paris, France
'Ivong Na'vi!

Luca Angeli,  Italy

Joe,  UK
Oel ngati kameie tsmukan.

alison,  rio de janeiro

Emy,  Lititz, PA, USA
Eywa ngahu!

Vincent Pistelli,  Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Saw Avatar 3 times! Amazing Movie!

alex,  Malaysia

Sejo Hodzic,  Prijepolje Serbia
Great language

Kaltxì, oel ngati kameie, irayo, Eywa ngahu.

Alu,  Kyoto,Japan
I want to learn Na'vi.

Phyllis Forsyth,  Waterloo, ON, Canada
Hoping for good news :)

Sean Monaghan,  Guilford, Connecticut
This is an awesome language... plus me and my friend will be the only ones to know it in like the state... which will be amazing =]

Victor Chu,  Beijing, China
Oel ngati kameie!

Andrew Sellers,  Chicago, IL, USA
It really is a fantastic language, and it would be great if an official guide could be released to learn it.

CoOl.Ya,  Neftekamsk, Russia
Eywa ngahu!

Zoe,  Barnstaple, Devon, England
It truly is a beautiful langauge.. I am studying languages.. but nothing compares to this.. 'lvong Na'vi!

Tom,  Eisenbach, Germany

Cari Staggs,  Cloverdale and USA
I can't wait to learn more! Free the language!

Harry,  Hamilton

Dmitry,  yekaterinburg,Russia
all who have vkontakte adres message me id20141437 Oel ngati kameie.

Nusekx,  Madrid, Spain
'Ivong Na'vi!

Inari,  Almaty, Kazakhstan
Oel ngati kameie!!!

Rebecca,  Sydney, Australia
This is an inspiring language, please set it free!

Eve,  Hamburg

Caz, Fion, Keira & Millie,  London, England
It's such an amazing language! My mates and I are already obsessed with it! (We need more!)

Mirri,  Eywa\\'eveng
Free Na'vi!

This language has inspired me to learn all the grammar I'd forgotten since I was in school. It has rekindled my love for languages and I thank you, Paul.

lucas,  Buenos Aires Argentina
im really in love with this movie, the characters, the whole universe cameron´s made, and the language is really awesome!!. i saw the movie last week and im gonna see it tomorrow again, and i hope many times more...

Dan D.,  Paradise, CA, USA
Look out Klingon and Elvish and new language is on the beat!

Sam Pole,  Brisbane, Australia

Kevin,  Milwaukee WI, USA

Raylynn,  Simi Valley, CA, USA

ulrike w,  Frankfurt, Germay
The film shows, what I teach..so please be so kind and teach US!

Laura,  San Antonio,Texas USA
This is the next best thing besides the Elvish language from LOR...
Oel ayngati kameie,ma oeya eylan...
(I see you,my friends)

Michael Berkowitz,  Redding, CA USA

Matthew,  Portland, Oregon, USA

Rachel W.,  Allentown, PA

Kristin Teran,  santa ana usa
i never thought i would fall so hard for this world, this language . . . i am in awe. please add my name and let Eywa take care of the rest.

Christopher Nix,  Washington USA
Fantastic movie and a fantastic language. I would like to learn to speak it fluently just like the Na'vi. I wish to become one of the people!

Patrick,  Nevada, USA
Fantastic movie and a fantastic language. I would like to learn to speak it fluently just like the Na'vi. I wish to become one of the people !
Irayo ma karyu. Oel ngati kameie.

Austin,  vancouver USA

Colin Howells,  Sydney, Australia
Learning this language for everyday use would be awsome :)

Shane,  Spokane, USA

CampSoup1988,  FL

Sean Chambers,  Jacksonville, USA

Sarah,  Skokie, IL, USA

Emmanuel Guadalupe Verdin Cruz,  Mexico
I Speak and read Spanish, but i really wanna learn Speak and read Na´vi. please Teach us

Sam,  Plymouth, UK
I love the Na'vi !

Marian Turner,  Nicholasville USA

Meredith Foster,  Westfield, USA

Jakub Arnold,  Prague, Czech Republic

Brittany,  Norwalk, fairfeild county

Paolo Concari,  Cremona, Italy

Alex,  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Please let us learn this amazing language

Scott Hannah,  Wilmington, NC USA

Quentin Doutreligne,  Valenciennes / France

Jane,  New York City, America

Nicholas Weddell,  Basildon/England

Nicholas Weddell,  

Paula,  Wisconsin, USA
I have already picked up the bow because of this awe inspiring movie. Like an arrow loosed free from a bow let this language be free for all of us to learn, hear, speak, and cherish.

Walter,  Hoboken, U.S.
The movie was one of the best ever.

Sara Jacob,  Lansing, USA
The movie is impressive, and the language sounds fluid and hypnotic. I would love to learn more of it.

Eric M.,  Easley, SC

caro,  portland, us

Tonje Andersen,  Brumunddal, Norway

Brian Shear,  Glendale, Arizona

Kim Lee,  Melbourne, Australia

Timothy Robb,  Christchurch, New Zealand
When I came out of the theaters, I was spellbound for hours afterwords. I could not speak for I was in the wrong world to do so. Even my tastes and how things felt seemed foreign to me until I succumbed to the land of nod.
I've seen the movie 5 times, the last three just to try and learn more about the Na'vi language, I implore you teach us more, for the chance for us fans to be able to put our heads under the water in your pool of creation that is this language.

Michael,  Portland, USA
Avatar holds an important message for us all, especially in the USA.

JP Ryssy,  Jyväskylä Finland
oe neu nume Na'vi

Eliska M.,  Prague, Czech republic, Europe
The movie Avatar is not only beatiful but I've seen shamanism philosophy inside also, as well as a far but still actual Indian message... One must look the right way to see real... ;-)

Eywa ngahu !

Riley,  Omaha, U.S
Just like many other creative and exotic languages, this is truly an amazing tongue.

Kayla,  Boston,MA
This is a language that could really grow and i think i should be given the chance to flourish.


Robin Wallace,  Buffalo, NY USA
I started studying Tolkien's Elvish and Barker's Tsolyani back in the day and am finding Na'vi to be just as interesting and well thought put. Can't wait to see more!

Andrew Roebuck,  Sheffield, England

Stephan,  Lisbon, Portugal


Akos Lovasz,  Plymouth, United Kingdom

Ivan,  Moscow, Russia
We're waiting...

Uwe Arnold,  Leipzig, Deutschland
I'd love to learn more about Na'vi

JP Burke,  Philadelphia, USA
I'd love to learn more about this language you developed!

Gaël,  Val-de-reuil
Je souhaite apprendre le Na'vi donc un dico na'vi-francais serait super

Timothy Jones,  San Diego, United States
Having an audio proninciation of the words of the Na'vi would be of great use. I thank you Paul for your continued efforts to bring this website.

Sebastian,  niedersachsen - germany

Charles England,  Cathedral City, United States
This has the very realistic potential of being greater than Tolkien's Elvish, in terms of the number of people who speak it. Perhaps eventually we can trump Klingon, ancient and venerable as it may be. It is difficult to learn this alongside Japanese, but I can do it! My Japanese teacher said I should look into a dual major, and Na'vi is the reason why I am now dualing in Linguistics.

Lilianna,  baltimore, USA
Free the Na'vi.

Janice Hawes,  Great Missenden, Bucks

Jordan,  Gloucester England

John,  perris, ca
I want to learn more Na'vi!! It sounds beautiful

Matthew Andersen,  Lake Wales, United States
Oel ngati kameie. This is an astounding language, I look forward to learning!

Efrain,  Escondido, United States Of America
I want to learn Na'vi!! It sounds, looks, and is an amazing language!!! Free Na'vi!!!!

Saphrone Seidel,  Claremont, U.S.

Eumelino,  Germany
Free Na'vi

William Gough,  Deby

Sadao,  Austin USA

Eva Geisse,  San Rafael, CA
I want to learn Na'vi so badly! I have been trying to, but it's very hard for people like me who are not gifted with the ability to learn languages easily.

Jordan,  U.S.A.

Andy Harrison,  England - Basingstoke
Blue is the colour of 2010!

Sandra,  United States

Peter Hung,  England
I would like for Na'vi to be a language I can learn.

Dmitry,  Samara, Russia

Eva Wuestenberg,  Waren, Germany

Marc S.,  Duisburg, Germany

Kitt Hallow,  Nashville, United States
Pen name used to protect against fraud and for safety reasons. I would adore learning the Na'vi language from it's one and only human master!

Roger Lebeau,  Rochester, N.Y. USA
Kaltxi ne frapo, Lu zong ulti lu niltsan.
Hello to everyone, be safe and be well.

Helene Kushla,  Florham Park, NJ, USA
I have seen the movie three times- each time seemed better than the other times. I even have the braids in my hair because I love Avatar soo much!!! I have begun to teach myself the Na'Vi language but the dictionary would be amuch bigger help. Eywa ngahu!

Boris,  Saint-Petersburg

Kimberly,  Stockholm, Sweden

Sabrina L,  New Hampshire, USA

Dinterich Julien,  Houssen France
Eywa ngahu !

Nì’ney,  Kentucky, USA

Guillermo,  A Estrada España

Guillermo,  A Estrada España

Ivan Ferreira,  Treviso, Italy

Jakub Dvořák,  Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic
I saw the Avatar movie in IMAX 3D... It's the most beautiful movie I ever saw. And the Na'vi language is so good. Great work ;)

Jpdragon,  Teramo, Italy

Gabor Rudas,  Zalaegerszeg, Hungary

Leandro Lima,  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Mohd. Hamizan,  Kota Kinabalu,Malaysia

Victoria O\'Connell,  England
Best way to make money from it, Fox, is to give out grammar and vocabulary free to build up a fanbase, then munitize it, it won't work the other way around!

bastian,  concepcion chile

Phildas Bhakta,  UK London
The soul of Eywa be with you

Aino,  Helsinki

Rachel Kwan,  white plains, USA

Marco Ardito,  Florence, Italy

Sabine Fritsch,  Vienna, Austria

Pól ó Beig,  Mullingar, Ireland

Roland Fritsch,  Vienna, Austria

Sirko,  Leipzig Germany
I have a true weakness to foreign languages (already speaking 5) And i will try to learn Na'vi asap, Thanks for your help!

Joseph Negron-Perez,  Fayetteville, United States

anita,  Silver Spring, Maryland

Chan Long Ching,  Hong Kong

Nicolas,  Buenos aires, Argentina
Avatar es la mejor pelicula que he visto y la verdad aprender el idioma de los na´vi seria muy bueno para todos los fans

los saluda!

Jack Li,  中国厦门

Derek Tai,  Singapore


Louis-David Brouard,  Saint-Nicolas, Canada
Avatar rock!

Andreas Hagemann,  Bad Harzburg, Germany
Vielen Dank großer Vater, das du uns für diesen absolut genialen Film eine bezaubernde Sprache erschaffen hast! Wir möchten alle mehr davo lernen, um die hoffentlich folgenden Teile dieses Erlebnisses besser verstehen zu können! Bitte gib uns diese Sprache.

Karen Chan,  Hong Kong, China
好想學這種語言, Avatar 真是一套超棒的電視!我愛AVATAR!

Rodney Lai,  Hong Kong

jesse,  Fort Wayne,USA
awsome movie, i hope that thousand of people shall learn it.

James,  Isle Of Wight, UK
When i first heard the Na'vi language i fell in love with its' sounds and fluidity, This is a language i want to learn

Colin,  Wuhan,China
Amazing movie, I hope Na'vi can achieve a wider influence than Klingon in a global scale!

Mary,  France
Irayo !

Porté,  France Sarrguemines

Tolga,  Izmir / Turkey
I love Avatar but I love Na'vi more than the movie. As someone said, I know Turkish, English even Sindarin well but the list will not be completed unless I learn this most attractive language Na'vi. Irayo Ma Frommer.

Shahar,  Rehovot, Israel

Jake,  Brea, U.S.A.
We've hit a block! We know what's been released and we yearn for more! Please help us Paul!

Josh,  Auckland, New Zealand
An amazing language indeed, I can't wait to start learning it :) Keep going Mr. Frommer!

Zach Sarchet,  Moore, OK, USA

Gary,  Austin, Texas
The Na'vi language sounds like a derivitave of perhaps Native American Indian Culture, Was that an inspiration into it's inception?

sam,  plymouth, England
Amazing! would love to learn the language of the people :)

StatiK,  Budapest, Hungary
Thnx for this great language!
I speak hungarian, english and german... but the list wouldn't be complete without the Na'vi language! :)


Aaron,  Las Vegas, NV, USA
The Na'vi language is as ever great as is the Na'vi and the movie Avatar.
I will be glad to see the language prosper.

Jo,  Australia
Na'vi is truly a beautiful language - thank you so much for creating it, I hope to see more of it. :)

Tyler,  Phoenix, AZ USA

Chance,  Phoenix, AZ USA

Tabitha Matta,  St.Cloud, US

Destiny J.C. Lack,  Hayward, CA
i would so very much love to learn the Na'vi. :D

Colleen Dolan,  Chicago, United States
This is one of the best conlangs to be featured in a major work that I've seen; we would love more information about it for our college's conlang club.

alyssa,  tucson us

OCLS,  Taipei

Amanda Moss,  Liverpool, England
I would love to learn the language of the Na'vi. It is a beautiful language, that has real potential. Much like the elvish language in the LotR, it is enchanting.

christopher french,  grande prarie
Like so many before me have said. The movie touches me. I watch it and wish for something more. Ive never taken such an interest in anything like this before. If there were more. or a wondrfully official guide for thouse willing and eager though mayhaps not skilled in other languages I for one would Try my very best.

Aaron Heath,  U.S. Lakeland

Quint Guvernator,  Norfolk, Virginia, USA
Language should be free (liberta).

Iain Eves,  Christchurch, New Zealand
It would be pretty awesome if there were other people out there to speak it with. Irayo.

David Caithers,  Warren, Michigan of the United States
I would love to be able to learn the full language. Just for the fact that I'm a huge fan of the movie.

will thompson,  united states
i just wish i had someone to speak it with in person

Andrew,  Jurby, Isle of Man
Oel ngati kameie

Hufwe,  Seattle, USA

Lok,  HK
I See you.

adriana zuñiga,  Colombia

Taylor,  Chino Hills, USA
What a beautiful language.

Brad Haines,  denver CO, USA
I don't want to become something i am not by learning this language, but to become something others are not. to have something special and sacred to you, and only you, is a wonderful thing. thank you very much.

Jessie Su,  Singapore
I See You.

Andrea,  Buenos Aires, Argentina
I want to learn this amazing language Na'Vi

Unil\'tìrol,  Michigan, USA
Sempul, oel ngati kame.

Rutxe, ayoeng tsun nume.

Eywa ngahu

Chase Figgins,  United States
tsatseng are many Na'vi wanting the wordlist. Please Do your best.

Eywa ngahu

Nathaniel,  Boston, USA
Oel ngati kameie

morgan,  Sydney, Australia

Victoria,  Lawrence, USA
I for one would love an opportunity to learn even more of this beautiful language!

Toruk Makto Olo\'Eyktan,  Sherwood, Oregon

Irayo fpi zamunge fipo movie uniltirantokx ne ayoeng nafa niftxavang.


Eywa ngahu

Jared,  Waterloo, Iowa, USA

Andrew Morton,  Kennewick, Washington, USA
The movie was superb, and I am thankful for James Cameron's decision to delay production of the story until proper tech was developed. I've fallen in love with the Na'vi now!

Samantha,  Jacksonville, USA
I would love to learn Na'vi. that would be awsome to know.I LOVE THE MOVIE.

Jack,  Bristol, England
This would be awesome :P

Vivian,  New York City, USA

Colin Williamson,  Tempe, USA
A signature, for expanding the masterfully crafted world of Pandora and everything that is Avatar.

Easton,  Woodstock, Canada
Na'vi is so exotic and inspiring i hope i can learn it in the future

Lucille,  Toulouse, France
i'd love to be able to know some na'vi language =)

Peter,  Germany, Cologne
Irayo for inventing this amazing language. I hope we will hear more about it.

Elizabeth,  Omaha, USA

Ailea,  Kansas City, USA

Chris,  Las Vegas, USA

latiri,  oklahoma city OK
hello my brothers and sisters i am a new na'vi people but i know i will fit in love the movie

Dallas DeLong,  Cincinnati, United States of America
This is a brilliant idea for those of us who are truly fans of Avatar. I'm excited to learn as much as possible =)

Kephron,  Cowansville/ Qc
Brilliant, can't wait!

Michael,  Fort McMurray, Canada

max,  Ringoes, America
i wish to See

Dmitry,  Moscow, Russia
Excellent idea!

Abner Jimenez,  Mahopac, United States

Daniel,  Germany
Best movie I have ever seen. Hopely the story goes on and we can see it without reading the subtitle.

Ethan Bergeron,  Old Orchard Beach, Maine
This is truly a brilliant idea

Nick,  virginia
when i saw a movie i knew this would be perfect for a language....now we can use it for the public to

Wolfgang K.,  Berlin, Germany
Na'vi muss erblühen!

Fernando Melendez,  Guadalajara, Mexico
Ever since I first saw the movie the language struck me as a beautiful one, both phoneticall and with the cosmovision it implies.

Michelle lee,  Dallas, Texas
The movie was awesome and I'm naturally linguistic soo why not? People obviously want to learn it so lets do it

Christian Toomey,  San Diego, United States

Tyler (The Overlord) williams,  Richland Wa
This looks like a good idea. P.S. I like the movie

Phillip Wayne,  Woodinville,WA, USA
Please make as much material as possible available. It is too lovely to die

Jose Ignacio Rossi,  Buenos Aires, Argentina

Anthony,  Avignon, France
I wish learn na'vi

Kora Mette,  Waren, Germany
I would love to learn the Na'vi language!

Sine Nomine,  Denver, USA

Peter,  Cracow, Poland

krause gabriel,  france

Paris,  Russia,Moscow
I would like to sign a petition about starting to involve Na'Vi language. I vote for Na'Vi!

Anton Simjanovski,  Bitola. Macedonia

Robert C. Sibley,  Baton Rouge, Louisiana , USA

Jeremy Hughes,  Oswego, USA
Huzzah linguistics!

roland Engelsbeger,  Rickenbach Germany

Laurence,  Belo Horizonte, Brazil
brilliant creation!! I'll strive to learn this language like I've learned others! More info always helps!

Katy,  Ljubljana, Slovenia
I love it! ^^

Jem,  Collingwood, Ontario, Canada
I think both the Na'vi themselves and their language are brilliant creations.

Isaac Sinclair,  Winnipeg Canada
I love the film and the launguage in this film for the na'vi people is amazing

Jose A. Torres,  Miami, Florida, United States
The beauty of one's imagination is unparalleled in the universe.

Dayana,  El Paso, United States of America

Robert Pietsch,  Bautzen, Germany

Luke van der Laan,  Barendrecht, Netherlands

David Vargas,  Jaén (España)
Siiii!! Hay muchos españoles esperando poder hablar esta maravillosa lengua!!! Esperemos que todo el contenido quede traducido al español!!

Alexander,  Muggia,Italy
I love this language and this film that I've seen it 4 times in 3D!!!!!!!! I can't wait the dvd

Ryan Quinlan,  Bolton, England
The Na'vi language is one of the most beautiful and flowing languages I have ever seen.

Dino,  Macedonia-Skopje
nice i like it its very good\i love the film too i respect the effects

Thomas Brunner,  Porto, Portugal
Great !!

Travolog,  Moscow, Russia
Ohel ngengati kameie, ma Sempul. Ohel nivuyeu nume niNa'Vi nìltsan plltxe. Oheru tìkin ngengayä nisrungä. Oheru tìkin ni'ul niNa'Vi ayli'uyä. Oheri prrte liveiu ngengaru. Irayo. Eywa ngengahu lu.

Jay Ray,  Pittsburgh, USA

Greg Robson,  Richmond United States
This movie changed my life. I was born to be a Na'vi. I will live on Pandora someday!

Daniel Brandt,  Malmoe Sweden
What a wonderful creation! I sincerely hope that the knowledge of this language will expand greatly so that the dreaming of Pandora and tha Na'vi may continue. Irayo, Pawl!

Kristian,  Germany
The Na'vi touches the noble part in us, as their wonderful language does.
Irayo Cameron/Frommer

Marta,  Wrocław, Polska
Amazing, beautiful language. Full of freedom and wildness. Thank You for this... Irayo ulte Eywa ngahu!

Rafaella,  Pescosolido - Italy
I'll wait for the sumemr holydays to star studying Na'vi, so I hope for clarely grammatics and more words!

Sylvie,  france
It's a very beautiful language and I would like to learn it.

David Kluegel,  Tustin, CA, USA
Na'Vi is a beautiful language, and I'd very much like to see it become larger, more complex, and free!

Andrew,  Switzerland

Oliver,  Forchheim / Germany

Drake,  Halle/Germany

Dan,  London, UK
The language sounds very beautiful!

Grzegorz Pawłowski,  Wrocław Poland

Pietro Marins Berretta,  Florianopólis, Brazil
If the´re anything that i can do to keep the Na'vi language, I would do hapily.

Ming P.,  South Burlington VT

Theis Corfixen,  Lynge Denmark

Roberto,  Maniago, Italy
This language is awsome and its phonetic is fascinating. Keep the good job up Frommer for all who wants to learn and we are many ^^

Sabrina Behar Jorge,  Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
We all want some chance to try to make the world better. It depends on everyone. So many people who captated the spirit of the love and respect for everything that is alive are so close now and so integrated. Na'vi stuff are really inspiring us to keep this flame burning. The language is a way to not to forget all those purposes. Please, let it sink deeper into everyone.

Radu,  Brasov Romania

marco ciesielski,  germany

Lucas Mariano,  Brasília - Brasil
Por favor, liberem o material da linguagem,pois, isso vai ser bom até para as proximas seguencias do filme!

Irayo ma Pawl.

Jorge Jované García,  Guayaquil - Ecuador
Te veo
Quisiera se cree un diccionario también Español - Na´vi ya que también habemos seguidores que deseamos aprender el idioma.


Sadell,  Zürich, Switzerland
The only thing that's yet keeping me from learning the Na'vi language are the big limitations of the vocabulary, if they released a big one with tenthousands of words, I'd sure try to learn Na'vi fluently :)

Ian Divers,  Knaresborough, UK
First language I have been interested enough in to try and learn!

Aaron J. Mortensen,  Safford, Arizona
I just barely started learning so having a book of sorts would be amazing.

JereM2593,  Paris, France
I Love Pandora and the Na'Vi Language

Jakub Gancarz,  Sosnowiec, Poland
This language should be free.

Jacob Foli,  noble, ok u.s.a
i have seen the movie many times and love the language. i want to learn!!

James,  Manistee USA
I have seen Avatar many times and feel the language is deserving to have its place alongside Klingon as a major non - human language. Peace :)

Pitah,  Munich, Germany
Na`vi could be THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE - not only Global, and touches our Heart, deep inside Soul.
We will keep Na`vi alive and let it grow.
Irayo ulte Eywa ngahu!

Tomas Gal,  Zilina, Slovakia

Sara,  Milano, Italy
Hopo to see some Na'vi book out soon

Klen,  Tallinn/Estonia
Im going to try and learn the language.

damp,  Rio de Janeiro / Brazil
Oel ngati kameie.

Dave,  Baltimore/ US
Eywa Ngahu!

Frank,  Dinslaken, Germany
I Love this language. I love the culture of Na'vi. I Love Pandora.

Oel ngati kameie. Eywa ngahu.

Filip,  Bytom, Poland

Melissa,  los angeles, united states
Na'vi is the medium through which many more ideas can be shared.. the movie changed many of us; releasing the words for us to share would bring us closer to the dream of unity, which thousands felt and want to live out, of Pandora.

bernhard,  GRAZ, STYRIA

arnold,  Pasadena, United States

aghiad,  france

Matthew Day,  Pasir Panjang,Singapore
it would be intersting to speak a secret language with friends

Peter P.,  Budapest, Hungary

Alucard521,  Bielefeld, Germany

JPhish,  New York U.S.A.

John Daniels,  Cocoa Beach, United States
releasing the language would be the most amazing thing ever im excited and hope they respond


Ami,  Henderson, NV

Oscar,  Zapopan, Jal, México

chad,  enterprise ,al

orlandi patrick,  italy

guillaume,  rosemere / canada

Kandice,  Montreal
I would love to see a dictionary come out of Na'Vi

Mikko Wilson,  Juneau, AK, USA
Oel ngati Kameie

Enrico L.,  Cottbus,Germany

lisa,  syd and aus

Stanley_9875,  Upland, CA
Awesome! I hope to improve my everyday use of Na'vi with the help of Frommer and other fans! Irayo!

Nataniel Wong,  Singapore

Kozy,  Pacific, USA
Irayo ma karyu

Robert W.,  Las Vegas, USA
Please do publish a complete grammar and cd's of the Na'vi language! This movie had the greatest impact on me. Irayo. Oel ngati kameie. Eywa ngahu.

Burcu,  Istanbul, Turkey
Kaltxì, ma Tsmukan sì ma Tsmuké!

Great language and thanks to you our teacher Paul Frommer!!! Your massage is really great, and it is enormous to hear it from you either.
Oel fìli'fyati nivume new niftxavang!

Oel ngati kameie! Seni Görüyorum!
Eywa ngahu!

ta Purzu

Mackenzie,  Nebraska United states of america

Irayo, ma karyu! Eywa ngahu!

Ulrik Damm,  Hillerød Denmark

Ian Naval,  Los Angeles, USA
Yes, please do publish a grammar textbook and lexicon!

Duncan Hata,  Auckland NZ

lang408,  San Jose, USA
Yay! Let's get the complete book on the language!

Yosue Lopez,  Mexico, D.F.
This movie is the new way to see and produce movies. The Na'vi language is an important part of this universe. I hope that this language grow up.

Te Veo.

Jake_Wonham,  Sydney Australia
seen the movie 25 times and counting, i just can't get enough of the movie and language.
I just hope that this gets free and it will be the best language of all time.

Willie Orta,  Portland, Tx. USA

Justina Lipscomb,  Delta Junction, U.S.

mike pearson,  Ft Myer, USA
Seen the movie 12 times in IMAX...won't watch it in any other format...know all the language in the movie, need more heh.

Matthew E,  OH USA
I don't know why I was soo swayed by the movie, but I want to learn..

Emily Mackey,  San luis Obispo, CA, USA

Tiia Korhonen,  Kihniö, Finland
Eywa ngahu.


Becky,  Brookfield, USA

TJ,  Towson, USA
I was incredibly moved by the beauty of Pandora and Avatar. I would love to learn everything I can about the Na'vi culture. Oel ngati kameie.

Nathan Groff,  Lancaster, USA

Tim,  Oakley, United States

Matt Fox,  Egg Harbor Township, United States

Owen,  Bonney Lake, WA

Delbert W,  Boyd U.S.A
This is insane but I dig it.

David Deller,  FL north port

Shaun Klotz,  Egg Harbor Township, United States

Javier Eduardo Paez,  santiago del estero argentina

Cecilia M.,  lautaro, chile
oel ngati kameie!!..=)..avatar es maravillosa quede fascinada con todo desde que lo vi,el lenguaje es fantastico y desee aprenderlo desde que lo escuche. Porfavor sr. Frommer acepte esta peticion!!Seria maravilloso aprender mas...

Stephanie L,  elizabethtown, U.S.A

Michael D,  U.S.A
This is possibly the most amazing language i've ever come across, i'd love to learn more! Oel ngati kameie! Eywa ngahu.

Brandon M.,  Owen Sound, Canada
The Movie was the best thing I've ever seen. I wish I could erase my memory so I could feel inspired and have my eyes opened all over again. The language is the closest to the na'vi that I can be so I'm deticated to learning it throughly.

Devin Konopa,  Beloit United States
i had my doubts. previews were horrible and all my frinds agreed it looked bad. but my friends started goin and said i had to and i am glad i did. I was facinated by the language and when i found out it is a real possible to learn language i had to do so.

Frank Espiritu,  Prince George, Canada
I am yet another whom had been moved by the movie in such a way that no other movie had ever done. I've been learning the language for a few weeks but I believe it would be better to be tought by someone. I hope this language goes big :)
Thanks James Cameron and to those who were involved in the movie. Much thanks.

Chris Radke,  Rochester, MN United States
I've been studying Na'vi for about a month now and am making slow progress. I have reciever an email from Dr. Frommer regarding options for learning the languageand he said he needed clearance from the people who brought us "Avatar" before he can teach anything. I am awaiting the chance to be taught alongside many others by Dr. Frommer.

Duane C.,  Noblesville, IN, USA
The movie was so inspiring. This language should not be forgotten.

James W. McCleary,  Chapel Hill, NC, USA

Emily MacMillen,  Edmonton, Canada
I love this language and I have completely dedicate myself to learning it.

michael,  gympie australia
please help me learn

Tim,  Pepperell, USA
Working on learning this wonderful language.
Thank you ever so much.

Christine Angers,  Gatineau, Quebec,Canada

Petremann Yoann,  lorient france
Je souhaite en savoir plus, ma coupe est vide...
Tres belle langue que vous avez crée.
Very beautiful language that you create.

Nathan Lannan,  Vernon, USA
Thank you for crafting something so beautiful. I would love to immerse myself into learning this language.

Dayen Gomez,  San Diego, California, United States

Annie,  Melbourne, USA
oél ngáti kámeie!

Patrice,  Lomita USA
With honor it is asked.

Nowis Dark,  Carabobo, Venezuela.
Todos Unidos!!!

wward812,  hinsdale

alejandro,  madrid spain

Donna,  Dubuque, USA
Please give us more! My cup is empty.

Lesnes,  France, montpellier
we wanna learn the na'vi!

Thai,  Fort Myers, FL
Please bring the language into the light where it is supposed to be! Na'vi is so beautiful! Oel ngati Kameie!

anthony,  cottage grove, US
oel ngati kameie, i look forward to a day when the na'vi language stands proudly beside, or possably above, elven and klingon.

Peter,  Philadelphia, United States
Na'vi is a beautiful language. I hope others can enjoy learning this language. I hope you share the same understanding for our thirst to learn. I (and we) eagerly look forward to coming forth to gather from the fountain that is awaiting us.

Will Harris,  Ottawa, Canada
Oel ayngati Kameie!

Eric Holloway,  Collingswood, NJ, USA

Markus Holtmanns,  Aachen, Germany
Oel ngati kameie! / I see you.
Hello friends, hello Paul,
I love this wounderful and amazing movie AVATAR. Especially the language Na'vi. I hope we are going to learn more about it. Good work!!!
Best regard, your friend, Markus.

Senthil,  Minneapolis,MN
Oel ngati kameie

Logan Maltbie,  salina US

Elzabeth,  Esch, Luxembourg
don't kill the language fox! give it to us!

Will Friesen,  Victoria, Canada
oél ngáti kámeie

Katie Eckhardt,  Hollister USA

Jonathan Crofts,  Hove, England
A wonderful idea for a magnificent language.

Karmai Farkas,  Hollókő, Hungary
'Ivong Na'vi!

Rruwa,  Montréal, QC, Canada

Fabian,  Dublin, Ireland

Patrick Eichhorn,  Neumuenster Germany

Brandon Foltz,  Greencastle, PA, United States
Avatar has inspired me to increase my efforts to learn new things. Learning to speak fluent Na'vi, is one of the first things on my list. Irayo ma Paul Frommer!

burkut,  turkey izmir
böyle olağn üstü bir film bu dil süper tebrikler

Adam,  Green Bay, WI, USA
As a young linguist recently coming out of college, I am fascinated with language, but nothing has captivated me more than the Na'vi language. I am intrigued by your methods of creation to make the language, as well as all of the work you have done over the course of your life. Na'vi is a grand achievement, and there are many who hunger for more. You have set seeds within many people, and now they wish for more. If not more of the language, than a way for it to be created so that it can grow and live on. I would be honored to teach it myself, once I knew enough. Thank you.

Dragon,  Germany
best movie ever made

Evan,  Columbia USA
I would like to know more about the Na'Vi language and hopefully the language will be expanded and it will be in one of the language teaching systems such as rosetastone so everyone may learn with out too much dificulty.

Shay,  Middleton, WI, USA
Such a beautiful movie and language. I sincerely hope this language can become world-known.

Jose Gonzalez,  Miami, FL United States
Beautiful movie, and an even more beautiful language. I sincerely hope this petition has some form of impact.

Anil Gm,  Merida Mexico
Nuerme Na'vi. It's quite a great lenguaje, i've been reading about it and it has fenomenal ways of speaking. Oel ngati kameie.

Fernando Elihu Martinez,  Puerto Rico

Rodion,  Germany, Berlin

Mitch Barron,  Parker, United States

Brian Jacob,  Athens, GA

Vivian,  US
i see you...and we need more peole, this movie was raw,beautiful and made us all better people for seing it

Stryker Venom,  Bend Oregon
this movie has made me a better person. thx

jan,  Barcelona, Catalonia
Why don't we decide, all, together, to set na'vi as the language of the planet, and this way, perhaps, just perhaps, we are able to overcome the worldwide imposition of the english, spanish and chinese? Should be so beuatiful....

Astrid,  Viña del Mar, Chile

Chance,  Del City, U.S.A.
the na'vi rock

Branko,  Toronto, Canada

Xavier,  Barcelona, Catalunya
Si us plau, ens encantaria aprendre'n mes d'aquesta llengua tan maca, ^^.

Tina,  Monheim, Germany
I am completely smitten by AVATAR and its wonderful universe, including the Na'vi language. I cannot seem to get tired of watching the movie (7 times now, and counting) and hearing the beautiful lilt of the language. I would love to learn more about it.

Jannik Weber,  Zürich, Switzerland

Nadia,  France

Eoin,  Aberystwyth, UK

Mathan,  London, England
Thanks... this is a very beautiful language and I wish to learn it. Irayo for bringing this language to us. I've listened to your letter One day when I compeltely learn this language and speak fluently... I will get to you and speak in navi. Irayo ulte eywa ngahu!

christoph kremmel,  röthis/ austria
irayo ulte eywa ngahu!

Aurélien Duriez,  Lille, France
I would like to learn Na'vi as we already do with Tolkien's Elvish language, however, Tolkien has won some of these secret languages with him. Please enlighten us in knowledge and learning this wonderful language that you've created: the Na'vi!

Sean Bigg,  Georgetown, Canada
Oel ngati kame

Tilly~,  Joplin, USA
"Avatar" was the most beautiful and engaging movie I have ever seen, so full of life and feeling! Please, it would be a great honor to learn the Na'Vi language in full...

Alexandre Lins,  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Christoph,  Detroit, MI USA

andrew simpson,  england

Nou,  Nou Nou
Learning the language of the Na'Vi would be excellent!

Irongamer,  College Place, WA USA

Ty Ressler,  Fargo, ND USA

Roy Johnson,  Johannesburg South Africa
To the producers and rights holders: please let this beautiful constructed language become a living language by allowing Professor Frommer to carry on teaching us its words and structures.

Jean-Philippe,  France

Chris Spatgen,  Scottsdale, Arizona

Sascha-Rolf Bornkamp,  Bremen, Germany

Joel Anderson,  St. Paul, MN USA
I look forward to learning and hearing more Na'vi


James,  San Diego, USA

Franco Joos,  Chur, CH

Anthony,  France, Lunel Viel

Joel Karr,  San Francisco, USA
I am impressed by the passion for language that is demonstrated here by the world audience for the Na'vi language. I wish for you all that your best efforts result in the blossoming of a new, viable language.

Marie,  Düsseldorf Deutschland
I love Avatar!

matt,  rockaway, USA
i would love to learn this lang, plz let us

Mackenzie Kirchner-Smith,  United States

Chris,  Lincoln, UK
Like Klingon for the trekkies and Elvish for L.O.T.R fans, this language deserves its part in our lives. May Eywa smile upon the efforts of this site!

James Fischer,  tilton, NH

Maloy,  Germany

Nathan,  Sydney, Australia

Peter Cornett,  Redmond, USA
I would like to see the whole vocabulary to date and would love to participate in further development of the Na'vi language!

Daniel Ciemnolonski,  Burlington City
I love the Na'vi and want to learn all i can about there culture.


Ryan,  Clemson, United States

Bruce Howell,  Escondido, CA USA

Jayson Saumer,  Duluth, MN USA

Ryan,  United States

Daniele,  Pontoglio, Italy
Please. Let us learn Na'Vi and share it with the entire world!

Syzer,  Vilnius , Lithuania
Irayo ulte Eywa ngahu
Спасибо, и да будет с вами Эйва!
Tegivuoja su mumis Ejva!!!

Na'vai so beautiful languege.....

Mikael Eriksson,  Skelleftea, Sweden

Fabiano Gozzini,  Pontoglio, Italy
Na'vi will link people. Na'vi will make us conscious that Earth is very important.

Greg,  Oxford, The UK

Michael Li,  Madison, WI, USA
Eywa ngahu.

Gertie Hegdal,  Gulf Coast, FL
Mr. Frommer PLEASE help structure the Na'Vi language and develop it, there are thousands upon thousands of people who are willing to purchase your books and videos on learning how to speak Na'Vi! I sincerely hope you make this decision, it will enlighten us all! Thanks for making such a great language and I hope you don't let it die!

Mike Turtle,  Liverpool, UK

Beatriz Merlotti,  Campo Grande, Brazil
I'm Brazilian and i am learning english, can you create a website learning Na'vi in portuguese ?

Renee,  Akron, USA


florian,  Vienna

Jake Sully,  Estonia

Jasmine Christensen,  Salt Lake City, USA
I would love to access a web-site that has where to click on sound for words, that would be so much fun. Thank you!

Hallie Baker,  rockville, md, USA

Alberto,  Netherlands Antilles

Simeon,  Sofia, BULGARIA

Daniel Herbert,  Tauranga, New Zealand
I would really love to learn this language! :) as I know it is based on my language :)

jonathan doucet,  peterborough Canada
Free the Na'Vi language

Victoriia,  Brandon, United States

Alec,  New York, USA

Avanti Halfhorse,  Brisbane, Australia

xXenoXx,  Calais, France

Daniel Ammerman,  Arvada, USA
Fascinating Language, I would love to learn and speak fluently. Irayo

Igor,  Kiev,Ukraine
I hope to see in future Na`vi better than Esperanto

Chris,  Deutschland
Na'vi ist sooo toll :D

Ben de la Barre,  Malaga, Spain
I can speak Spanish, French, English, Italian, Japanese and now i will learn the most beautiful language of all, Na'vi

Irina Petrova,  Sofia, Bulgaria
In the name of Eywa. Bless us, Mother, help us.

Dan Konkol,  Darien, Illinois, United States


balto,  Belgium, Antwerpen

Harry,  rotherham england
this language is amazing!

Nitin,  Bangalore,India

Oliver K.,  Strausberg, Germany
Na'vi must be a free language!

Emma Johansson,  Stockholm, Sweden

Luis Rodrigues,  Porto, Portugal

Patricia,  Netherlands Antillies

Hamish,  UK

Aaron,  Silver Springs, NY, USA
Irayo n, i.

Jonathan,  Surabaya Indonesia
Nice !!

Ashley,  Taylor, Michgan
I truly love this language.

Janet,  Boca Raton, Fl. USA
Communication is the key to the brother/sisterhood of all. Let us learn and we shall expand our consciousness.

Jason Freeman,  Vancouver, Canada

Ioana,  Bucharest-Romania

Marty,  Bratislava, Slovakia
Really beautiful language! Keep it alive. Some more complete guide would help a lot.
irayo nga-ti. kìyevame!

Kim,  Besse Germany

La langue na'vi elle même est intéressante à apprendre quand bien même elle est sacrément difficile à comprendre d'abord. Je suppose que vu qu'elle ne repose sur aucune base latine et à peine grecque ancienne ou africaine, si elle se développe un jour, cela pourrait donner quelque chose de très intéressant : le fait qu'elle soit totalement indépendante ou n'ai que peu de rapprochements possibles avec d'autres langues peuvent lui conférer un ou plusieurs probables avantages quelque part.

The na'vi language itself is very interesting to discover and learn even though it is quite a pain to understand at first. As it has no latin base and very few relations with ancient greek and african languages, if it develops one day, I suppose it could give something quite interesting : the fact it would have very few possible relations with any other language could offer several advantages and opportunities.

...na'vi in itself could be a symbol of openness inside itself and of ubuntu, concept and notion that exists since some time now and may be incorporated in the language to generalise it.

Carolina,  Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
Sorry for my bad english, I live in Brazil, but the na'vi language is so pure, perfect.

Oel ngati kameie! No, we see you!

Tatsuya (Txätsuy\'a),  Buenos Aires, Argentina
me encanta este idioma tan exotico, es algo totalmente increible y exitoso.
me encantaria que todas las personas pudieran aprender el Na'Vi y que a la vez el idioma y Eywa nos una a todo el mundo.
felicitaciones a Paul Frommer por haber creado un idioma pero que sin la intencion, va a lográr unificar al mundo, la cual era el objetivo de el esperanto, ahora usted logró unir al mundo pero con el Na'Vi.

Saludos desde Fujisawa, Japon... donde Eywa decidio que yo tenia que nacer

I love this language so exotic, is totally amazing and successful.
I would love that everyone could learn the Na'Vi and that both the language and unites us Eywa worldwide.
Paul Frommer congratulations for having created a language but without the intention, will be able to unify the world, which was the aim of Esperanto, now you have managed to unite the world but with Na'Vi.

Greetings from Fujisawa, Japan ... where Eywa decided that I had to be born



Richard Amoroso,  Oakland USA
Tsun oe nga-hu nì-Na’vi pivängkxo a fì-’u oe-ru prrte’ lu

Santiago,  Buenos Aires, Argentina
Such a beautiful language!

Avatar Fan,  Manila, Philippines
I would LOVE to learn this language. Perhaps a book or online tutorial? Anything! I just really want to speak Na'vi! :D

Santino Jaime,  Anchorage, USA.
I see you.

Natasha,  Maple Ridge, Canada

Alex,  Moscow, Russia
Let Eywa be with us it this beginning!

Lintang,  Bogor, Indonesia

Kirsten Grant,  Brisbane, Australia
I've never been so inspired by something in my life. The Na'vi language is most beautiful and i dream to speak it fluently.

Nicole Butters,  Amersham, UK
So beautiful, so captivating. I would love to learn more!

Luke Butters,  Amersham, UK
Never before has a language or culture on-screen captivated me the same way the Na'vi have. I'd love to learn as much about the concepts behind them as possible.

Robert Blancas,  Granbury, Texas
I am slowly learning this language. I love it and would enjoy to have a full dictionary at my fingertips so I can use it more fully.

William H Neumann,  Belmont NC USA

jennifer eaton,  medford, usa
free the na'vi language!!

Allyshia,  australia newcastle
I've begun to start to talk Na'vi. It was a wonderful language and I'd luv to learn more of the Language with all my heart and soul because this language is like no other to me, it is a language, rythmic like and so very humble like in the way you pronounce the words. I want to speak n learn na'vi language :D

antonio barbari,  Napoli Italy

Henry Ledig,  Stuttgart Deutschland
Eine kleine Unterstützung aus Deutschland für diese tolle Idee!

Joanne Cummings,  New Jersey, USA
I hope to one day speak this language fluently. Let us help others to learn as well.

yuval,  Arad- Israel

Nathaniel,  San Juan,Kalayaan,LagunaPhilippines

Phil Long,  United States

Aley,  Columbus, USA
I've never come across a movie, book, or anything else with such an intense following as Avatar that the fans have a petition to learn the language! It just goes to show how amazing this movie is. James Cameron touched us all in a way that hasn't been done in many years. It's a testemant to him that so many want to learn this, myself included!

Peta,  Australia

Daniel Lewis,  Saratoga, CA USA
I started learning the language today, and I am excited to continue. Wikipedia says there are no fluent speakers of the language. Let's change that!

Jessica Hanson,  Bakersfield california

David,  Richmond, BC, Canada
If this language could be widespread throughout the entire world, that would be just simply awesome. It would be sort of like another English. I think I speak on behalf of the world when I say that everyone fell in love with this movie Avatar, and in doing so, fell in love with the whole story and culture of the Na'vi, so I think it would be very cool if this language was open to all those who would want to learn it. I would very much like to learn, too! Why not? The language of the Na'vi intrigues me in the sense that there is something that feels kind of "spiritual" or has "spiritual meaning" behind every word you say. Maybe I feel that way because it's just nothing like the human race has had in the time it has existed. Anyways, it's just really cool, it has attracted the attention of more than 1000 people at least, and I want to learn it as much as they do. Please share with us!

zayisha usami,  Newbury Park U.S
I loved the movie and stand fully for this pettition

Hayley,  The Dalles, OR

Carl Cox,  Tyler, TX USA
This is without a doubt the only constructed language I have seen with the depth and subtleties necessary to supplant Klingon as the most-spoken constructed language in science-fiction culture. Let's make it happen.

Kevin F.,  Blair, Nebraska USA
This message may be a little much, but I'm all for this. The movie was truely moving and I would love to know how to be more like them.

Gobind Moore,  Leksington, Verjenia, Yuesey
I have learned several foreign languages, however none of them sound as amazing as the Na'vi language. I would love to learn how to speak this language fluently, but I need some help to achieve that goal.

Kaci Simpler,  Canon City United States of America
I really want to be fluent in Na'vi and I would love thing to go through!

Alex,  PA, USA
The Movie was so moving and the BEST ever story i have ever been blessed to know. This Language deserves to be free and to allow people to take in all they can of this beautiful language

King Hayes,  gresham, OR United States
king is my name seriously

Katie,  Vancouver WA USA
I have only know just seen the beautiful creation that are the Na'vi, and I am intrigued to learn this new and beautiful sounding language.

Fermin Villalpando,  Moreno Valley, CA, USA
I just want to learn the awesome language of the Na'vi

Ashley Bryant,  Lake Jackson usa
I think it would be very cool to speak this language.

André Veloso,  Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

Alan Bean,  Hanford, US
I want to learn!

Chelsea Jacobs,  Connersville Indiana
The movie was amazing and the language sparked an interest in me. My boyfriend has also inspired me buy learning elven. I would love to learn this language and I thank the great Father who created. If he would be so kind as to share his knowledge with us all who are willing or are inspired to learn would much appreciate it. I would love to see the ones who have been inspired and myself learn and speak the language fluently.

John Mario,  Morovis, PR

nick hemingway,  crittenden, kentucky
i want to learn hehheh thats seems long enuf

Gina Taylor,  Kewaskum, Wisconsin
I would love to learn this beautiful language! It would bring a great joy to my heart!

Caleb Fawcett,  Hurricane, UT, USA

Shaina Van Kilsdonk,  Glendale, AZ, USA
I've never cared about learning a fictional language, but this intrigues me to no end. The study of linguistics is one of my dearest passions, and I commend Dr. Frommer for the incredible effort of creating a language that makes use of INfixes to govern conjugation.

Dr. Fromer, please allow us humble and passionate scholars the opportunity to learn that which you have so gracefully created.

Mason Margotta,  Birmingham, AL
I think it would be amazing to learn this language. I've always wanted to learn a new language and Na'vi would be awesome!

Hilary Hecht,  Coos Bay, Oregon
I'm a huge fan of fictional, but fleshed-out languages. This would be amazing.

Matthew Old,  England
Na'vi is easily the new Klingon. :P

Jimmy Matcott,  Melbourne, Australia

Samuel,  Canada
I want to learn Na'Vi language

Anonimo,  Anonimo
I love Avatar, I loved the movie and the story is very exciting! Please teach the Na'Vi language! Thanks

Matthew Wise,  Eatonville, USA
Avatar rules!

Sedrick,  New York City

Rosalie,  Urbana, IL USA
I must confess that the tone of this petition seems a bit over-the-top. If I were you, Mr. Frommer, I'd be feeling a little uncomfortable. However, you have created a beautiful language, and I feel it has great potential to bring people together. If this language can unite people, as I'm sure the Na'vi would have desired, you will have done a great service.

Carolyn,  Orange Park USA
I love Avatar i wanted to learn the Na'vi language and found this when i wasnt evven trying that hard sooo i love this!!!!

Christopher Diaz,  Miami Florida USA
I support reaearch on this language

Daniel Ramsey,  Richland, WA
Irayo, Father. Please, help us understand a world so far and yet so close to many hearts.

eremildo da selva,  sao paulo brazil
if Avatar becomes a sequence, improve na`vi language in more as possible, ecological concepts.

gerald shoickley,  las vegas,nv usa

Shayla Francis,  Dearborn Heights USA

Courtney,  Los Angeles,USA

katy Bolden,  garden grove, california

Daniel J.,  VA USA
This would be amazing. This is a very beautiful language, and unlike most conlangs, could be completed and taught to eager learners such as myself. This would be amazing.

christina hwang,  brooklyn, NY

kevin,  auckland, New Zealand

Erica,  Baltimore,MD, USA

Caleb,  Roseville, United States
Please teach us.

Daniela,  Aurora, USA

Connor,  USA, CA
I am into the Avatar

Nick,  Medina USA
This would be the best thing ever.

Luka Groulx,  Canada, Mont-Tremblant


Anthony,  Clatskanie, Oregon
i love this language!!!!

Gunnar,  Truckee USA

Sertan,  Turkey

Naritu,  Mallorca spain

Omocan,  Mallorca spain

Tsantsen,  Mallorca spain

yerik,  MAllorca spain

conner kellerby,  moore, United States

Carlos,  MAllorca spain

Marius,  Sandefjord, Norway

Vikki,  Livonia, Michigan, USA

Breona,  Parma, Ohio
I just saw the movie Avatar language recently, but I really want to learn this language.

Pablo,  USA, NY
I am a 15 year old and I am willing to dedicate my time to learn this language so if you would please share with us the ones who want to learn!

Laura Krasovitzky,  Mexico City, Mexico
Please set the Na' vi language free. Thousands of us want to learn to speak like these beautiful creatures.

Poni Seton,  eatonville, pierce
some of my friends will try to learn this language but i will try to make an honest effort to learn...

Geovanni,  USA
I'm only 15 and fasinated with this beautiful language I must learn it me and a coupl of friends are trying to learn on our own and good luck to anyone else who is intrested with this tongue

Luke,  Doncaster, United Kingdom

Danielle,  Canada
Hey, if Klingon can have it's own language practiced by others, why not Na'vi?

Ayden,  Accokeek, United States

Ed Martin,  Long Branch, NJ, USA
This language is going to be bigger than the elfen language from Lord of the Rings... Just release your notes and literature on it for gods sake!

Max Bernstein,  Yorba Linda, United States

Francis Boutin,  Montreal, Canada

Decolon,  France

Cory Lendman,  Monroe Washington

random hero,  eindhoven netherlands

Janelle,  San Diego, CA
How beautiful! More fluid and emotionally felt than french! I'd certainly learn it.

Brian Lund,  Varde, Denmark
I was fasinated by the nature of the Na'vi way before the movie was released and even more after the release, i've seen the movie 4 times already, and are really doing my best to teach myself all the words, i've come far, but a more sufficient way of teaching it would be nothing but awesome. Please share the language :)

anonomus,  secret

Gregor Vauvre,  France
As for culinar recipes, every language has to bee free, and possible to learn for anyone, especially for Na'vi.


Chad Seguin,  Hamilton Canada
This would be great to learn! If I could get the material needed! I could start a group here!!

NaViLearner,  virginia beach united states
the Na'Vi should become a language :D best foreign language ive ever heard

Tim Tom,  Canada

Justin O\'Neill,  Digby,Nova Scotia Canada
Freeing the Na'Vi is a good thing

Reeves,  atlanta, USA

Alex Mele,  atlanta, USA
that wud be really cool

Ron Demartines,  Bridgton USA
This is Awesome!!!

Gerbs,  Seattle, WA, USA
Saweet! I'd love to learn this language and make it official!

Frankie,  Bayonne, NJ
Damn right. Let's do this!

Florian Charlier,  Brussels, Belgium

Josefine,  Sweden
oh, I would love to learn!

Mario,  Honduras
all the creatures shall learn this language and make one unicersal language we all can understand in the whole globe!

Kris Osterhout,  MPLS, USA

Megan,  Westfield, Indiana
I am learning Na'vi, but it is VERY hard without your help, Father...

James,  London England

james,  hull

Max McCormick,  Reno, NV USA

Anthony Matan,  Albany, United States
Please i would love to learn this language!

Chris Liebau,  Mitchell, U.S.A.

alessandro,  Modena/italia
ringrazzio il creatore di questa splendida lingua e spero che sia un progetto che andrà avanti divenendo molto di più di quello che è...appoggio questo linguaggio!!!!!

Jovana,  Skopje, Macedonia

Brandon,  Athol, U.S.

Gustavo,  São Paulo, Brazil


Joan Dahl,  minneapolis,mn usa
I want to learn to say I See You in Navi. So, I would think many more people would like to learn phrases that support Oneness and connectedness of all living creatures. I support the concept of a language that supports love as much as this language that was born from!

Aileen,  Hubert, NC, USA
I love this language, and the culture of its People. Eywa bless you.

austin,  hallettsville United States

Thorsten Luehrig,  Hamburg / Germany

Marco,  Netherlands
Thanks so much Paul! I love your language, and i support it. I hope it will ever be used in real life :)

Joanna Stefanova,  Bulgaria

Justin Strasburg,  Salt Lake City, Utah USA

Anonymous,  København, Denmark

Ryan Newland,  Annandale, New Jersey, USA

Michal Konewka,  Lodz, Poland

Gabor Varjaskeri,  BUDAPEST, HUNGARY

John Paul Tunstall,  Liverpool,UK.

Fredrick Paul Howk III,  campbell, Ohio

Wolf,  Aarhus, Denmark
May the na'vi language be free!

Sam Harsha,  Flagstaff, USA
I <3 Xenolinguistics

Akkenoth,  Warsaw, Poland
Rutxe, karyu!

Connor Ramsay,  Crawley, England
Kaltxì! Aynga zene ralpeng tìrol...
And maby then the language will be revealed to the whole world.
Eywa ngahu!

Tyler Robertson,  Avon Lake, Ohio, USA

Matt,  UK
is there a english to na'vi translator ?

Tompatute,  Russia, Moscow

Ernie,  Toronto, Canada

artjom,  stockholm sverige

Caroline Worning,  København, Denmark

Dean C,  Canada

Jordan G.,  Hewitt, US

Robert Korhonen,  sylmar USA
Keep language free!

Charles Richardson,  Atlanta, United States

António Machás,  Lisboa Portugal


Ura,  Shakhty
Было бы отлично если бы язык продолжил развиваться) Так-что грех не поддержать идею так или иначе)

Gabe,  Hungary
It's good to see, how many people love the world of Pandora! :)
With regards from Hungary! Ejwa ngahu!

Maxim,  Russia, Moscow

Kelley Miller,  Crystal Lake, USA
I plan on learning Na'vi as my second language and the language i will always be proud of. I hope this language becomes as famous as English.

nariatan,  Ukraine
Да прибудет с Нами Эйва!

Spaten01,  Austria

Matthew Keeney,  DeLand, US
Nang! Fi'ul leiu sìltsan!

Kristen Jones,  Mustang, United States of America
If you would teach us or tell us as much as you could I think it would benefit everyone. Mr. Cameron wants his genious film to beat starwars and if he has avatar fans that love this legacy enough to speak the language I think he'll have suceeded. Long live us Na'vi lovers :)

Tom Pörtzgen,  Barendrecht, The Netherlands
Oel ngati kameie

Giovanni D,  senigallia, ITALY
I'd love to lear this language; hope Paul Frommer continues working on it

A\'sua,  SPb, Russia
О, Отец! Мы жаждем научится языку великих На'ви. Наставь нас на путь истинный.

Chris B.,  Cluj, Romania
I see you

Sinead,  Edmonton, Alberta
Pretty, pretty, pretty please make an program so we can easily learn and remember Navi? PLEASE?! I want to speak like the Navi do. to feel an connection with the sexiness that is Pandora!

Bei,  italy
I'd love to lear this language; hope Paul Frommer continues working on it :D

edoardo,  milano italy

Илья,  Moskow, Russia
I love Pandora and everything connected with it, esspecially Na'Vi

Aki,  Greece
hi i'm aki and i want to learn the na'vi, i see the avatar movie ( beautiful ).
I know few words of na'vi , like :
nga: you
Tskxe: earth

Oleg,  Belarus, Minsk

Jessica Wagaman,  Chambersburg, USA

Jacob Morse,  chambersburg, USA

Gabriel Giacomazzi,  Porto Alegre - Brazil

megan,  nashville tn ,usa
let it be a language! i love it, it is so beautiful

Nick,  Russia

Christian Schmidt,  Crimmitschau, Sachsen, Deutschland
I need a Book: German to Na´vi, Na´vi to German

James vessey,  scunthorpe england

Beba,  Skopje,Macedonia

Jamie kozlovsky,  Green Bay United states
I see you, my brothers & sisters...

Michael Sachs,  Pfreimd, Germany

shaun,  scotland

Cigdem,  Padova, Italy

Oeyäkifkeyan,  Krasnoznamenk, Russian
Me too

GQ,  Singapore

April,  Detroit, USA

Kemaweyan,  Kharkiv, Ukraine
Irayo, ma Sempul!

Victoria,  Russia
Oel ngati kameie,
I feel in love with Avatar the movie and Na'vi language.

Lucas de Lima,  limeira, Brazil

Felix,  Umeå, sweden

Cipolla Salvatore Matteo,  Italia
Please add also italian language. itan hufwe

Laura Ann Duffy,  United Kingdom
Yes please, would be an excellent tool for learning! Lord of the Rings has one why not the Na'vi

Taga\'Da,  France

Alexandre,  Porto Alegre, Brasil

Anton,  Moscow, Russia
A great job (meaning this site) and of course a beautiful language. But I have one question: has the Na'vi got the original written language, the native script, or it hasn't? I've heard the Na'vi contains over 500 words but isn't it use Roman instead of original Na'vi?

Amanda,  Melbourne, Australia

Jeb,  Doha, Qatar
LOLOL na'vi is cool.

Maham,  Doha, Qatar
I loved the movie and the language is so beautiful!

Martin Rödel,  Magdeburg, Germany
Ma sempul!
Oel txe'lanìt oeyä lì'fyaru Na'viyä tìng!
Rutxe, ngal lì'fyat atxan oeru tìng srak?
Oe txantslusam new layu.
Irayo ma sempul.

Maarten Hoek,  Enschede, the netherlands
kaltxì ma smukan.
Na'vi really is a beautiful language, and definitely worth learning.

Jack Beslanwitch,  Seattle USA
I am interested in learning Na'Vi

Paul,  Orsk, Russian Federation
Интересный и красивый язык. Похож на родной русский.

Hayley,  Australia

Ida N.,  Ljubljana, Slovenija

Nataliya,  Prilep,Macedonia
Simply the best

Marion,  Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Boris,  France Sailly-lez-lannoy
Ayoel lu nìwotx eywayä ayevengti

Liang,  Beijing,China
Oel ngati kameie
Amazing movie & amazing planet

Aleisha,  Sharon USA
I love learning new things and this is one that I will dedicate most if not all my time into learning it. Please release it

Denis,  Rus

Tal Lorberbaum,  San Luis Obispo, CA
Amazing language and amazing movie. Can't wait to learn more about Pandora.


Jessica,  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Albert,  Winnipeg, Canada

Andreas,  Munich, Germany
Oel ngati kameie!

Please give the fans of this beautiful language the chance to learn aus much as possible about it.

JK Wilson,  United States
cant wait to start learning

Emil Reinert,  Vejle, Denmark.
rayo! Gracias! Thank you!
Na'viyä li'fya vivrä ka kifkey
May the Na'vi language spread accross the world
Que el idioma de los Na'vi se expanda por el mundo!

Mine,  Den Haag, The Netherlands
I want to learn it!

Robert Murphy,  Puyallup WA, USA
Open Source is the only and best way for an idea to grow. Knowledge wants to be free.

Hawnuyuan,  Estonia, Tallinn
Я вижу вас .....I see you....Irayo ulte Eywa ngahu

Alexey,  Chelyabinsk, Russia

Alexey,  Moscow, Russia

Lucian Dinu,  Brasov, Romania

Kurt,  Abbotsford, Canada
Yes, please teach us more about this language.

Liyanin,  Australia
would love to learn as much as possible about this beautiful and unique language.

Daniel,  England, London
Yep ill try :D

Nick,  San José, Costa Rica
Me encanto este mundo....nada comparado a este, ese si es un verdadero paraiso y un verdadero pueblo Na^vi, deseo formar parte, mi tsaheylu crece cada dia mas por este mundo.
"Pandora! la caja a sido abierta..."

Bella Sully,  Redding, USA
totally interested in learning new and unique things, this is definately one of them. total support from me!

Bree,  Chicago IL

Christopher Doty,  Eugene, OR

Robert Douge,  Hesperia U.S.A
I made it a new years resolution to learn the beautiful language of the people. I will study Na'vi to the fullest

Wilfredo Figueroa,  Orlando FL.

Kyl,  las vegas, Nevada
I personally love the language i think its unique and very interesting

Freddy,  Singapore

daisy,  chengdu China

don graham,  memphis,tn
i see you grate one

Skyler Retzlaff,  Chicago
Please develop this a lot more...i am going to learn this!!!

Dave Babb,  Divide, Colorado
I am bi-lingual. English as a primary, and Russian as a secondary. ( we adopted a 9 year old from Russia in 2000)

Russian is a harsh language. When you talk normal, English speakers thing you are arguing.

The Na'vi language is exquisite, and the flow almost lyrical.

You've done a great work, lets go on a flesh out Na'vi so that it is complete, like Klingon of Star Trek frame has been fully fleshed out.

Looking forward to being tri-lingual.

Sincerely and Respectfully,

Dave Babb
USMC Vietnam Era Vet.

Ryan Arnold,  United States

Derrick McCall,  Iowa Falls, IA, USA
Beautiful, exotic language.

frank vaughn,  miami FL united states
I see you.

Raych,  Hong Kong
I see you is the new may the force be with you.

Keith Henrickson,  United States
I see you.

JACKSON,  china huhehaote

JB,  Los Angeles, CA, USA

Tyler Pryor,  san fransico, CA
I see you.

Rachel Wierick,  South Pasadena, CA, USA
I see you.

Brandon Oberdorf,  St. Clair Shores MI, USA

Alex Blidaru,  Toronto, Canada
I am with you.

Billy Osteen,  Brevard, NC USA
"I See You" It was an amazing journey, I hope there is another, Eywa. I hope to see the tribe soon.

Mysty Oh,  Dallas, USA

Cody Davison,  Kingston, Canada
Klingon eat your heart out.

Melissa,  Salvador, Brazil

trent arrington,  clevegas tn

theresa,  SEATTLE, USA
I've never heard such a more beautiful language

Jake Sinclair,  Barry, Wales, UK
A beautifully crafted language, and a beautifully crafted film. I wish to know more. My heart, and my mind lust for more information. Eywa ngahu sempul.

genesis,  santa cruz-bolivia
ame la pelicula, me encanto el idioma na`vi..me encantaria saber mas de el.

Arika Okrent,  Philadelphia, USA
'IwlIj ghogh yIQoy. Hoch 'ebmey tIjon.

Cherry K.,  China
I've never heard such a wonderful language, it impressed me deeply.

Mauricio Gutierrez,  Trois-Rivieres, CA
Such a wonderfull movie, language,a world.... A world where everthing is perfect..except the humans. Please make us change the mind of our people by this magnificent language and spiritual experience. We should cherish our Mother-Earth like Eyma teached it to the Na'vi.

Corban Swain,  Huntsville, AL

Brian Ollom,  Seattle, USA

Billy Wingard,  Madison, Alabama

Tristan,  Clovis

David Farr,  Shelton, USA
Rutxe srung sanume!

Christiaan,  LaFayette Walker
I want to help.

Eboksba,  Utah
I have never seen a movie with so much thought put in it. I sign.

Casey,  LaFayette, USA
Loved every bit of every thing involving Na'vi

Frederick M.,  Chicago USA
Avatar...a profound and deeply spiritual experience. The Na'vi language speaks to the heart of the people and exalts the supremacy of Eywa.

Zach,  white bear lake, usa

Heather Schaeffer,  Fort Mill, USA
Such a beautiful language,seemingly driven by emotion and connected with nature,I would love to explore and learn this wonderous art.

Nicholas,  Toronto, Ontario

Jessica S.,  WA, USA
The movie was amazing and the language is beautiful. Now set it free!

Tyler,  Glencoe USA
avatar ruled it changed my life

Griffin,  Franklin,U.S.A

Matthew Daniels,  CA, USA
It is a beautiful language so set it free!

Christina Brillante,  Las Cruces, NM, USA

Stephen Griffith,  Apopka Florida, United States
let this language truely live and become what it can. It's cadence and tone is beautiful and needs to live on. I honestly think it can become a major underground language, and perhaps one day even bigger than that.

Chalrles,  Canada
i would like to speak na'vi

Kyle Hall,  Kennesaw USA
I would very much like to learn to speak fluently. IT's one of my greatest aspirations now. =D

ouinouin,  CAEN , FRANCE
Je ne connait d'autre langue que la mienne, mais de part ce son magnifique qu'est celle des na'vi, souhaiterai de tout cœur apprendre ce somptueux dialecte, qui est pour moi divin, Merci pour cela Paul Frommer.

Will,  vic aus
this is a beautiful language please let the world accept it

James,  Fredericksburg, VA, USA

Carol,  Australia

Nicholas Van Pelt,  Boca Raton, Fl, USA

Ben,  Gold Coast, Australia
I'm sure you're already working towards this goal.

Pedro Montibelllo,  Brasília, Brazil

Aubrie Nestor,  San Juan Capistrano, USA

R.J.,  Chicago U.S.A.
Rutxe Tung Nìwptx Nume sì Plltxe na Na'vi

Jonathan Jin,  Lake Forest, USA

Matt,  USA
Rutxe Tung Nìwptx Nume sì Plltxe na Na'vi
(Please Allow All [to] Learn and Speak like the People)

Rachel,  New York, USA
Rutxe sänume, Karyu Frommer!

Juliana,  Medellín,Colombia
Yeah!!!! it would be so cool to learn Na'vi laguage

Sarah Hunter,  CDA, USA

Nikki,  Winston Salem, USA

Breanna Howell,  CDA, USA

David Ayres,  Louisville, usa

Amanda Smith,  Kentville, NS, Canada
I am very envious of the way the Na'vi live and wish we could all be more like that.

Furkan Taşarslan,  Ankara, Turkey
Avatar is a great movie and i wanna learn Na'vi so bad.

Shannon,  nop

matthew,  Hatton, Warick, England.
I wish I had that hair thing

МастерПроБатмаВПлавках,  Pandora, Human Base

Abby,  Albury, Australia
I see you. Ulte Eywa ngahu!

guilherme,  Portugal Lagoa

Alicia Perez,  Chino, CA

Kim,  CA

Emily,  Searcy, Arkansas

Christine,  San Francisco, USA

Joseph Ponce,  Brampton, Ontario
Best movie I've seen by far

Tomas Richerdson,  London

Tomas,  London

Matthew,  Kelowna, British Columbia

Daniel,  california, united states

Patrick,  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Spike Holmes,  Williamsport
I see you.

Pierre Jean,  villepreux france
Tout simplement un film sublime et une langue incroyable !!!

Jeremy,  Vichy, France
On veut parler une langue merveilleuse, pourquoi? qu'en savons nous? Le fait de pouvoir apprendre une chose que l'on aime n'a pas besoin de raison, pourtant nous avons besoin de vous!!! Aidez-nous à en savoir d'avantage même si cela doit vous accabler de travail!!!

richard,  la verne united states
plz i think it would be awsome to be somewhere and have someone ask me a question and i just start busting out the navi and they would have no idea what i'm saying

Tanisha,  Maple Ridge, Canada

barbara gajardo,  iquique,chile
the Na'vi language is extraordinary!!! we all shuld learn it!!

Jessica,  Utah

Ashlea,  Norfolk, USA
Avatar was such an enchanting film- the scenes and the new language were both part of what captivated me.. I would absolutely ADORE to learn the Na'vi language. I see you..

Mila,  Milan USA

VIctor Lucas,  Richmond, United States

Liyah,  Toulouse, France
oel ngati kame everyone
I really want this language to be a proper language and to be known worldwide
je vous vois mes amis

sofia,  Thessaloniki,Greece

Benjamin,  London, Great Britain
This film opened my eyes to a world that is so much better and meaningful than anything this world can offer. Learning the language would take me one step further into this world
Please, make this language free!
oél ngáti kámeie!

Gilles Aubert,  Perpignan FRANCE
i love the Na'vi language, its a beautiful language. ;)

Xohh,  Pittsburgh, USA

Atan\'Eko,  Poitiers France
Please lead us into the learning of this language !
Qu'Eywa nous vienne en aide !

Mariuxi,  España
Por favor que lo enseñen!!

Kasia,  Toruń, Poland

Abdulachim Edwin,  Constanta, Romania
The language sounds extraordinary, it deserves to be known and spoken.

Tim T.,  Gainesville, FL

James Allison,  Hallencourt,France
Havn't even seen film but i've seen the writing and it looks like a great idea

jotitax,  santiago, chile

Deanna Inkson,  Grimsby, England
Avatar was fantastic and I have already started learning Na'vi. Many people have told me it is not a proper language but there is now a petition to make it one! WOW!

Adam W.,  Seattle, WA

Jacob,  London

James C,  St. SImons Island USA

Tasia,  New York, USA
i love the Na'vi language, its a beautiful language.


michael allen,  Columbus, OH USA

James Ball,  Billington, UK

Rachel,  Boca Raton, USA

Omar,  Costa Rica

Taylor Jacobs,  Danville, CA, United States
I love the language. Plus it would be great for my friends and I to talk to each other and the people around us wouldn't know what we were saying =)

Jolana Stonawski,  Brno, Czech Republix
I study Tolkien's Sindarin, why not to try Frommer's Na'vi? :)

Baptiste JUILLARD,  Guyancourt, FRANCE

Nathan Andrews,  Lancaster,UK
a new international language prehaps

Jordan,  namur, belgium!!!!!

Mattia N.,  Cagliari, Italy

Victor,  France,Rennes

Nathan Andrews,  Lancaster, UK
to be able to speak it would be incredible

Angelina Schlieve,  United States
The Na'vi are a great example of the power of nature. They should be honored by bringing a new language to the mass. Bring on change.

Daniel,  Cosmos, USA

Runa,  Stuttgart, Germany
Please, do!

Guillaume Parent,  Mont-tremblant, Canada

Aaron,  Winfall, North Carolina
Yes please teach us more about the Na'vi Language. I would really love to be able to speak it fluently

Sean Desnoyer,  Altus, United States

Paul Thorson,  Glencoe, United States
The Movie Avatar opened my eyes. It was the best experience that I have seen in a while. Since we cannot be in Pandora (not yet anyway) I would love to learn the language that the Na'vi tribe speak. :D

Matheus,  Campinas, Brazil
I love avatar and it's world, the language is beautiful and i recognize Paul Frommer's effort in it's creation. I would be glad to learn more about the language.

Georgia,  Wakefield, England
Avatar is a brilliant, well thought out and deep film, and the same goes to the Na'vi; It's amazing how much effort they've put not creating not just the language but the entire background of the Na'vi people, and I would very much love to find further information on it :)

Kelly Fleming,  Pleasant Garden, USA

Trufan Andreea,  Moldovita, Romania
Seems like people all over the world wrote here :) That's good. This movie it's a piece of art and it deserves more. It would be awesome if we could learn this language in school. Kìyevame ^^

jordan bloomfield,  ipswich
this is soo cool

Simon,  France, Deville les Rouen
Thanks for this amazing language ! Eywa ngahu.

Jodoin Jean-Sébastien,  Repentigny, Québec
Oe meuia ne nume Na’vi

Nick Orlando,  

Mia,  Homer Glen, IL
I want to learn this in school!!!!! IT'S AWESOME!!!

Taronyu,  Carman, Canada
May Eywa be with you all

Roisin Morrison,  Manchester, England

Maks Voncina,  Izola - Slovenia

Dylan Stanton,  United States

GABINO PELAYO JIMENEZ,  colima, mexico

Beste,  Türkiye,Ankara
kaltxi n!!:)

Alexandre César Diniz de Almeida,  Odivelas, Portugal
Just can't wait to fully handle a conversation in this wonderful language.

Alex Horner,  Grand Rapids, MI, USA
A beautiful, beautiful language and a wondrous gift you have given us, help us spread it.

Rodolfo Castro e Silva,  Rio Verde - GO - Brasil

zentdayn,  lisbon-portugal

Bruce,  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

mattia flip,  Udine, Italy
I love the Na'vi.. and i want to learn it!

Chloe,  Adelaide, Australia
♥ Na'Vi

Daniela,  bogota , colombia

Brandan,  Phoenix, AZ USA
I just love languages.

Nick Faulkner,  Pottstown, US

Keaton,  Ft. Lauderdale FL

utgaar,  Coruna, Spain

Ryan Sonntag,  novato, CA


Igor,  België
its an awesome language let's talk it!! and btw niiiiiiiiiice mooooooooooooovie

Irayo ulte Eywa ngahu

Brigid,  Durango, USA
It's a very beautiful language, and if there was a more extensive vocabulary, it would be wonderful. I very much enjoy Na'vi.

Justyna,  Wola

Johnathan Massey,  Upholland England
Im not some movie fanatic who wishes i was a Na'vi, But after I watched it, it left me feeling that there must be more to life than birth, school, job, marriage (Optional), death. I just think it would be nice to learn and would be a bit of the film coming alive to the many people who enjoyed it.

conor,  bristol,uk
its a great language and would like to know more

Heather,  Tulsa, USA

A. G.,  Columbus, US
I do not wish to be Na'vi, but I must say that the language is awfully pretty, and very fun to learn. It would be great to have it further developed.

Tom Winegard,  Woodbury, USA
Go Hometree!

Murat Şentürk,  İstanbul - Turkey
Avatar is a fantastic movie. Thanks to you, Cameron...

Joel,  Huntsville, Alabama

Zack Richardson,  Charleston, SC, USA

Jnanda Brahmananda,  Orlando United States
Please create an on-line translator so wee may learn and use this beautiful language to aid in the perpetuation of a movement in awakening.

Michael,  Costa Rica
Love the spirituality of the na'vi and their language, Amazing

Tiago,  Faro Portugal

Andrew Shaw,  bagillt. uk

Jamilly,  Brasil
Wow.. It's an amazing language! And the movie was the beeest!! I fell in love for the Na'vi people. ♥

Azul Arian,  Colombo, Sri Lanka
Love the film and Love the language!! The movie truly touched my heart and learning to speak this mythical alien language is certainly a dream come true.

Angelina Krawiec,  Madison, WI

P. Maciej,  Świętochłowice Poland

Sady Edge,  Chicago, Tangier, Paris

Tanhi Tirea,  Tampa,USA
I hope this kicks off i love this language

Pietro Cannizzaro,  Niscemi, Italy
Love the language! Love the film! Love the Na'vi! Please give us more of it! Thanks

stacy,  malaysia

Chad Tate,  Fries, US

張弘,  Taichung. TAIWAIN

Edward Boudreaux,  Atlanta, USA

Ryouichi Kuwbara,  Singapore, Singapore
I was all sorts of inspired by the movie and this beautiful language.

Mel,  Australia
I'd love to learn more!

Maria Alejandra,  Envigado Colombia

christian mason,  fillmore,usa
avatar is the best movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kalli,  Fitchburg MA
AMAZING movie absolutely LOVED It, and i hope to learn the language too (:

Sarah,  Belgium

zoey,  South Africa
avatar is the best movie ever..may there be tons more

sheri,  burligton,on
=D this is so cool! avatar was the best movie ever!! so is theyre language!

Riccardo,  Bologna, Italy
Yes. Need I say more?

Gastón,  Buenos Aires - Argentina

sheri,  burlington, on
oooh i <3 avatar so much!! learning na'vi would b amazing!

Alex Hull,  Portsmouth, UK
Would love to learn it myself.

Dennis,  Germany Baden Baden
I like the language very well and it would be interesting to learn this beautful language.

Benito Bourne,  Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Great story! Although it seems simple, it has depth that touches the Heart and at the same time gives a very accurate description of how poluted our minds and world are because of the persuit of money. In stead of being the means to reach a goal, money has become the goal. This is the true cause of most conflict on Earth on every level.

Let us be compassionate to our Self, Mother Earth and all of Life

Dennis,  Dasmarinas, Cavite Philippines
I Love the Film...
This is one film that can never be forgotten

Gerda Kersseboom,  Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

David Mackie,  Dundas Canada
really want to learn this language.

Inoue Michiyo,  Uppsala, Sweden
Lead us the way

Jéan Smit,  Pretoria, South Africa
I see you
May Eywa guide and Protect us all on our Journey.


Sa\'nok-yäTompa,  Springhill,FL. USA

Jimmy Sok,  Malmö, Sweden

Tiago Lopes,  Portugal, Lisbon
Let´s free the Na´Vi language!!!

Macarius,  Hong Kong
I see you!

Rick,  Bonita Springs, Fl. U.S.A.

Hailee,  New Zealand

Kirill,  Moscow, Russia

Cassie,  Brisbane Australia

Sarah Dawley,  Albany, NY USA
This movie was so inspiring, and the language so beautiful! I would love to know it

Michael Massara,  Novato CA, USA
To be able to fully speak Na'vi would be dream come true. The movie is by far my favorite and knowing the language would meen oh so much to me. All those hours of hard work you put in gone to waste because of not releasing the entire language and how to acualy speak it would break my heart. So please do us, and you, a favor and teach us the language of the Na'vi

Luke Aaron,  Brisbane, Australia

Willy Chandra,  Medan, Indonesia

Rich Tracy,  Kennewick,USA

Chris kerslake,  Calgary, Canada
The most beautiful language ever created...

Hayley Fox,  Vancouver, Canada
Na'vi is a stunning and deep language that I would love to learn.

Xander,  wales, uk
Incredible film, incredible language.....truly amazing all of it!

yoann,  marseille France

Aleksandr,  Skokie, USA
This is an amazing language. I'm amazed at the fact that one man created this beautiful thing.

Coco Lam,  Hong Kong
The language is awesome and complex, I would love to learn this.

Manolo,  Perú

davidjesuz,  Perú

Philip Kiulpekidis,  Nový Bor, Czech Republic
This movie is really beautiful. I love this movie!!!! And i want to learn Na'vi language. :)

sharayah,  sitka, alaska

Malo Dupont,  La Rochelle, France

Alan Ann,  Fullerton, US
I Love this movie and the language. It sounds so fluent, like water running down a flower. Please let us know how to speak this language 100%.

Jon R.-G.,  Aalborg, Denmark

Ian,  usa
Lets make it happen!

Thania,  México

martin,  argentina
quiero aprender este idioma ya que me gusto mucho la peli .. y me intereso el idioma . me gustaria aprenderlo. grax

Nicole Rayas,  Las Vegas, Nevada

Paul,  Lufkin, USA

Dante,  Tarzana, CA
I really liked this movie... pretty interesting and unique :)

Ryan D,  Pandora
Send help. Currently living on Pandora and need a "how to speak Na'vi" language for n00bs. Kthx

Alee Jordan,  Fresno, CA, USA
please? it would be really cool to be able to speak the language of an alien race

Sam Fields,  Hidden Hills USA
avatar was freaking amazing

Amy Z,  Olyphant, PA USA
I love Avatar! I love it's message! It is just how things should be because everything and everyone is connected!

Mitch Haynes,  LakeOswego U.S.
Love Avatar, and everything about it. :D

Emerald Dash,  Gresham, OR, 97030

Pablo Romero,  Santiago, Chile
I just wanna learn this awesome language as soon as possible.
Thanks a lot!

Kim,  Royal Palm Beach, FL

Daniel Carroll,  Brandenburg Kentucky USA
Indeed a beautiful languaue that I fell in love with while watching the movie. One can only get so much off learnnavi.org.

aynga kame nga

Sandie,  Bangor, USA

Omar Alexie Rivera,  Orlando, Fl
Let's get this done. Eywa ngahu

Gracie,  Brainerd, United States
May Eywa support this petition. :)


Aiman,  Sitiawan,Perak, Malaysia
I wish to learn na'vi language. I SEE YOU!

marisa,  canal fulton united states

Leslie,  Scappoose - United States

Tyler Klene,  Denver, Colorado. USA
I see you...

bluesilver,  Buenos Aires Argentina

Troy Fretz,  Winfield, B.C, Canada
The Na'vi language is beautiful, I wish to learn it.


Cheyenne,  USA
I think there should be a National Na'vi Convention every year in the eastern, central, and western parts of the states, and also in other countries

joe,  Michigan
An amazing feat. We should all learn Na'Vi

Asma,  Dubai, UAE

Chris,  Arroyo Grande USA

Victoria Bailey,  Kirkland, WA, United States

Andrew,  Everett Washington
To me the language is truly one of the most beautiful an interesting languages I have ever heard and it should be shared among people as a reminder of the beauty of the Na'vi culture and how we can render it to our on to appreciate the amazing organisms that live here on Earth.

Greg Jar,  Urbana, Il, USA

Katie P,  Fortville, USA
This movie was amazing! I want to go to Pandora!

steven,  guatemala, guatemala

megan saunders,  mackay qld australia
such an amazing movie....if only the human species could be this in touch with nature and this respectful of one another

Raul Ortiz,  New Britain, CT U.S.
I would absolutely love to learn the language of the Na'vi. Please help us to learn.

Chris Kennard,  Gresham, United States
I love the language that I heard in the movie. I want to learn more!

Elijauh Frausto,  Tulia

Ashley,  Panama City, USA
If ever a language so beautiful, one must learn to be known.

Lynn,  Howell, USA
Please do share!

Bryan Chick,  Centennial, USA

Matt Oliva,  Spring Hill, Florida
I would love to learn this magnificent language. I think it would live and learn as a "Na'vi", but the language will do xD...

Samantha Bushman,  Montague, New Jersey
I literally jumped out of my seat and cheered for this movie when it won Best Picture at the Golden Globe Awards. Please, keep this amazing language alive!

陳冠宏(David Chen),  Taipei, Taiwan
I really want to learn this special and beautiful language.

angel,  mexico,mexicali.bc
gracias por su nuevo lenguaje

Chris,  US

Chris,  Tucson, United States
Hey, if the Trekkies can have a language, shouldn't we?

susn ezra,  Duluth, GA United States

STephon,  Miramar USA

Carla Cummings,  Southern California

Breianna Asher,  La Fayette, USA
I believe the Na'vi language is the most beautiful language I have ever heard. And I would love to learn all I can about it, and how to speak it correctly. I have bought three of the books recently released about the movie Avatar. And I can't learn enough, I always want to know more. I saw the movie multiple times and each time fall more and more in love with Pandora and it's "Na'vi." So I support the Na'vi language and I would love for the creator of it to share all they can with us.

rafael,  puerto rico
avatar best thing that ever came oel ngati kameie all xD

Michael Esparza,  katy Texas

Marina,  Escondio, United States

Erin Elizabeth Kochy,  Winston-Salem, USA

Rachel Honigman,  New York, United States

Zachary Wysk,  United States

Harry Boardman,  Laurieton, NSW, Australia
I look forward to learning this language


Thomas,  Waterloo, Canada
This is exactly like Star Trek and people learning clingon... only its 150% more awesome!!

rafael,  humacao

kyle lunarioum,  puerto rico

Sara,  California
A wonderful and beautiful language from an inspiring film. Who would not want to learn more about the Na'vi?

Mykelle Wallace,  Uniondale, USA
As others have said, this film has opened up a new perspective on life. This is my second time seeing the movie and I have plans on seeing it more times simply because its amazing and Pandora is beautiful.

Shira Yaari,  stamford, usa
please teach us this language!!! its sucha a pretty language nd world!! i find it interesting nd thank you for creating it!!!

Natasha,  Malaysia

Eusebio Ayala,  Monterrey, Mexico

Walker,  Fayetteville,Ga UZSA
This Languege and movie has given me a different view on life i wish i could be a Na'vi There languege is buetiful

Seth T,  Scranton, USA

Sean Able,  Hong Kong
Collectively a language will unite and bring all people back to the path of being in touch with their spirituality.

Emanuel Bile,  Buenos Aires, Argentina
to learn a language from a universe that has change the way I see things now, is an opportunity that I can´t just let pass

Jacob McNamara,  Madrid, NY United States
to create a language for a film must have been very difficult, thank you for this, it was an amazing movie, I pray for a sequel

D.J,  Murrieta United States

Nicholas McLoughlin,  Canada ON

Will Weiler,  Crownsville

aj,  aston, pa

Charlie Feng,  Vancouver, Canada
When I watched Avatar, I was enchanted not only by the immersive graphics but also by the elegant language of the Na'vi. This opportunity to learn the language would be a wish come true.

Jenn,  Dover, United States

Stephen Gilmore,  Dromore, Northern Ireland, U.K.
I have an MSc in Biomedical Science and BSc in Biology & Ecology. May we experience the spirit of the Na'vi through their language and realise our need to protect and save our own planet.

Yeshua Emanuel,  Curitiba, Brazil
i want so much to learn this language, it's so harmonic

Ricardo Arenas,  Carolina, Puerto Rico
I long to speak that musical language which you have created!

Paul Mowers,  East Quogue, NY, USA
This is so much better that learning Klingon! This work is a gift to all who wish to share the enlightment of a new and wondwerful world. Thank you to all who have made this possible.

Benjamin gundler,  OH, USA
I look forward to seeing how far we can spread the beauty of the Na'vi

ムー一族,  ムー大陸

Pedro Paulo de Araujo,  São Paulo, Brazil
Their language is so different, yet so soft and pleasing to the one who listens to it, that should be taught and spoken between our selves. Long live the Na'vi!

Sheena Curtis,  Cairns, Australia
My children have never cared about english or any other tounge but they desperately wish to learn Na'vi. Please help us give the gift of language to our children :)

Philippe Bergeron,  St-C Canada

Alex Thomas,  DeLand, US
I LOVE Na'vi! I just wish there was a word for 'love'! And although it's tough to learn German AND Na'vi, I somehow find time because I love it so much.
Eywa ngahu!

Joey Anderson,  Sturgis, Michigan, United

blakeessex,  lakewood usa

Ernesto Reyes,  Monterrey, Mexico
Así como Jack Sully, sería fascinante tener tu avatar y ser un Na'vi por algunos momentos...

Reid,  Waverly usa
You are awesome

Chase Hermreck,  Williamsburg ks, united states

L453rh4wk,  Buenos Aires, Argentina
Quisiera aprender este hermoso idioma y que todos colaboremos para que se expanda...
Aprendamos de los Na`vi a cuidar la naturaleza, a vivir de ella y en armonía con nuestra madre Tierra.

Siobhan,  Delta, Canada

Alex Auditore,  Monterrey, Mexico
Thanks for this beautiful language. I try to learn as much as possible. Thanks Paul Frommer.

Kacie Hecht,  Jackson, USA

Squall,  Budapest Hungary
I like it.
Jake Sully signing off...

Ian,  Chile-Villa Alemana
Me gustaria aprender la lengua por que me recuerda la pelicula y el mensage enviado de cuidar del planeta en que vivimos para no perder nuestros hermonosos colores verdes de los suelos

Krystal Matthews,  Landover, US

Mila,  Wellington, New Zealand

Kevin Hankins,  Kansas City, USA

sofiya Yakubovskaya,  federal way, USA

Caroline Veilleux,  St-Georges, Canada

Alvaro Domingues,  Porto Alegre, Brazil
Hi5 Imaginary

Tobias Pandolfo,  Porto Alegre, Brazil

Erin,  Morenci, MI
Absolutely amazing...!

Kris M,  Arlington, Tx
The Na'vi language is a beautiful thing, and much more sweet-sounding than other science fiction languages. Please, teach us this wonderful speech, so that we, too, may appreciate the world of Eywa.

zolboj,  hungary
we'd love to learn!

Phillip Owen,  Sand Diego, CA

Kelly,  Celebration, USA

The Butchmeister,  New York, US

Joey Romero,  Lake Mary, FL
Becoming fluent in a language of beauty is one of the wisest goals you can attempt to attain.

Unnamed,  Russian Federation
Any additional information would be appreciated.

Nick Berrow,  Birmingham, United Kingdom

Sabrina Dove,  Damascus, US

Emkay,  Winnipeg, Canada

Sarah,  Winnipeg, Canada
i love this language, i would love it to be in real life

Seth,  greenville, united states
Free the language for #1, diehard fans like me!!!!

Amanda,  Brockville Canada
Coolest language ever created


Neno,  Zagreb, Croatia
What a beautiful world Pandora is!

Brittany Bowman,  Phoenix, Arizona

k marinova,  sofia, Bulgaria
I wonna learn navi :)

Benjamin Heiss,  Kassel, Germany
We need more words!


Icarus,  Bowmanstown, USA

Laina,  Vancouver, Canada

dejan Lauber,  Switzerland, Berne
oe-l navi-ti nume
from so different countrys you signed. nice

Amer,  Tuzla Bosnia and Herzegowina

Asheley S,  American Fork, US

Arnaut Delannoy,  Châteaubriant, France
I wanna learn Na'vi !

Ethan,  Yakima, United States of America
You, dear sir, are a badass.

brandon lockart,  cape coral, us
luv avatar <3!

Eva,  Haarlem

Ryan Russell,  Johnson City, USA
Such an awesome language!

Ruth Stearns,  Sanford, USA

Juan,  Madrid, Spain

Steven Valera,  Glenside, USA
This is so awesome

Rafael,  Pennsylvania, USA

Diego Espinoza,  Chile, Santiago

Esme,  Ramsgate, England

stina,  karlstad, sweeden
i like it :D

Michelle Hamel,  Johannesburg, South Africa
This is an awsume LANGUAGE!! Verry BEAUTIFUL too!! I want to speak it!!

Jens Christian Nielsen,  Denmark
Really exotic language :) Gotta learn someday, when I get some spare time.

Michelle,  Austin, TX, USA
The language absolutely fascinates me.

Nicholas August,  Nicosia Cyprus
I wish to learn the language of the Na'vi.

Alexander Martinez,  Sacramento, Ca, USA

Paul Snyder,  California, USA
This lyrical language is dancing in my mind, I wish to learn all the myriad steps it can perform.

Carl,  Statesboro, Georgia, United States of America

Jessica T,  Germany

noreen fernandez,  manila, philippines
i wish we can have avatars too in real life.. i love to learn everything about their people, culture, and speak na'vi too.

Dakota,  Rockwell U.S.A.
I believe by releasing the language of the na'vi that you will be famous and our world will regularly speak na'vi in some parts. I know I will

Stephan Buchdunger,  Baden-Baden. Deutschland
Please free the language, Mr.Frommer. :)
It's a wonderful language.

Susana,  Lisboa Portugal

Ashlee,  Tampa, USA

James Howard Hobday IV,  Greer, USA
Es ist very good for diesen gesundheit. ^_^ This and Tolkein Elvish.

honlee,  en

Carlos A.,  Vigo, Spain
Una fantastica pelicula

Kathryn Ward,  Las Vegas, USA

Geoff S.,  Medicine Hat, Canada

Jeff H,  West Jordan, Utah, USA

Chris,  England

Mafalda,  Porto, Portugal

Max Chatlin,  Chicago
Please Paul Frommer? Look at the scroll bar on this page-see how long it is? Everybody wants to learn from the creator! Please teach us! (^_^)

amouri,  England, London
I too, want to learn.

Chris,  Warsaw Poland

Felix Solberg,  Lund Sweden

Milou,  Agay FRANCE
un film incroyable...

Van Kerckhove Noël,  Veurne,Belgium
The Na'vi R the kind of people we R all dreaming off ... Pandora is the kind of world we all want 2 return 2 ...

Robert,  taylorsville nc.
Avatar = most epic movie ever, Learning at least a few words would be neat.

Brandon Ramsay,  Crawley,England
Avatar is undescribeable. It would fufill many dreams to learn this beautiful langauge.

Andrew S.,  Buffalo, NY
You know that someone's passionate about a movie when they're willing to find a professor with a doctorate in linguistics to create a functioning language for their film. Fascinating.

laura gonzalez,  Bogota, Colombia

Michael,  Brighton, England

Theriya,  Bremen

Adriana Desia,  Buenos Aires Argentina
Deseo que nos enseñen mediante una pagina en español, gracias!!! AVATAR ES REGROSA!!!

juan sebastian pardo rojas,  bogotá\\colombia


Daniel severino,  santiago chile

Jasper Vogel,  Hilversum, Netherlands

Kellifer,  Raleigh, USA

Niels Topp,  Hadsten, Denmark

J.R.,  Granada, España - Spain

Gordon,  Glasgow, Scotland
Would be great to have a chance to learn this beautiful language from this simply magnificent movie.

todd b,  crestview, USA

Rory,  Utah, USA

Claus,  Steiermark

Michał Wyszyński,  Milanówek - POLAND

eric babbitt,  tampa usa

Olga Castuera,  Mallorca-España
Hoy he descubierto un maravilloso nuevo mundo y estoy deseosa de aprender el idioma Navi, agradezco su ayuda!!

Michael Lewia,  Southapmton, England
I'm an Avid linguist and already know both Sindarin and Quena, A lot of Klingon and Vulcan and all the Loxian that has been created, Na'vi is a new language that is unique, something well worth learning ! please teach us!!

Teddy,  Bucharest, Romania

Tsun oe ngahu nìNa’vi pivängkxo a fì’u oeru pllte’ lu...
Kìyevame ulte Eywa ngahu !

Ken Helb,  Oslo, Norway

Eitan,  New York, NY USA
Allowing the language to "catch the wave" right now might give it a change to surpass the success of Klingon. And that for a language that's associated with a culture (even if fictional) with such beautiful values, would be great!

Ishan C.,  Skopje, Macedonia
Maybe this language and movie/story could bring us closer to world peace...

Marcell Menráth,  Budapest, Hungary
luw it!:D

Toìyarì Angkran,  Lincoln, England
Oe ihayo! Eywari oe lu 'eveng.

sasho,  bitola,macedonia
great so great that we have a chance to learn this leanguage!

Rick F,  Brisbane, Australia

sam neighbour,  bedfordshire england
i only know a few phrases and some intermediate vocabulary and im only fifteen !

Julia,  Toronto, Canada
awesome language !!!!

francine larose,  Canada
Bonne idée !

Lukas Watzl,  Vienna

Benjamin Wilson,  Dexter, MI, USA
This is a gorgeous language and I'm sure if you continue to produce words for it, speakers will appear everywhere.

Daniel Feder-Johnson,  Madison,WI

Keridwen,  Swansea, United Kingdom
As a linguistics student, I am fascinated by the structure of this beautiful language you have created and would love to learn more of it.

Brandt Snyder,  Hughesville PA
This is the most beautiful language ever created for the most beautiful movie ever created! Please help us to learn it!

Syed Jafer Hussain Shah,  Quetta Pakistan
I am intrested in learning diffrent kind of language!!

denisa,  bucuresti
no comment

Hana,  Portland - US

Hannah,  Scappoose, United States
Ma tsumakan, ma tsmuke, we have a responsibility to make this dream of learning it come true! Spread the word, and may Eywa guide us all, while we speak the beautiful language of the Na'vi, the Omitacaya!

cxx,  Beijing-China

Elisa,  Siena-Italy
One of the most beautiful fictional languages ever created!

Michael,  Swansea, Wales

Janine Moore,  Nottingham, England

radu,  Romania

Rui Santos,  Faro, Portugal

alex,  Sydney Australia
everyone will soon be speaking it

Viktor Marko,  Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Because the Na'vi is the future.

Raygen,  Groningen Netherlands
Because the Na'vi has no substitute.

Picard,  Lyon, FRANCE
Please for the na'vi ...

Leonardo,  Málaga, Spain

Keira,  Alberta, Canada

Vaclav,  Prague, Czech Republic
Love Na´vi!

Stefan,  Bonn, Germany
My mind seeks to express the true feelings the Na'vi and their ways have conveyed to me.

Sekishita Nanoka,  Hachinohe city Japan

Marcos Vives,  Valencia, Spain
Let's go for the Na'vi!

John,  San Juan Philippines
i will learn this language and teach this to my team in the clinical area :D

Juliui,  France

Heyden,  Brisbane Australia

Samantha,  vacaville, USA

Jun Gyu,  Daegu Korea

matthew,  california USA

Seth,  Vincent United States
id love for this to be a real langauge. irayo tsmùkan

Jeremy Thompson,  Arcadia, USA
I see you

ollie philp,  Auckland, New Zealand
love the Omatikaya and the Na'Vi, i would appreciate a dictionary xD im a big fan love it all. good on you james cameron!!!

Cole,  Cookville

Eric,  Coquitlam, Canada
Please, Please, we need this.

Farlow,  Hope, Canada
1 up

Greg,  Tallangatta

Sterling,  Smyrna,U.S.
I will sign.

nikhil,  india

Elle,  Chicago, USA

Farah Dina,  singapore

Amber,  Hilham
PLEASE make a dictionary of the Na'Vi language!!! I'm dying to learn it!!!!!

Gina Neri,  Denver

Yaniv,  Haifa, Israel

Cheyen Sutherland,  Florida, USA
To deny the world such a beautiful language would be a crime! If anything, do it for Hometree!

Ellen Reiche,  Washington

Allison Partington,  galt, ca

evalynn ashley,  castic , califiorna

Miranda Hunt,  Lincoln, USA

Riley,  Edmonton Canada
Globalisation has killed many cultures, but this is a chance to start a new one

Jennifer \"Miles\" Margrave,  Concord, CA USA
That so many of us are made happy by this specific art speaks to the importance that it be brought freely to the world.

Tracie,  Arizona, USA

Kirstie,  Brainerd, USA
Rutxe, za'e ulte peng ni'ul Na'vi, ma Sempul, fte ayoe nume niftxavang.

Ryan,  Argyle, usa

Michael Ware,  Natchez USA

Marc Perrot,  Paradise, Canada
This is such a beautiful language. I can't speak it very well at the moment, but I try to learn a little more whenever I have time.

Preston Beaver,  Rawlins, USA
Maybe it's a dream that this new language could bring all walks of people together as one...but oh what a dream!

Khayriyyah,  Baltimore,Maryland
This llanguage is beautiful,and I hope to become exceptionally luent in it.

liam,  faversham, england
the language is so beautiful please let it free.
ulte Eywa ngahu

Tammer,  Davis, Ca
Oel ngati kameie, ma Sempul.

Russell Craigie,  Reno USA

This would be wonderful!
Rutxe! Oe kame ngahu!

Amy Viglino,  Kansas City USA

Ana Apolonio,  Lisboa, Portugal
This movie was my changing point. in many ways. impossible to describe in words. Free the language <3

Paul Doty,  Endicott, United States
Avatar is the most awesome movie I've ever seen. The Na'vi are a beauty people in tune with their world. I want to be in tune with the Na'vi. To do this we need to learn thier language so the communication is complete. Please share this with us.

Josephine Bales,  Brandon, USA

André Rocha,  Porto, Portugal
AVATAR is the best movie of all times.
I just want to live in Pandora world.
I want to lear the Na'vi language.
It is so beautifull!

Nick Lovlyn,  Spokane,wa USA
I would love to see this language compleated.

Geminesse,  Philippines
I love this movie

Audr,  L,United States
to learn this is possible if you allow it

Evan Cory,  Madison WI

Nathaniel Thomas,  Long Beach, United States of America
I love languages and linguistics in general. This language is of great interest to me, it is moving and very beautiful, I would love to learn it.

Karas McBride,  Clinton, United States
I would love someday to actually learn this language and to speak it fluently even if it takes me 5 yrs or more 2 learn it

Chris,  London Ontario
this is a very Interesting Language!

Angelique Krohn,  Reading, United States
Na'vi is such a beautiful language. It needs to be shared because it preserves the meaning behind the people and behind the movie it was created for!

Michael,  usa
Was this beautiful language generated by your conscious thought or maybe something deeper that even you cannot explain? Sometimes we are inspired and driven to do things by forces we can can neither see or touch, but they are there. In this case I feel it is certain... perhaps a premonition, a harbinger,of things to come. This is what i believe. Eywa will show you the way...

VTR,  Madrid Spain

Katrina Urmatam,  Paranaque city,Philippines
i can now speak 4 languages first it was 3 then thanks to navi.! it became 4.! thanks.! <3

AAlexandre Cisneiros Filho,  Brazil
Na'vi is a beautiful language... We must learn how to properly use it!

Ilssa,  Montreal, Canada

Sinyoku,  Batam,Indonesia
best movie ever i've ever seen :D

Rachel Nelson,  Corpus Christi, United States

Robert Millares,  Pembroke Pines, FL, USA
I love learning languages and I would love to learn Na'vi!

Keosha Fisher,  Mesa, AZ. USA
I <3 Eywa!!! A book form of this would be greatly appreciated... And remember - I see you.

Kyle,  Queensbury, USA

David Delaney,  Hull England
This language moves me in a way no other has, If I am to learn it as a whole the I need truthfull guidance

Danny Arbaugh,  Columbus, USA

micah,  usa
please make a dictionary! i would love to learn Navi! also it would be easier to learn if it was in book form. i love to read so it is easy to learn from books! Flauga Bjarksular! flauga!

Celina,  United States

Olivia,  Ajax Canada

Randy Bryner,  Phoenix, AZ. USA
I have great interest in learning this beautiful language, your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

John,  Dallas, TX
It'd be nice to make this Earth-functional :)

Deia,  Sofia, Bulgaria
I wish to see.

osvaldo,  Venezuela

Andrew Dyer,  Virginia Beach, USA
I wish to learn too.

Derek,  Nampa, ID, USA

Alex Steele,  Cookeville, TN USA
Please, many, many people wish to learn Na'vi. Please consider releasing an official Na'vi dictionary.

Em Miles,  schererville, united states
I would really enjoy learning all of the Na'vi language. [=

Jordan,  New York, New York, USA

Paul Warrne,  San Diego, California. United States of America
This is great. I love this language and the way it works, however is h\there plans for an enlarged vocabulary.

Gerson,  Florida
I will become an avatar

Sa\'kul,  Germany
I am learning this language for two days now and I'm just flashed.

Ryan K,  Staten Island USA
This would be so cool to learn!

Christina carswell,  Ottawa Canada
I would love to learn to speak Navi

Amanda,  stockholm
The language is really beautiful and powerful. I would like to learn it.

calvin,  buford georgia
This could be our language in 50 years so teach it to everybody!!

Herve,  Vannes france

Jessica,  Piacenza - ITALY

Meryl Shea,  Groton, USA
It is a beatiful language and I need to learn it before I die in a kazillion years.

Argence Pierre Denis,  Porto-Vecchio / France

Thomas-Wolf Verdonckt,  Conegliano Italy
Kaltxì, oe Thomas-Wolf tok, oe nìNa’vi ngenga karyu neu, Oel ngati kameie

I love the movie and the strange yet beauty full culture of the na'vi

Fernando,  México, Distrito Federal
La película y el idioma son genial, FELICIDADES POR TODO SU TRABAJO!!!!!

Dominik,  St. Wendel, Germany
One of the best languages ever created!

Atticus,  Gouverneur, United States
I would love to be able to speak this beautiful language.

james hyde,  telford, england
i love the way the language sounds and would love to be able to speak it in full

Dennis,  Sweden

Brittany,  Manchester, England
It's such a beautiful language

Meian,  Paris France
J'adore votre énorme travail réalisé sur cette langue et sur ce film, j'aimerai vraiment en apprendre plus

Melanie Perez,  Coram - U.S.A.

Katie Kunkle,  Huntsville, AL United States
I really love the sound of this language and it would be cool if me and my best friend could speak it to each other and no one else would know what we are saying :D

Marty,  Keele, England

harrison,  oceanside, california

Tyler Rothe,  Slidell, LA United States
I really love all the clicking and strange sounds that make it appealing and want to fluently speak it so bad!

Dennis,  sweden

Stephanie Garay,  Fort Worth, TX

G Beardgjb,  California, USA

marc-antoine,  alma canada

Paul,  Aberystwyth, UK

Bryn Fields,  Camarillo USA
Look forward to seeing more on this!

sarah belle,  tucson,az
avatar was the best movie ever the Na'vi language needs to be shared with the world!

Sinisa,  Zagreb; Croatia

Felix Quist,  Gothemburg, Sweden
This would be very fun to learn!!

Benjamin Novosel,  Pforzheim, Germany
Na'vil zayeneie tìreyit!


Chandler,  Oglesby, IL
I would just really like to learn this beautiful language, seeing as it would be pretty interesting

Katie,  United States

Meg,  Naperville, IL, USA

seze,  canada
i have taught myself na'vi and i really want it to be taught in my school.

Peter,  London United Kingdom
ulte Eywa ngahu!

Mosab,  Chicago, IL

James Mckechnie-Flood,  hamilton, Canada

Fabio,  Italy
Beautiful job, Mr. Frommer!

Emily,  Paris, France

Liam,  scotland
Irayo, please father of language guide is into the voice of our deity.

Stina,  Gavle, Sweden
Let this be the one an only language all over the world, since the people seems to have the most humane society and preserve their country in the best of ways!

Irayo ulte Eywa ngahu!


Philip Bolay,  Santa Monica, CALIFONIA, USA
I discovered the language in AVATAR movie of course, watched it 5 times so far :) amazing...I have goos bumps...I knew that this language was elaborated by a scientific...I feel so deeply touched by this language..the sound of it...the words...I would say very spiritual ! I love it I just want to learn it..wonderful!

Sarah Strakholm,  Ingolstadt, Germany

Sam,  Hamburg, Germany

Maggo,  Heidelberg, Germany
Na'vil zayeneie tìreyit!

It is a beautiful language to be sure... it will take dedication to learn! :)

Elektro Korobase,  France

Josh,  Chester, United Kingdom

Brooks Ishler,  Los Angeles CA
I am very interested in this language but cant seem to learn it just from the text on the website. videos or other informational sources of this language would be greatly appreciated.

Kristian Nikolov,  Varna, Bulgaria

Kolter,  Pinetop, United States

Bob,  Bloomington, USA

Alessia Moriero,  London, England
I would loooove to learn Na'avi! It is so rad and I am a Linguistics and Spanish major, and therefore love everything about language and languages!

Katarzyna,  Poland, Poznań

Joseph Burggraf,  Osceola Indiana

kisvarga anna,  Keszthely, Hungary

Catherina,  Erlangen, Germany

Caroline S.,  Bowling Green, USA

tony perren,  london england

Stephan,  Gifhorn Germany
I´d like to learn it too:o

Christoph B.,  Bremerhaven, Deutschland
This would be totally awesome!

Astrid Genetrix,  Virginia, USA
The only thing that keeps invented languages from thriving is a lack of a culture that speaks them actively - Esperanto hangs on because it has developed a culture over the years. Klingon came to be because of Star Trek fan culture. Already, the people that are showing interest in speaking Na'vi are more varied than either of those cultures, and come from all over the world. I'd love to see where this language could go, with this diverse of a cultural base.

Olìvìa,  Denmark
Irayo ulte Eywa ngahu!

Kleber Gomes Jr,  Fortaleza - Brazil

David Elliott,  Bath, UK
cool ^_^

Joseph,  Salem, Oregon
Ever since I heard this language in the movie I've wanted to learn how to speak it. Na'vi are awesome!

Amarger Cédric,  LANGOGNE, FRANCE

lucy,  Lanjaron , Spain
i whould love to learn it

Srdjan,  Sremski Karlovci, Serbia
One world, one language, Na'vi would be nice replacement.

Mario,  Estonia

alex will,  awill@mvpschool.com

Tone,  Vinkovci, Croatia

Sasa,  Belgrade, Serbia
Nice, could be interesting.

Lorena,  Mexico city, Mexico
the Na'vi is great, but difficult to learn from what is already in the web. We want more!

Michael,  Mandurah Australia

Seth,  St. Johnsbury, USA

Henault,  Saint-Nazaire, FRANCE
Le Na'Vi est une langue formidable et ne doit pas être abandonnée !

Oel ngenga kameie, ma Sempul

faolan,  antrim nortern ireland
the na'vi launage is great and diffict to master but very influencial

Alex Conde,  Philadelphia, USA

elisabeth,  austin united states
mi nati com'e i think that how its spelled

Michael Shultz,  Dallas, GA USA

Berandr Lyam,  Dinant, Belgium
I see you!

Krzysztof Koć,  Warsaw, Poland

Carlos,  NV, United States

Patryk,  Poland

Jakoreya Fuller,  Bossier,Louisiana
when i saw this movie.....i knew that the Na'vi were real.It seemed all too real

Timothy Kolbasa,  Farmington Hills, United States

Kojima Shumei,  Los Angeles, CA

Natalie Romero,  Fresno, USA

anonym,  Switzerland
Sehr geehrter James Horner
Es wäre sehr schön, wenn sie die Texte und Noten der Lieder des Soundtracks herausgeben würden. Genauso würde es mich erfreuen, wenn Sie ein komplettes Wörterbuch Na'vi-Deutsch, Deutsch-Na'vi herausgeben würden.
Éywa ngáhu

Akos Vasari,  Pecs, Hungary

Ashley,  Duluth, Ga, United States

謝文翰,  Taiwan

Fady Awad,  Beirut, Lebanon
The Na'Vi became my favorite way of communicating, all of a sudden. If only I had an Avatar to fly my mind and spirit to the enchanted realm of Pandora...

Jadzia,  Hemet, CA, USA

tristen hinton,  houston, usa

Monirt,  Marseille Farnce
Votre travail est remarquable. J'ai hâte dans savoir plus a propos de cette langue Na'vi.
Cordialement, Angelis13

Antonio,  Sevilla,Spain

Marcin,  Rzeszów, Poland

Daniel K.,  Varna, BULGARIA
Let us speak ...

Marco B.,  Filderstadt/Germany
Ich würde gerne diese Sprache verstehen und lernen.

Liam,  Ontario

deirdre,  rothesay, canada

Gab,  Sydney
Let us start communicating on a new level that everyone can understand even if they are beyond our own country.

Samuel Hightower,  Oxford, United States
Avatar rocks this world!!!!!

Marcus,  Gothenburg Sweden

Aj Que,  Philippines
Irayo ulte Eywa ngahu!

Stefan,  Bunbury Australia
I love you for doing this

alexander fors,  Svalöv , Sweden
Give us the knowledge to speak na'vi!

Hanzila C.,  San Francisco, USA
I would love to be able to speak this beautiful language with others.

Elli,  Ylöjärvi,Finland

Philip Petev,  Bulgaria

antonette panerio,  iloilo city
a newly discovered language of the millennium. can't wait to learn..

Nicole,  Vancouver Canada

Jana Kadlecova,  Tabor, Czech republic
Navi is ine of those out-of-average languages so let it live for long!

Falken,  Poland
Free Na'vi :)

Jasper V. Ferrer,  Quezon, Philippines
I would like to learn and speak Na'vi so that even though I am not watching Avatar, the spirit of the Na'vi people and Pandora will always be in my heart and mind.

Svlétana,  sens
I see you.......xD

Ivan Ko,  Kramatorsk, Ukraine
Tsmukan sì tsmuké, Eywa ayoehu

David,  Melbourne usa

Dminos,  Poland

PietroX,  Poland

Ben G.,  Memphis, TN, USA

Daniel Gero,  Kecskemet, Hungary

Johannv,  Paris, FRANCE
Irayo ma sempu !
Oel ngati kameie !

Jacob C.,  psl, FL, USA

Artem,  Moscow (Zelenograd), Russia
Oel ngati kameie, ma sempul!

Ryan Khoo,  Malaysia

Marius,  Tallinn, Estonia

Rob Cozby,  san Diego, United States
Marketing wise, you would make a fortune selling a simple how to CD. lol Please do this, because I can't learn left or right with all these phonetics terms.

Diego,  Lima Peru

Gan Shun,  Jurong, Singapore

Alex Lee,  Auckland, New Zealand

Erin Bergman,  Ann Arbor, Michigan

Inder,  Vancouver, Canada

morten hovind,  atrå

Gu Guancheng,  Changsha China
Tsun oe nga-hu nì-Na’vi pivängkxo a fì-’u oe-ru prrte’ lu

I have spoken with the abmassador from Pandora and negociations are under way for the terms of the release of their language.

Stephanie Douglas,  Kansas City, Missouri
Such a cool language. I would love to learn.

kevin,  nancy

Ryan,  Gresham, USA

Evan,  Honolulu, HI
I see you.....all of you, fellow brothers and sisters united under Eywa. Grant us this request so that we may find our own sanctuary within Home Tree, and that we may carry the promise of Pandora within our hearts, and be able to fully express ourselves and our love for the Na'vi in their native tongue.

Irayo ulte Eywa ngahu!

Amy,  San Francisco, US
I love this movie and I just can't stop thinking about it.

Brittany,  Edgewater, MD, USA

Kamei,  Honolulu, HI

KionShinmiti,  Porto Velho, Brazil
I'm not the peak season of Star Trek, then I had to learn the language because of Spock. And as I am still young and there is now an avatar, why not use the Na'vi as my language secret fan.

Josh Strickland,  Enterprise,AL
It was my number one favorite movie of all time. Every time i watched it it just got better and betterand i want to be apart of it all

Tristian,  Winston-Salem, NC
love the movie, loved it more the second time...and more a third time-but this is just the beggining of something far bigger than what's to come out of it and I would love to be part of this soon to become "new world" where people will be coming closer together and able to relate with a great movie instead of worrying about the outside world among us all.

Heather,  Vallejo, USA

Kimberly C.,  Miami,Fl
It was such a beautiful language..I would love to learn it!

Lindsay Stevens,  Glenview. IL
Please help us, we want to learn.

Steven W. Dalton,  Martin, USA
A beautiful language for a beautiful people and way of life.

Kayla,  Sacramento, CA

David Johns,  Austin, TX

Andrew V.,  Boston, MA

shawn phillips,  Greensboro, USA
Great idea for a great cause, free Na'vi!

Becki D.,  Cleveland, US

Regan,  Bremerton, WA
Free Na'vi!

Chris Klassen,  Richmond, Canada

Duffy Elmer,  Houston, USA

sandra,  Oregon
what a great idea... now if we can get the rest of humanity to believe just think of how great we could be!

Jeff,  Fontana, CA

Mariana Caamano,  Ann Arbor, USA

Ismael Lamberty,  Anasco, Puerto Rico
Lets make this something special for everyone in the world.

Justin Lastrapes,  Powell, Ohio
Beautiful Language, share your creation with the world!

DJ Henry,  Germantown USA
love the movie and the language

Ashleigh Arnone,  huntington beach usa

Quyeisha Dykes,  chicago USA
i love the language in the movie i would ike to learn more about the culture and the language

Belle,  Birmingham, AL
I want to learn Na'vi! Please teach me!!!!!

Alexander,  Cottage Grove, USA

Jon Sturm,  Wauwatosa, United States

Monte,  West Jordan, USA

Chris L.,  Billings, USA
Beautiful language, I'd love to learn more!

Jamie,  Washington, USA
Could be a good thing for online RP if some translator programs pop up.

M Fallon,  Staten Island, USA

Rob,  Minot, USA

Joshii,  Hamm, Germany

Aljoscha,  Hannover, Germany

Richard Kimble,  Pittsburgh USA

Ivan Torres,  colton USA
I thought the na vi language was beautiful i would very much love to learn it!

Anthony,  Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Mary Michele,  Ponce, Puerto Rico
Love it..... Me fascino es fenomenal............

Kyle M,  Burke, United States
Come on... it would be awesome

Nicholas,  idaho

Nicholas S,  boise idaho

Evan,  Virginia Beach, United States
A beautiful language from a beautiful world.

Katlyn,  United States
The language is so amazing, I must learn it.

Nevio,  RIjeka, Croatia
Damn lol. I cannot believe this actually exist. I gotta learn that lol. Language is totally beautiful.

cs,  portugal

Ciara,  Belfast, Northern Ireland
Best movie ever, and the language is so beautiful

Dominik Wondrousch,  Leipzig, Germany

max,  lee\\'s summit United States of America

Meg,  Ormond Beach

David,  Columbus USA

Ivana,  Uppsala, Sweden
I love the fact that we can be part of this now that it's all new, since most of the huge nerdy things were all started before many of us young nerds were born

lizzy,  lakeville united states
this will be epic.

bekkah huss,  raleigh USA

Hollie Siekierka,  Milford, United States

Thomas L. Dreyer,  Trondheim \\ Norway
make it a video guide that really puts alot of effort in the sounds made in this language

Christian Käser,  Karlsruhe, Germany


Natasha Thibouthot,  Quebec, Canada

Julie Fainberg,  D.C, USA

Seth Flores,  Colton, USA

piper jones,  San Diego USA

Caitlin,  New Zealand

Patricia Oliveira,  caldas da rainha Portugal

Mike Peretz,  Alsip, Illinois-USA
I've seen Avatar 14 times so far, and I would love to learn the language.

Carolina Rodriguez,  Miami, United States
i love the Na'vi language, its culture and everything about it, i want to learn more.

kitkat,  montgomery,al

Laslo,  Serbia, Temerin
Yes, this language is very...beautiful.I want to learn this language because everyobody must to know language other than english,i must say that."Im felt in love with Pandora planet,with Na'Vi,with NeyTiri,everything.Im dreamin about all.Greeting from Voivodina!

Florian,  Grossalmerode, Germany
Please let us come closer to pandora!

Jessica,  Simpsonville, USA
This is a beautiful language and it would be awesome if the inventor shares it with the world.

Ne\'kil,  London, UK
Kaltxí, I need to learn this language, it's just great!

Linus Bergman,  Sollefteå, Sweden
I love this language, and everything about the Na'vi. I would love to learn this language because it is so beautiful and heart-warming. It left and immense impression on me as well.

Jarno Peschier,  Vleuten, NL
I liked (and like) tlhIngan Hol and Na'vi left an immense impression on me as well. Had a quick look at pocket guide on learnnavi.org and both the relative simplity and (therefore!) complexity of mastering it, combined with the rather alien constructs like infixes delight me. It's good to have multiple language on/in the brain. Please enable people all over the world to make Na'vi one of those languages!

Joey.P,  South burlington VT
I really want to learn this language sounds like fun info would be great even an online course!

Ramone,  Fort Worth TX,

susan,  mexico
quiero aprender este idioma

Tino,  Ludwigshafen, Germany

Brittany Held,  NV United States

Kerry,  US

Amanda,  MI, USa

Pablo,  Bethesda, US

Mayu,  PA, Unites States
I love Na'vi! :D
...and I'd also love to say it >in_>!!

Desiree Duvall,  San Antonio, TX, USA

James,  Eaton, Ohio, USA
Being able to speak this language would be amazing.

Menno,  Nijmegen, Holland
Why not release the linguistic database to us? It'll only encourage a community to form, and thus stay up with the hype around 'Avatar'.

Alexander Englee,  york U.S.
definitely needs more words

Ryan Perry,  Danville, CA, United States
After venturing into this amazingly beautiful world created by James Cameron, I want to learn more of this beautiful language.. Please help us by giving us more to learn..

Marialena Drouillard,  Pleasanton, CA USA

Yusof Becker,  Madison, WI
Rutxe sì irayo, olo'eyktan Frommmer

Michał,  Toruń, Poland

Dennis Brentjes,  heythuysen Netherlands
I really love the language even though its not actually spoken by many persons. i wanted to make a na'vi sentence but its almost impossible to make with the limited understanding of grammer and vocabulary.

as said i would dedicate some time in atleast trying to learn this language, atleast understanding and speaking, perfect spelling isnt really on my list but if it goes easy and its fun, it will probably go by itself.

Alexx Temena,  United States

julio rivera,  budd lake US
this language is hard to learn but incredible and beautiful

James Dunne-Burns,  Portsmouth, UK

Majo,  Quito, Euador

RAYO,  mexico
me encantaria poder hablar Na’vi

Gabrielle,  Central City, United States

Ethan Stanifer,  Hamilton, ohio, USA
Oe ka Eywahu

Samar Mouawad,  lebanon

Charlotte Skelton,  Webster, TX

Cody Gradin,  Fargo United States
What a beautiful movie James Cameron has created.

Marcin Łuczak,  Polska
Eywa ngahu!

Dujardin Anne-Charlotte,  Belgium, Comines
Ce serait SUPER!!!

Alvaro Cavalcanti,  Recife, Brazil

Daniel Cação,  Figueira da Foz, Portugal
I´m really tryin to learn thios beautifull language but it only comes in english, the portuguese that i found in the interne is "Brazilian" and I'm portuguese but from all i know about english im learning what i can. Please make it able to turn OUR dream possible. Congratulations by this wonderfull language Sincerely
Daniel Cação.

Erica,  Portland, United States

Gabriela Sigeti,  Novi Sad Serbia

Neil,  London, United Kingdom
It's an interesting language and as an English student, I'm very interested to see how this develops.

Larry soper,  Essex Maryland
Tsun oa nga-hu ni-Na'vi

loostro,  Warsaw, Poland
Kaltxě ma Frommer karyuyä,
please teach us Na'vi language :)

Diana,  Bacau Romania
I would like to learn Na'vi language

Lindsey,  NY, USA

Marc quetglas,  palma, baleares

Gustavo Henrique Machado da Silva,  Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Free Na'vi! Free Na'vi!

Beatrice,  Italia
I would learn the Na'vi language!!!

KaMi-Nezumi,  Cholet, France
It seems to be a wonderful language, so what are you waiting for ? :P

Daniel Wo,  Taichung, Taiwan

lorenzo,  pescara, italy

Nigel Thornberry,  East Hampton NY
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! BLUEEEEEE

sothatzcool,  East Hampton NY

Alessandro Bovino,  Benevento, Italy
It's a fantastic language that you invented: please, allow it to be spread! :)

Jessica Sonk,  Portland, OR, USA

Casey Nicky,  East Hampton NY

Devon Nehdsman,  East Hampton NY
the chairs shake. my heart throbs. let my people go.

Mary Goldperson,  East Hampton NY
please let me learn the language of my blue borthers and sisters!

Chloe Packer,  London, UK
I'm aiming to learn the language, and the next tiem I see Avatar, block the subtitles from view, and try to see what they are saying, like a test! :)

Christopher Laursen,  Sweden, Stockholm
Just do it.

Jordan shiel,  Seahouses
teach this at schools want to take GCSE on it!!!!!

Nicholas Neagle,  Waldorf, MD, USA
I would love to learn more and have it available to anyone who would like to thanks!

Ana,  Portugal

Dani,  Miami, United States
Make Na'Vi a language to be taught! It's so beautful as well as the people who speak it! They should do a Rosetta Stone type thing with it.

Anthony CONRAD,  Nice, France
Kaltxì ma Sempul, ayohengä fyawìntxu!

Ftia nìNa'vi prrte' leiu! Fratrr oel 'it nì'ul Na'via li'fya omum!

Irayo ma Sempul.
Kìyevame ulte Eywa ngengahu!

Łukasz,  Poznań, Plewiska
Indeed, audio course could be a great idea.

Jhonny Ayrout,  Zgharta, Lebanon
It would be so awesome, if a huge book is released, containing EVERYTHING! from grammar, to vocabs, etc...

Michael L.,  Chicago, IL
It would make wonderful coded messages.

Žiga,  Ljubljana Slovenija

Kitwar Alpha,  Romania
This is the most beautiful language I ever heared !

Dave Olden,  Victoria, BC, Canada
Would love to see a thorough audio-training course. :)

Vytaute,  Lithuania

Edina L,  Boston, USA

Henrik,  Silkeborg Denmark

Alexander Bessman,  Stockholm, Sweden

Via C.,  Salt Lake City, U.S.A

Bogusia,  Warsaw, Poland
i am so excited about this language

Marcin R,  Warszawa, Poland
it's great language really!

melissa,  stekene, Belgium

james,  united kingdom
why cant we learn navi instead of french and spanish in schools :P

Dan Antonelli,  Rio Claro, SP Brazil

Erika,  brisbane australia

Thomas Whitman,  Scarborough, England

Andrés Rodrigo Escobar Arias,  Cali, Colombia

Carlos,  Granada Spain
kaltxi oe tìmnume na'vi

Alvin,  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Fascinating language... love it...

Larry Ng,  Hong Kong

Mauricio Costin Barcelos da Silva,  Brazil

Shanmugapriya,  Kajang, Malaysia

Dave,  Merseyside, England
I can great my brother 'Kxalti skxawng' but really want to be able to talk to him in Na'vi

Ben,  Adelaide, Australia


Holger Langen,  Vettweiss, Germany
I am very interested in languages and a growing community speaking na'vi would be even more interesting than klingon or something like that. Please keep this wonderful words alive.

Brice,  Melbourne, Australia

Benson Maxwell,  Auckland New Zealand

Joshua Luchs,  Hamm Germany
i think na'vi could be the best language spoken on earth! and it would be awesome to have some people to talk to in na'vi!(:

Issac Kirk,  Sacramento CA, USA

Rose,  Fort Worth, Texas
Please Mr. Frommer. As u can already see there are hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of us wanting to learn this beautiful and inspirational language. I MYSELF AM A HUGE HUGE HUGE FAN OF AVATAR!!! Im hoping and praying that a sequal comes out as well. I have had fave movies in the past, but this happens to be my most fave of all. I have never really wanted to learn a language as badly as i want to learn this one. It would be a great honor to learn the language of the Na'vi. May Eywa be with u, and with us all. I am proud to say that i am a huge fan of the Na'vi and their language and cant wait to be fluent at speaking it with my friends and others. So please please PLEASE free the Na'vi language so we may all have our wish and be able to share it with others including the whole world with ur help of course. Cause this would be a perfect language for the whole world to know and love throughout the future of eternity. So please hear our call and free this amazing and beautiful language so that we may have our wishes and share them with everyone who would like to join in this culture of beauty and love and just plain awsomeness. Again may Eywa be with u and with us all on the journey to fullfilling our wishes of making the spirit of the Na'vi and their language come alive more than it already has.

Fredric,  Forshaga, SWEDEN
I hope this language may grow in a good way- even thou it a fantasy and a fabrication.

Tyler Sligh,  Universal City, United States
This language has taught me to see myself...I am young, a teen, and am willing to devote a lifetime to learn. Please grant me the tools to devlope and understand this languge so that I may spread help spread it with our world to be passed on and never forgotten.

陳崇崢,  Taiwan

დენის ჯღამაძე,  თბილისი, საქართველო
ნაავის სწავლას ქართული ისწავლოთ ჯობია

Andreas Persson,  Enköping, Sweden
Kaltxì! Oel ngati kameie! I also wish for all the knowledge of the Na'vi language to be accessible to the general public. The language in itself is beautiful and rich, and learning it would be quite the privilege.

suyash,  india
oe nìftxavang ye'rìn srung aynga.

Kyle,  Riverside, USA
As a linguistics major I am absolutely fascinated by the Na'vi language you have constructed, please please please please teach us more!

Kadhi Sands,  Sydney, Australia
Waits, Patiently for the "Na'vi for Dummies Edtion" Which will be after the Dictionary release, Please Paul Frommer give us some help.. :)

corey shrontz,  norfolk
there needs to be a program where we can hear how it it pronounced

Gaurav Sharma,  India

Zoran,  Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Connor,  Perth Australia
Na'vi is one of the only languages i wish to learn

Arri Gaffer,  Eagle River, Alaska
Constructed or no, it matters not. The Na'vi and their language do exist in more and more people's minds. Significantly as an inspiration towards a direction that humans direly need to move in.
Speaking Na'vi cohesifies the community. If enough visualization of the Na'vi world, does it eventually come manifest? Who's to say? Hopefully the powers that be can set the Na'vi language free for development. The fans will breathe life into a culture. I'm not so sure how constructed it all is after some point.
I would be honored to participate.
Please assist in furthering the vision.

Robert Struggles,  Chicago, USA

Nicole E,  San Diego, CA

Jennifer Arnheim,  Vernon hills, illinois
loved the movie please a sequal

Cara Champion,  Lambertville/USA
Avatar is my favorite movie of all time!

Chris C,  Chula Vista, CA
I'd LOVE to learn Na'vi, but there is just so much we don't know about it that keeps me at a distance from really trying to learn this wonderful language.

I would also love to learn the Na'vi language to.

Lucas Nicodemus,  Aurora US

Ashleigh Akeson,  US

Aaron Kristoffer,  Manila,Philippines
It will be good if Na'vi language will be the universal language

Miles Belanger,  Calgary, Canada
It would be epic to have a language like this in circulation.

Chelby Kellington,  miami usa
fa nìftxavang

Alexandros Paschakis,  Guelph, Canada

Dan Wegenr,  Guelph, Canada

Emma Codd,  Cairns, Australia

nate,  ca, usa

Tim Millinchip,  Auckland

Joel Kouwenhoven,  Chilliwack, Canada
Would love to learn the language, would be even better to be fluent :D

Joel Lamothe,  St-Lin, Canada
I'm a LARP adept and Na'vi language should be a great must for my roleplay as Elven language can be. ^^ Na'vi desserves its place in our world.

Georgia,  Victoria, Australia

Dusty White,  San Diego, Ca
I am making free Na'vi crossword puzzles and activity books to help people learn Na'vi easily and fun! (By your grace of course)

Dustin Szabo,  Las Vegas, NV. USA
Na'vi forever!

Montana,  Kelowna, Canada

Nikki Johnson,  
It would be amazing to learn Na'vi

Alex,  Valparaiso USA

Richard,  Qc, Canada

Brandon McConnell,  FL USA
Na'vi would be a great new way to expand our ways of speaking.

kody,  kenbridge va, USA
I love how beutiful this language is and I am looking forward to learning it

Krista,  Melbourne, Australia
Anything that inspires people to seek a reconnection to the land and each other has my full support. If learning a constructed language helps achieve this then I ask you to consider providing more information about the Navi language to those willing to learn.

Kyleigh,  Fresno USA

Jonathan D,  STL, MO, USA
I think it would be very cool to be fluent in Na'vi. :]

Kelly Darby,  Angels Camp USA
I love languages and Na'vi is beautiful!!! I can't get enough, please provide the tools to learn!

tom jarvis,  wichita usa
great great movie and ideas wonderful fantasy, love the language and all it entails.

Elizabeth Gamboa,  Venezuela, Caracas
Na'vi would be great to learn, it would be a way to all comunicate in a single spirited form, peacefully and one with our enviroment, which needs much care. :)

Jamie Chavez,  Edmonton, Canada
i would do anything to learn Na'vi

Benjamin,  Garland, USA
BEST movie ever... would love to learn the language

Mike,  Hudson U.S.A.

Robert,  USA

Amber Weitzel,  Titusville,Florida, United States of America
I've watched this movie so many times I can fluently speak with the characters while watching Avatar..... This needs to be free so I can walk around school talking in Na'vi...... Haha. (:

Filipe,  Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
It's a beautiful language! peace, love, and spiritual connections... Love it =)

Devon Meyers,  Maryland
I too saw the movie and became instantly in love with everything about Pandora. As soon as I got home I looked up everything about it. then I found the Learn Na'vi website, and now I can speak Na'vi. Even if it is just a bit of Na'vi. Irayo.

Kayla,  Muscle Shoals, USA
Oeru Eywal tivìng tìtxurit.

Angela,  Melbourne, Australia
This beautiful language deserves to be learnt and spoken freely.

Jonathan Wilson,  Memphis, USA
I would love to learn the language of people connected to their planet.

teresita,  Merida yuc.
me encanta la peli!! :)

Tami Kennedy,  Cary, USA
Such a wonderful movie that I would love to appreciate without subscripts.

Tarsila,  Salvador, Brasil

kolby,  whitewater usa

Victoria Ortega,  San Antonio, Texas
Kaltxì! Oel ngati kameie! I saw the movie and it captured me so much! I loved the world of Pandora! Eywa has brought such creativeness into our minds!

William McClatchey,  Atlanta United States

Abbey,  Monterrey, México
oh man loved the movie, love learning new languages gotta love this ! :D

Marlene Feliciano,  Puerto Rico
I saw the movie 7 times on theater and I can't wait to have it on DVD! For the first time in my life I consider myself a fanatic! AN AVATAR FAN!!! I love the Na'vi and Pandora nìftxavang! It will be a meuia to learn this lor language!

Matthew Popp,  Huntsville, USA

Sebastian,  Poznań, Poland
Ngati Kameie!

Angel,  Melbourne, USA
Only by learning can we grow.

Ben,  toronto
I love the Na'vi and love their language!

Eduardo F. Maskell,  Salvador, Brazil

Matthew,  Hickman, United States
Avatar is an awesome movie!

Krystal,  Rutherford, United States

Jon,  Virginia

Sophia D\'Soleil,  East Yaphank, New York
I already know English, Spanish, a little bit of Klingon and some Elvish. I want to learn Na'vi fully, as a linguist and as a writer.

Brad,  Jacksonville, Florida

Michael,  Somerville, Tennessee, USA
It will be a great honor in learning this magnificent language of beauty.

Amber,  Vancouver Canada
Please send me the Na'vi Language im ready to learn to be one with Eywa

Jessica,  Lake Jackson, TX

Leanne Robinson,  manassas, US
Ngati Kameie!

JC,  Cuba
si, queremos aprender na'vi

Drew Curtis,  
Greenlight it!

Meri,  los angeles

Jack Bannon,  Cheyanne United States of America

Greg Othen,  Rocky Point, USA
I would love to learn this language. I have never studied any additional ones. This would be my first but I would be honored to explore it.

Vinnford Sansbury,  Holland, Michigan
As an aspiring linguist, I fully support this effort. This is one of the most beautiful languages I have come across in my studies.

Mats,  Norway
aytsmuke, aytsmukan! ayoe zene nume ne slu sìltsan! was that correct?
Translate:sisters, brothers! we must learn to become good.?

Kieran,  Ajax,Ontario
If I had one wish it would be to know if Pandora was real

Robert Craft,  Jackson, Ms
Wow never has a movie hit me so deeply. I've never learned another language but i would love to learn this one and to be able to speak it with someone. Please give us something more!!!!!!
-toruk makto

Harrison Bahe,  Fort McDowell, AZ
It would be an honor to learn the language of the Na'vi people!

maury,  la serena, Chile
please sent me the language, i need learn because i think that your movie is wonderfull

Devin,  Foster ,USA

Shelby Granville,  England
Oel Ngati Kameie

Abi,  NRH, USA
The support and the will to learn are here, we just need something mroe to learn now!

Trevor,  Vancouver, British Columbia
I See You

Autumn,  Moulton, USA
Givin a chance, Na'vi could become a valid and common language right here on Earth. The more people that speake it, the better our chances of communicating

Arianna Rodriguez,  El Paso, United States
Na'vi is an amazing language, although it is not an actual one, I'd die to learn it.

michael,  Scotland

Jim-Bob Koenig,  Fergus Falls, US

Jacob Redway,  Tillman
I see you.

Henning Langen,  Vettweiß, Germany
You once said in an interview you'd be honored if Na'vi would become a living language like Klingon. Let's take a step in that direction. Thank you.

Kara Thompson,  roanoke usa

Marc,  Germany
What I have to say is: let the language free

Nathanael LePage,  Loudonville, USA

Hole,  São Paulo Brazil

Patrick,  New Britain, USA
A published book would be superb!!!

Celo D.,  France
I see you brothers and sisters from Earth !
We all are

Andrea,  Cleveland, USA

Aniket M,  New Plymouth, New Zealand

marcos collado,  españa madrid
im so curious

Sänumeyu,  United States, GA
I'm almost to the end of what I can learn! A beautifully crafted and sounding language, I want to further my learning!!!!!! Rutxe!

Kim,  Atwater, Ca.
The language is so beautiful!

Dawn,  Leeds, UK
I'd love to be able to fluently speak the Na'vi language as it sounds so beautiful just like Pandora.

Milla,  Vaasa, Finland
I'd love to learn the beautiful Na'vi language.

Ely,  Mexico city

Lorena,  Valladolid-España
me encantaría aprender a hablar navi seguir adelante por favor!!!!

Patrick,  Bad Sauerbrunn, Austria
I would love to learn it.

Hiro,  Vancouver, BC Canada
Language of Na'vi is better than Kringon because professional had made. I would like to know all of them if I could... so why not?


Magali,  Paraguay, Asunción
I love the navi lenguage!! I want to learn more :D
I speak spanish, english :)
and.. a little of japanesse

Tomas,  Lisboa, Portugal
Best movie ever.

Bella,  Mexico, D.F.

Tyler,  Norman, OK USA

Shaun,  Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada
Im a die hard fan, but I have to learn the Na'vi language! How can I call myself a fan if I cant speak the native tounge of Pandora?!? This is a must for every fan!

MOUTON,  Chambery, France
What a good idea !

I really hope that Paul Frommer will work again on Na'vi's language and that we'll have an OFFICIAL book with artworks of the movie !

Peter,  San Francisco, CA
Excellent initiative - would love to learn Na'vi. Irayo!

ハーディアシュリ,  Kentucky, USA
私はナーヴィごがだいすきです。 えいごをはなします。日本語をべんきょします。

I really like the Na'vi language. I speak English. I study Japanese.

I love language and I'm studying anthropology. I would love to supplement my knowledge of language with another one, even if it is not an Earthly language. We see you with our eyes and with our spirits. Please, hear our call.

Kristi,  Derry, USA

Camila,  Santiago, Chile

C Smith,  Cardiff, Wales

Patrick Bergeron,  Drummondville, QC
Super langue , je suis enthousiaste de l'apprendre plus en profondeur !

Santiago Alberto Varón Gálvez,  Ibagué/Tolima - Colombia

Chek,  Logan, USA

mO_Tan,  CAPE TOWN - South Africa

Dominic,  Rochester, USA

Karlla Kathariny,  Niterói - Brasil
I loved this movie!!!

Hagü Nikolayczyk,  Cologne, germany
great idea

Tatjana,  Vienna

Kurt,  England

Mason,  Westfield, USA
I LOVE this language! Please complete it so that we can all learn and speak fluently :)

antonio,  mexico

Balázs Barna,  

Hailey,  Ewen, MI, USA

James,  Lacey USA

Olivia Hornback,  New Haven, USA

Aaron Denyer,  England

William,  Nottingham, England
I have never seen a film that has affected me as much as Avatar did. I feel that this culture is something we should all share and never forget, as lessons for our humanity, and teachings for the future.

Na'vi lì’fya lu nawm!
’awsiteng ayoe kar plltxe ;)

Brian,  Glasgow,Scotland
i love this website

Tommy Gundersen,  Norway
I have never had any interest in language at school or in any other matter until I heard Na'Vi. It has inspired and fascinated me and I'd do everything, I mean EVERYTHING, to get the opportunity to learn it fluently.

Mono,  Hengelo, Netherlands
Please, free this beautiful language we all love so much.

Niki Prestipino,  Spatanburg, USA

Stella,  France, Auriol
Kaltxi ma aysmukan si aysmuké
Oel ngati kameie
C'est vraiment magnifique cet langue, coutume et personnage : le film en général je vous remercie donc pour tout et que cet langue continu d'être autan appréciée

Daniel,  Geesthacht Germany

Jessica Putnam,  Palmdale, USA

Markus Scully,  Galway, Ireland
I'm only 11 and haven't learnt much of the language but I am fascinated by it.'Ong Na'vi.

Africanium,  durban, south africa
i hope i will be able to comment here in Na'vi one day

Xavier,  Olesa de Montserrat, Catalunya

Keith McNeil,  Fort Myers, Fl, USA

知華,  大分県中津市, 日本

Zach,  St. Louis, United States
Sempul, rayutxe nga lonu nìwotx Na'vi melì'u.

ZJ,  Lubbock, USA

Dragan,  Skopje, Macedonia
I hope that my next comment will be in Na'vi

Nightweaver20xx,  Pittsfield, MA, USA
The worldwide phenomenon that blurs the line between our world and theirs is growing daily. I can feel it inside, and it feels wonderful.

martin,  Skopje/Macedonia

Cbass,  Boston, USA

wirtz,  France\\'

Klaus Consine,  Santa Teresita, Argentina
We see together

J.G.,  USA

Ondra,  Klicany, Czech Republic
Greetings from Czech Republic... Kaltxi
Please finish the Na'vi language so we can learn it. I feel bound to the Na'vi people. Allow us to be more like Na'vi.
If someone will make Pandora-like matrix, we all be able to speak like Na'vi :)

Menari Eywa,  Bronx,NY
OeI Ngati Kameie... Irayo Ulte Eywa Ngahu

Ryan Kent,  Hartford, United States of America
I See You Father, Please help us learn.

Alex B.,  Mont Vernon USA

Justine,  Lyon, France
je trouve que le film Avatar est un film extraordinaire et j'aimerai beaucoup le vivre et le revoir.

Nick Clemons,  Chicago, Illinois
Tsaheylu has now made...I'm forever linked to the Na'vi and the language is beautiful!! I must learn.

Andre Lafonatine Bedecarratz,  Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Sladjan Matejic,  Croatia

Margotte,  Lyon, France
Tous pour un dictionnaire Na'vis-Français !!

Romek,  Lublin Polska
Na'vi !

Wendell,  New York, New York

くげしゅう,  東京、日本

Delena Rasbold,  Grizzly Flats, CA, USA

ジャレド・ブレイタマン,  東京、日本

Franco Bello,  Chile
OeI Ngati Kameie

Ken Grainger,  Halifax, Nova Scotia
Oe Ngati Kameie

Florian,  Havelberg Germany
Oel ngti kameie!

Alexander,  Haanau Germany

Benjamin Donohue,  Richmond, VA. United States
Oe Ngati Kameie

Aleksey D,  St. Paul, MN USA
This beautiful language of the beautiful people deserves to be alongside such giants as Klingon and Elvish.

Matthew Toombs,  Jacksonville, Florida, USA

sachith,  calicut ,India
the language is smethin more meaningful to us as its a try to live in pandora!!! relive the beauty!!

Scatman,  Germany, Untermeitingen
its an honor to sign this.

Judy T.,  San Francisco, CA USA
Thank you for your part in creating this wonderful community of learners! We're looking forward to more information on the language soon =)

Rose,  Delmar, Ny
Zach made me do it.....Irayo, oel ngati kameie.

Andrew Dickeroson,  Norwich, UK

motoyes,  Tokyo, Japan

Kristoffer Olsson,  Karlstad Sweden
Sounds interesting.

Madoka,  Japan

Joel Nilsson,  Västervik Sweden

Annabel,  Australia

Chris \'Snow\' Jones,  Dickson City, PA, USA
Please finish what you have started for us...

ravedragon,  Singapore
Rutxe, ma karyu anawm, ngengal ayoheti sivänume a níNa'vi plltxe.

bruno rosal,  brazil
neyriti..i love you ^^

Michał,  Warsaw Poland

Milan,  Bitola Macedonia

Saris,  US
Kelku si mì Eywa swok txe'lan, olo'eyktan.

Anthony,  Owego USA


marcus lim,  Malaysia
oh yes please make it available to all. This is too precious!

OD,  Florida, USA

Jesus,  Spain, Barcelona
Na'vi !!!

Esme,  Castellon Spain

Kestor,  Unknown

Stefan Seegel,  Germany, Frankfurt am Main

Daniel B.,  Cracow, Poland

mario,  harare, zimbabwe
i just have to learn this tounge its the best

Rina,  memphis usa

Roothaer Florian,  Wavrechain sous Denain, France

Elizabeth J,  Auckland, New Zealand
Na'vi I think is a language worth learning, it is possible for it to be up there with Quenya, Sindarin, and Klingon, but it must be more complete! Please add to your creation more words that we around the world may speak it.

Kenneth,  Singapore
Best language eva! Can't wait for Avatar 2.

Gabriel Ng,  Hong Kong, China

AlienAnni,  Moscow, Russia
I wanna learn the language of Na`vi!!!

Lana Ramljak,  Sarajevo, BiH

Seth Pickford,  Brisbane, Australia

Ryan,  Auckland, NZ

EberScence,  Tacoma, USA
Continue I'm having so much fun learning Na'vi

adam daniel,  kuching,Malaysia
teach us the Na'vi language we are eager to learn.

Danijel Pavic,  Zagreb, Croatia
Teach us, please.

Robyn,  Johannesburg South Africa
Kaltxi! Oe nga kame! lets all learn this awesome language!

Ariel Rydlewicz,  Krakow / Poland

Richard Schlattmann,  San Francisco, CA

yang yang,  china

Luis Gonzalez,  Madrid, España

Nathan Smith,  San Diego, U.S

Dale Kimball,  North Conway, United States
Ever since watching Avatar I have fallen in love with the Na' Vi and the Na' Vi language and I have been searching for linguistical guides and info on the language!

Boondocks,  New York, NY

Ignat,  South Africa

Ray Peters,  San Antonio, TX, USA
Please grant us the gift of the Na'vi language. It truly made the movie whole.

ashley terry,  myrtle beach usa
I'd learn it, study it what ever it to, its a beautiful language and id love to ad it to the ones i speak now

david,  lowell In

John Kyriazis,  Cairns - Australia
PLz i really want to learn the Na'Vi language im like obsessed with the movie i really want to learn the language plz let us plz....

William Hawkins,  Hollister, Ca, USA
We like this language. Let us like it even more.

Chris Kelley,  laurel, USA
my cup is empty, i must learn Na'Vi and fill my cup, please help us learn.

Sarah,  New Orleans USA

Damir,  russia,kazan
Na'vi class language!!!)))) I shall learn it!!! And to talk to friends))

Ervin Gabriel Kutnjak,  Slovenia, Kranj
-the greatest and most exotic language
-should be learned in schools as the second language =P
-should have its own place in the world alongside other languages

Matt,  Fort Mill, USA

Bryson Tanner,  Logan, UT

Swøk Txøn,  Brisbane Australia
Na'vi is the greatest thing ever

We must speak it!

sanela,  Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

carlos,  bronx
let us speak in the tongue of eywa

Ryan R. Oettinger,  Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Oh ya let's get some Na'Vi going! I want to speak it with my friends in line at the store lol

Adam Glocker,  Colorado Springs, CO
We want the language to be brought around! Please!

andrej,  Celje Slovenia
hell yeah

Michaela Arvin,  chicago, usa

Valentin Marquez Jr.,  Fort Worth, USA

Nadine,  Guelph, Canada
Wonderful movie, the language sounds so beautiful... well met!

Grace Sun,  Sydney, Australia
Avatar is the eyktan n of all modern movies. I will only feel right when I have learned everything I can about it, including the language.

Matt Coyle,  aurora united states

Megan Bean,  Hamilton, United States

Nick Makarov,  Rockland County, New York
Watching that movie, one component of it stood out as something unique, exquisite and fascinating. The Na'vi language not only embodies grace and fluidity but also draws notice to its speakers' latent strength and indomitable spirit. To the language's crafter: well done. I'm sure learning it will be more than just a sci-fi addict's endeavor.

Mitchell Metcalfe,  Brisbane, Australia

Laura,  Girdwood, Alaska
After watching such an inspirational movie, it would be fun to learn the language of the Na'vi. Eywa would much approve!

Joseph Alemar,  Bayamon, Puerto Rico
NA'VI NA'VI NA'VI!!!! Da-ca Na'vi!!! (Taino tongue) I am Na'vi. The Na'vi language should be learned

Amanda Krouse,  Winnipeg, Canada
Please grant us the gift of the Na'vi language.

Pedro,  Leon, Mexico
Irayo ulte Eywa ngahu

Ethan Kirkness,  Calgary, Canada
500 is not enough...

brett,  winnipeg, canada
awesome language

Michael A.J. Smith,  Brooklyn
I'm 26 years old & must admit that while I don't throw the "L" word around a lot, I do LOVE AVATAR!!!! The beauty of it has indeed touched my heart & the language is beautiful. I would love the opportunity to learn the language as much as anyone else who is a fan of the Na'vi.

Christian,  Argentina